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Student Testimonials

  • "The instructor was outstanding. The speed with which he graded the lessons and quizzes was far better than I had expected. With each lesson submitted he inserted comments and remarks which were presonalized to my lesson and were greatly appreciated." -- Frank B.
  • "Net links will prove very helpful in my family history search. Instructor's feedback was very useful and encouraging." -- Michelle B.
  • "This course Genealogy I recommend to anybody. It gives so much information...The instructor is one of the Best, he is very helpful, he has lot of knowledge." -- Sophie S.
  • "I found the instructor very prompt with his feedback and very accessible. I thought the material presented in each topic was well oganized and it gave me a good appreciation how things went together. I also enjoyed a number of the links to other web page topics. They were interesting and in one case I actually found out new information about an ancestor." -- Robert B.
  • "I found all the material to be helpful...the links, etc., and also the comments from the professor were motivational :)I thought the professor was very helpful and his comments made me more determined and motivated." -- Christi N.
  • "It was all very useful. I have been genealogy for some time, but this course presented things in a way I hadn't thought about before. As a result, I was able to overcome some roadblocks and add a few more generations to my family tree." -- Sue B.
  • "I found the course was very organized." -- Sheryl B.
  • "The instructor was very prompt in sending feedback for each and every lesson. And answered my questions about numbering the generation very well." -- Pat S.
  • "The instructor was great - very prompt to reply to requests, test evaluations, etc." -- Ted J.
  • "It organized the things I knew about genealogy into a way that made more sense. The instructor is very knowledgable, and responds quickly to question, comments and submissions." -- Dawn H.
  • "Instructor was great fast grading very informative. Explained what you did wrong so not to do it on next lesson. Will be taking more on his classes." -- Tucker G.
  • "There were recommended sites I was not aware of as well as information on adoption I didn't know. For people getting started on researching their family lines, I felt the lesson on organizing was helpful. It was a good class and I'm very glad to have looked into taking these classes." -- Denise D.
  • "It was a wonderful overview of genealogy. It really helped me make a plan for what will work for me. Very good instructor, very helpful and real." -- Michelle W.
  • "As an air Force librarian I strongly recommemnd this course and others to my patrons." -- Renee T.
  • "Instructor was extremely helpful and enthusiatic about the topic." -- Donna S.
  • "I found him pleasent and professional with a great sense of humor." -- Mike T.
  • "I learned new aspects of researching my family history that I hadn't considered." -- Jill T.
  • "The instructor was very positive and encouraging. It also helped me with areas that I was not very familiar with, specifically land and probate records and the section on examining computer programs. Also, the extra assignments ("go to this webpage and look at...") were particularly helpful because they introduced additional sources that were new to me." -- Kathryn H.
  • "The course was excellent. I found several "new" subjects that I wouldn't have thought of myself to explore." -- Peggy T.
  • "The instructor was great. Grades were very quickly completed. The class covered a lot of very important topics." -- Linda W.
  • "I especially liked the information about finding passengers who immigrated from Europe, the information on photographs, how to search for deeds, definitions of relatives, records available--such as census, etc. - and information on interviewing living relatives. Also I liked having the opportunity to make a research plan." -- Barbara J.
  • "Best instructor that I have had - this was my sixth course. He was quick to respond and he provided real feedback. We could actually have a student teacher relationship!" -- Kathleen S.
  • "Awesome instructor! Quick responses to testing and assignments. Would definitely take another of his classes." -- Robin M.
  • "I found all parts helpful. It has answered my many questions." -- Johnetta C.
  • "The class motivated me to restart my family history and do it correctly. The class took me a long time as I worked on my own genealogy as I went along. am Organizing!" -- Ione C.
  • "I liked the feedback that I got from the instructor. Also, he corrected everything very quickly." -- Ellen S.
  • "It was all useful, some I already knew." -- Mary H.
  • "The parts about when you reach a wall- that is, in the case of adoption, ethnic research and Jewish roots was excellent. Actually, it is hard to say anything was better than another as I felt there was much about the course that was needful, informant and pertinent to what I am doing on my job." -- Treasure S.

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