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Anti Aging Techniques

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Course Description

Perceptions about aging are changing. Today, people are living longer, happier, and healthier lives. Medical technology and care has increased lifespan by years and sometimes even decades. A growing number of individuals are taking an active part in following antiaging techniques and maintaining lifestyles that keep our bodies in prime physical condition, increases the capacity and function of our brains, and benefits our emotional stability and wellbeing.

Who doesn't want to be as fit, healthy, and vigorous at 75 as we were at 30? In 1900, few individuals lived past 65 years of age. Today, the "new middle-age" is considered to be the mid to late 50s, and individuals are actively living well into their 80s and 90s. Medical advancements, preventative care, information and education have played an enormous role in the prevalence of individuals learning about antiaging techniques that add years to our personal life expectancy. Attitude plays a huge part in how each of us ages, and this antiaging course explores myths and perceptions about aging and how people today are breaking down those barriers and exposing the truth behind it.

When it comes to slowing or stopping the aging clock and maintaining a younger, more youthful appearance, this course also explains the benefits of exercise, the importance of maintaining and increasing brain activity and the vital needs of the body for water, vitamins and minerals. Exploring ancient antiaging remedies as well as understanding the importance of hormones, antioxidants, and the truth about many cosmetic ingredients provides a fascinating and often humorous look into mankind's desperate attempt to find the ever-elusive Fountain of Youth.

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Course Lessons

Average Lesson Rating: (1577 votes)
4.6 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.6 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.6 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.6 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.6 / 5 Stars (Average Rating)
"Extraordinarily Helpful"
8/22/2017 4:54:58 PM

Lesson 1: Appearances, Appearances

Regardless of how we attempt it, most of us, sooner or later, slam on the brakes and realize that our skin, muscles, and organs may not be defying the aging process as well as our minds do. 36 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Aging Process; Health and Aging; Integumentary System
  • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
  • Complete Assignment: Lesson 1: The Aging Process
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 1: Appearances, Appearances

Lesson 2: Move it or Lose it!

This lesson will strive to explain the benefits of exercise as well as the different types of exercises out there for every individual. 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Exercise and Aging; Aerobic Exercises; Non-aerobic Exercises
  • Complete Assignment: Lesson 2: Benefits of Exercise
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 2: Move it or Lose it!

Lesson 3: Cosmetic Wonders

Determining the truths behind many antiaging cosmetics claims as well as antiaging trends in cosmetic and plastic surgery today will be explored in this lesson. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video
  • Review Article: Plastic or Cosmetic Surgical Procedures
  • Take Poll: Cosmetics and Anti-aging
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 3: Cosmetic Wonders

Lesson 4: Healthy Balances

This lesson will explore ways in which each and every one of us can maintain healthy weight and mental acuity as well as emotional stability despite the demands of our everyday work and home environments. 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Maintain a Healthy Weight; Visceral and Subcutaneous Fat; Methods used to Determine Overall Body Fat
  • Complete Assignment: Lesson 4: Maintaining Healthy Balance
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 4: Healthy Balances

Lesson 5: I Know I Should - But I Don't

This lesson will explore the reasons why we should take better care of ourselves, as well as provide guidelines and options of how we can get past hurdles and obstacles in order to help increase our potential of living longer, healthier lives. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Longevity: It's Your Choice; Harmful Effects of Smoking; Preventive Health Care
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 5: I Know I Should - But I Don't

Lesson 6: It's All About Attitude

This lesson will explain how attitude plays an enormous role in the antiaging process. 30 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Depression and Aging; Negativity and Health
  • Take Poll: Positive Thinking and Aging Process
  • Complete Assignment: Lesson 6: Maintaining a Positive Attitude
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 6: It's All About Attitude

Lesson 7: The Importance of Nutrition

This lesson will cover the importance in benefits of basic vitamins and minerals that are essential for longevity and a youthful looking appearance. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Importance of Nutrition; Vitamins and Minerals, and Health
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 7: The Importance of Nutrition

Lesson 8: Aging Myths Exposed

This lesson is going to explore various aging myths, and the truths, or untruths, behind them as well as antiaging "secrets" that may take the brunt out of the aging process altogether. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Biological Age; Myths About Aging; Memory Loss Myths
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 8: Aging Myths Exposed

Lesson 9: The Good Old Days

This lesson will briefly explore some of the methods ancient cultures used to maintain their youth. 30 Total Points
  • Lesson 9 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Ancient Egyptian Beauty Secrets; Beauty Secrets of Ancient India; Beauty Secrets of Ancient Morocco
  • Complete Assignment: Lesson 9: Ancient Beauty Secrets
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 9: The Good Old Days

Lesson 10: Anti-Oxy-What?

In this lesson, we will go over a variety of ways that today's consumers use antioxidants to slow the aging process, reduce the degenerative aging process, not to mention lead a healthier lifestyle both inside and out. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 10 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Free Radicals; Antioxidants; Sources of Antioxidants
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 10: Anti-Oxy-What?

Lesson 11: Hormones - Your Body's Mirror

This lesson will briefly explore how the presence, or lack of hormones, in our bodies reflects our health, emotions, and mental stability. 9 Total Points
  • Lesson 11 Video
  • Review 3 Articles: Hormones; Hormones and Aging; Hormone Treatment for Aging
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 11: Hormones - Your Body's Mirror

Lesson 12: Aging Gracefully

Aging gracefully will also help us to attain longevity and maintain our youthful look and appearance beyond our wildest dreams. 94 Total Points
  • Lesson 12 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Tips to Control Aging; Stress Management and Aging
  • Take Poll: Course Design
  • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Complete Assignment: Lesson 12: Getting Comfortable with Aging
  • Complete: Quiz for Lesson 12: Aging Gracefully
  • Complete: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

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Course Title: Anti Aging Techniques
Course Number: 7550136
Languages: English - United States, Canada and other English speaking countries
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CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET).
Grading Policy: Earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned.
Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams
Instructor: Cathleen Chouinard
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify various techniques that can be used to make people look younger.
  • Describe the role of diet and exercise to stay and look healthy.
  • Recognize common aging myths, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Student Testimonials

  • "Every part very useful." -- Leah L.
  • "I enjoyed all the parts to this course. I learned valuable information that I will use continue to use in my life. The instructor is very supportive, knowledgeable, and very positive with her remarks on assignments. I think she is a great instructor." -- Sandra N.
  • "Overall, this class is fantastic. I took this class to improve my vanity. However, I learn much more than I had expected. I learned about nutrition, biology, history, kinetics, medicine, and how to be an informed consumer and patient. It is very well written. I look forward to taking more course by this instructor." -- Solidad F.
  • "It was good overall." -- Gozde O.
  • "I enjoyed all aspects of this course." -- Sally K.
  • "I learned so many anti-aging techniques from this and I'm using some of them presently. The course was very interesting. The instructor was great." -- Jill A.
  • "Learned things I did not know about vitamins, hair care and history." -- Dawn L.
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