Online Instructional Opportunities

Which online teaching opportunity are you interested in?

  1. I am a qualified and/or certified teacher wishing to teach online and help students remotely. (more information)
  2. I am a course author/course writer. I want to author original educational content for exclusive use in UniversalClass™ online courses. (more information)

What qualifications do I need to teach online?

Individuals must meet these minimum requirements in order to provide instructional services for UniversalClass™:

  1. Education* - Four year (BA) college degree accredited by an agency recognized by the Department of Education (an additional 2 year MA degree is recommended as well as advanced post graduate work).
  2. Teacher Certification - Recommended Teacher certification is recommended and/or a minimum of 3 years college/adjunct teaching experience.
  3. Work / Field Experience - Four to Six years (or more) work experience (outside of school) in the area of interest being instructed.
  4. Writing / Communication Skills - Excellent use of the English language, excellent writing skills (correspondence through email is an essential component; we also recommend that you can type at least 30 wpm).
  5. Computer Skills - Must be computer literate and extremely familiar with online technologies. Must be adept at word processing, email, search engines, and web browsing.
  6. Online Teaching Experience - Online teaching experience is recommended but not required.
*Some non-academic/non-technical subjects (such as Craft and Hobby courses) require more personal experience and less traditional modes of education. If you are interested in developing a non-academic course and have acquired other credentials and personal expertise then please submit an application and we'll review your body of work and see if it's a good match for our service offerings.