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Student Testimonials

  • "I thought this course was very well organized. It flowed very well from one lesson to the next and assignments corresponded well with each lesson. I liked the fact that the instructor broke accounting into small sections and put them in easy to understand lessons....I thought the instructor for this course was wonderful. She made everything easy to understand. You can always tell when you have stumbled across a great instructor when you take difficult course material and make it simple. Great instructors make learning enjoyable and I would definitely take another course from her!!" -- Kelly H.
  • "I found the examples for the Accounting Equation, balance sheets, income statements to be very helpful....The course was excellent, a challenge at times, but an excellent tool to understanding basic accounting." -- Susan H.
  • "The lessons were very well put togethor and explained the material enthusiastically and in a way someone new to the subject could understand." -- George M.
  • "I loved this class!! I have no accounting background and I thought the content was right on target. I feel like I'm far more familiar with the basic principles of accounting than I was before. This is an excellent class if you're looking to familiarize yourself with bookkeeping/accounting. I highly recommend this course." -- Zonda H.
  • "The course was well planned and in language that was easy to understand." -- Doris G.
  • "The most helpful was defining the debits and credits and properly applying them to the ledger. I was very confused on some of the aspects of bookkeeping and accounting and it was explained clearly in terms I could relate to....Fantastic! Very helpful in day to day, not just academically!!" -- Annie W.
  • "Each lesson was well prepared and easy to follow. Also, being able to discuss with other students as well as the instructor was beneficial....I enjoyed taking this class and look forward to taking other classes in the future. Thanks to the professors for their time and effort in preparing this class." -- Martine W.
  • "The lessons were well-written. The material was useful in completing the quizzes and assignments." -- Cathy B.
  • "I have a better overall understanding of evaluating the business statements." -- Lawrence S.
  • "I was a complete novice to accounting and feel that I have gained valuable knowledge that will allow me to go on and do other things." -- Julie W.
  • "This was a very good course. It also helped me with the more complicated entries of business. I think this will help me at my place of employment a lot. I work for the Controller and I'm hoping if I can gain more knowledge of accounting I will be able to take on more responsibility. (become a more valuable employee)...I would like to say 'Thank you' to the instructor. She is a great instructor and I'm so glad that she is willing to take the time to help others who don't have the finances to take college classes or community ed classes out side the home. After finding your website and trying a class, I'm more determined to continue my education online." -- Linda M.
  • "I very much enjoyed the course. In fact, it has prodded me to pursue a more thorough and indepth course in financial accounting; something I'm about to commence shortly. The course kept my interest whenever I had time to sit and work through the material. Otherwise, i'm grateful to the instructors for their patience with my prolonged absence." -- Dale T.
  • "The book 'Bookkeeping and Accouting' extremely useful and was a great source of information. It gave me the additional assignments needed to get a true grasp on the subject." -- Dana G.
  • "The class discussions were very helpful even though I did not participate actively like I should. I read every one of the discussions and learned from them as well....I was very pleased with the instructors of the course. They returned my grades very fast and were helpful when I had a question. I would certainly consider taking a course under these instructors again if I need it." -- Liz W.
  • "All of it was helpful, I knew nothing about accounting!...The Instructor was the best part, she was very helpful in explaining things!" -- Joni G.
  • "I found the class lessons most helpful. They did a great job of explaining terms." -- Jody S.
  • "Learned a lot, Thanks." -- Richard H.
  • "This was a refresher course and it helped me in my daily bookkeeping" -- Lisa G.
  • "The class was great." -- Marcie S.
  • "This course gave me a full understanding of the accounting world. It really boosted my knowledge and gave me more experience which will help me to accumlate a better job." -- Katrina H.
  • "Helpful!!!! I really have enjoyed this class." -- Carrie M.
  • "The most helpful parts of this course were the diagrams of the concepts being explained because it made the concepts clearer and easier to understand, and the forum questions and tips students shared because they gave good ways to memorize and understand the information." -- Mie T.
