Online Class: Bread Baking 101

In this course you will find useful information and recipes for traditional breads, white breads, whole wheat breads, sourdough breads, rye breads, sweet breads, quick breads, unleavened breads, gluten-free breads, grain-free breads, and alternative uses for stale breads.

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Course Description

Master the Artisan Craft: The Ultimate Bread Baking Odyssey

Bread, the age-old staple, has echoed through the annals of history as the symbol of sustenance, comfort, and the magic of hearth and home. The art of bread baking, with its rich aromas and transformative powers, has often been wrapped in a shroud of mystery and reverence. But what if the secrets to unlocking this ancient craft were at your fingertips?

Enter our comprehensive course on bread baking, a journey crafted to demystify the age-old tradition, empowering you to master this art from the very comforts of your kitchen. No longer will the idea of baking bread seem an insurmountable mountain; instead, with our step-by-step guidance, it becomes a delightful dance of flour, water, and yeast.

Our course doesn't just offer lessons; it presents an experience. Beginning with the foundation, you'll discover the quintessential utensils and tools that every baker should possess. Delve into the treasury of ingredients, understanding the role of each element, from the humble salt to the effervescent yeast, and the ideal way to stock your pantry for spontaneous bread-making sessions.

Embark on a global gastronomic adventure as you explore a plethora of breads:

  • Traditional Breads: Revisit time-honored classics that have graced tables for generations.
  • White & Whole Wheat Breads: Understand the nuances between these two staples and their unique textures and flavors.
  • Sourdoughs & Rye Breads: Dive deep into the tangy allure of fermentation and the rustic charm of rye.
  • Sweet Breads & Quick Breads: Relish the marriage of sweetness with bread and the instant gratification of breads that don’t require yeast.
  • Unleavened & Gluten-free Breads: Cater to diverse dietary preferences without compromising on taste.
  • Grain-free Breads: Explore a world beyond traditional grains, embracing alternative flours.
  • And for those times when a loaf has slightly passed its prime? Discover ingenious ways to give stale bread a second, delectable life.

But the course offers more than recipes. It's a tapestry of stories, history, science, and passion intertwined with techniques. You'll gain insights into the chemistry of baking, the science of fermentation, and the intricate ballet of ingredients coming together.

By the end of this immersive course, not only will you be endowed with the skills to produce a symphony of loaves, but you'll also carry forward a legacy. You will become a torchbearer of traditions, capable of enchanting gatherings with the wafting aromas of freshly baked bread and inspiring the next line of passionate bakers.

Embark on this odyssey with us, kneading, shaping, and baking, as we transform you from an eager enthusiast to a masterful bread artisan, creating magic with your hands and heart. Bread baking isn't just a skill; it's a journey, a story, and a legacy. Are you ready to craft yours?


Course Lessons

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  • Lesson 1: Instruments, Utensils, and Preparation

    Bread baking, just as any other culinary endeavor, is best completed with an arsenal of useful instruments which ensure optimal results.
  • Lesson 2: How to Ensure the Best Outcome

    There are a few precautions anyone can take to ensure that each loaf is a great loaf.
  • Lesson 3: Selecting the Best Ingredients

    When baking a loaf of bread, every ingredient is important. You must always be aware of the quality of each ingredient and how it will affect your recipe.
  • Lesson 4: Traditional Favorites

    A great way to impress family and friends alike is to welcome them with a freshly baked loaf of bread whose smell fills the house and reminds them of time gone by.
  • Lesson 5: Hearty Whole Wheat

    Whole wheat flour has very little gluten which can mean that the dough is rough, crumbly, and difficult to work with.
  • Lesson 6: The Art of Sourdough

    The key aspect of sourdough is the sourdough starter which is made from fermented yeasts and lactobacilli that are sometimes so old that families actually pass down sourdough starter for generations.
  • Lesson 7: Rye Breads

    Rye is a grain that is popular in Europe. Rye bread is made from varying proportions of rye and wheat flours.
  • Lesson 8: Sweet Breads

    For the simplicity of this lesson, we will focus on traditional loaves of sweet bread, such as banana nut bread.
  • Lesson 9: Quick Breads

    There are many different types of quick breads and they tend to be easier to make than their yeast-leavened cousins, as their name implies.
  • Lesson 10: Unleavened Breads

    Unleavened breads are also very simple to make since they require no leavening agents and very little ingredients of any kind.
  • Lesson 11: Gluten-Free and Grain-Free Alternatives

    It is possible to make a delicious loaf of bread that has neither gluten nor grains, you just have to get creative with your recipes.
  • Lesson 12: Alternative Uses for Stale Breads

    Whether you have bread go stale on its own or you speed up the process a bit, there are many alternative uses for stale bread that are quick, easy, and delicious.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify instruments, utensils, and preparation needed for bread baking.
  • Summarize the selection the best ingredients for your baking project.
  • Demonstrate whole wheat bread baking techniques.
  • Demonstrate sourdough bread baking techniques.
  • Demonstrate rye bread baking techniques.
  • Demonstrate sweet bread baking techniques.
  • Demonstrate gluten-free and grain-free alternatives in bread baking.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Course Title: Bread Baking 101
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Lessons Rating: 4.5 / 5 Stars (1,079 votes)
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Last Updated: November 2023
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Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams
Instructor: Cathleen Chouinard
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Student Testimonials

  • "I think it was interesting to learn about all the different kind of bread we can make. I always made bread in a bread machine but this was my first time making bread without the bread machine. I can't wait to try more bread recipes." -- Melanie S.
  • "It was fun and wonderful and I did not expect it at all. For me, I was pleased with this course and everything related to it in terms of information, video, other materials and references were sufficient and excellent." -- Ihsan A.
  • "I found it very helpful, with the recipes being very easy to follow and the videos were both enjoyable and educational. I like that you cater to people who read and learn and people who are visual learners." -- Sophie S.
  • "I thought this course was the best course ever! This course helped me become a better baker." -- Rochelle B.
  • "If you want to learn bread, classes like this are a perfect way to start!" -- William J.
  • "This course is so good, and I loved it." -- Hui L.
  • "Lots of great new recipes to try! Thanks!" -- Cheryl S.
  • "Amazing course! Thank you for putting it together!" -- Jennifer M.

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