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Editorial Review of Accounting & Bookkeeping 101 for Everyone

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Editorial Description

Understanding the basics of accounting can make the difference between success and failure in so many different areas of life.
Financial reports, balance sheets, reconciling bank statements – and the ability to create, interpret and implement them – are all tools we can't afford to ignore.
Large companies and wealthy individuals can afford to hire C.P.A.s and bookkeepers to take care of the details for them. The rest of us, however, have to learn to master the essentials of accounting in order to get ahead in the game.
In ten lessons, you'll not only learn the basics, you'll have the chance to work hand in hand with a qualified instructor to insure you genuinely "get it" before moving on to the next lesson.
We might as well face it, accounting is the language of business. If we can't speak it, read it or understand it, should it come as any surprise that we aren't able to get ahead in the game?
Fortunately, there's no reason that you or your business should have to fall behind any longer. Enrollment is always open, so act now to start getting ahead.

Editorial Review of Accounting Course

If you're in search of a course that will lay the basic groundwork of accounting, bookkeeping and finance for those of us NOT pursing a specialized career in any of these fields, this is it. It's self-paced, but the course work and assignments are intensive enough to prevent you from just "winging it".
The overall course is broken down into 10 lesson plans, all of which work together to achieve several very important goals and objectives.
  • You'll gain a fundamental understanding of accounting concepts.
  • You'll be able to both read and extract useful, practical information contained in financial statements and documents.
But, that's really just the tip of the iceberg. These goals and objectives further translate into some pretty impressive perks. For instance:
  • The knowledge you'll acquire will allow you to improve your personal financial situation.
  • It'll improve your business' or company's bottom line.
  • PLUS it helps pave the way to becoming not just a successful but a profitable entrepreneur.
And, more than that, you'll have gained a solid understanding of the role of accounting in today's economy and business world. Ignorance isn't an option – not if you're as determined to succeed as we think you are.
If you're tired of watching your money trickle away without any clear knowledge of where it's going; if you're through bouncing checks and wasting money on late fees; if you refuse to let your money take over your life, using you as a puppet – then what are you waiting for?
In our fast-paced global economy, time is money. But unlike money, when time's gone, it's gone. There's no getting it back.
Take back the control of your finances – personal and professional. Enrollment will take only a minute but the reward will last a lifetime. Knowing accounting will help you improve your own finances, improve your company's bottom line, and help start you on your way to becoming a profitable entrepreneur.
This accounting and bookkeeping course assumes students have no prior knowledge about accounting or finance, and delivers lessons and examples to build accounting skills. Specifically, this class addresses accounting terminology, revenue, expenses, net income, the accounting equation, debits, credits, and balancing the accounting formula, the accounting structure, the accounting cycle, journals, ledgers, the trial balance and more. It also guides students to learn how to read financial statements properly, and how to grab meaningful information from the balance sheet, income statements and cash flow statements.
After completing this course, you will have a solid understanding of accounting in today's world. By applying the concepts learned in this course, you will understand the processes behind Accounts Payable and Account Receivable, you will understand how and why financial transactions are documented, you will know what cash flow is and how to improve it, you will know what profit is, how it s interpreted, and what influences its growth. Moreover, you will know where the money in the company you work for, or own, goes.

Learn accounting now and achieve a skill that is an invaluable (if not required) asset to your professional development.


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