  • "The tables that were inserted in with the class lessons were very helpful in grasping complex concepts." -- Monta G.
  • "All of the course was helpful to me--it really gave the basic accounting principles." -- Patricia P.
  • "The section on debits and credits really helped me get it straight in my mind. The workbook was also extremely helpful." -- Rebecca M.
  • "Everything was helpful, the lessons, the assignments and especially the web sites related to the course....I would like to thank all the team for the great work!" -- Rima C.
  • "The lessons were well written and understandable....I liked how the exams were immediately graded and for those questions that needed her review, she was very quick to grade them." -- Roberta B.
  • "Instructors availability and class forums helped." -- Shafaq M.
  • "What was most helpful were the questions and answers in the discussions. I was able to understand concepts better by reading these." -- Virginia C.
  • "The tests corresponded to the lessons. They started easy and make it simple to remember." -- Victoria L.
  • "The assignments were most helpful. The requirement of actually working on the subject helped me retain the data better." -- Linda S.
  • "I started this course not knowing anything about accounting at all, and, when I finished, I had a good working knowledge of the basics." -- Kristin L.
  • "The course was very well laid out and very well organized. The exams after each lesson were extremely helpful in reinforcing the knowledge gained. Using a separate workbook to practice certain tasks was an invaluable way to enhance the course." -- Ann R.
  • "To me all the parts of the course were very helpful as well as practical and easy to follow as well as easy to comply with each one of the lessons." -- Clara Ilse C.
  • "The instructor was encouraging in her e-mails and awesome at explaining the lessons." -- Norri B.
  • "The material is up to date. The two books I purchased, recommended for this course will be very helpful as I continue to study accounting. Six months to complete the course is very reasonable." -- Donna M.
  • "Explanation of the subjects were well done....This course helped me very much in the understanding of my bookeeping skills." -- Laura G.
  • "Everything about this course was helpful, since I didn't really know anything about it." -- Kristin A.
  • "What was most helpful was the easy to understand descriptions, attention to detail on the difficult parts such as debits and credits, and clear, concise material. Very good for the beginner who has never had accounting, such as myself." -- Rochelle W.
  • "Because I have not been familiar with the bookkeeping process, I found the fundamentals of accounting to be very helpful for a starting point. The course has my interest and I will be gathering some advance and more detailed accounting knowledge in the near future." -- Kathy J.
  • "I found each and every lesson was well written. Easy to understand. I feel the exams and assignments were not to easy, but then not to hard." -- KayJean R.
  • "What was most helpful was the balance sheet and journal entries." -- Kristy C.
  • "What was most helpful was the ability to print out the lesson so that I could read, highlight, study before I did the assignment or test." -- Linda B.
  • "The instructor was very helpful and very knowledgeable. I am signed up with her on business math." -- Leisher W.
  • "One thing that was useful in this course was the avatar, because it gives you the feeling that you are on a real class and it kind of help you understand better....Overall experience was great because it gives you more flexibility in time especially for those who have a issue on schedule or time that want to go back to school to learn and enhance their knowledge." -- Takako S.
  • "For me I think were all useful." -- Mirela I.
  • "I liked having the incorrect answer emailed to me so that I could memorize or learn it correctly." -- Laura T.
  • "Materials are very good. I was so happy about the Lessons." -- Poorna G.
  • "I am very pleased." -- RUTH J.
  • "I find that everything was very helpful and available. It wold be hard to choose anything in particular. The Instructor is very approachable and you can tell that she wants her students to do well so I appreciate her the most." -- Stefanie H.
  • "I enjoyed taking this course and plan to take another course at Universal. For me the course was hard, but if it had been easy I would not have learned alot of valuable information." -- Shawn B.
  • "The instructer was very good." -- Herio A.
  • "Very happy with the instructor." -- Ziva F.

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