Online Class: American Wars — American Revolution and Civil War

American History has been significantly shaped by two major wars: The Revolutionary War and The Civil War. This course will focus on both of these historical events.

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Course Description

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American History: Revolutionary and Civil War Eras

At the heart of the American narrative lie two transformative wars: The Revolutionary War and The Civil War. These conflicts shaped the nation's identity, testing its endurance and forging its character.

The Revolutionary War, the struggle for independence against British colonial rule, was the birthplace of the United States. It was a period teeming with influential events and characters: from the tension-filled incidents that lit the fuse for rebellion, such as the infamous Boston Tea Party, to the clarion call of the first shot at Lexington – a moment so impactful it echoed across continents. This course delves into the rich tapestry of battles such as those at Concord, Long Island, and the pivotal engagement at Yorktown. Alongside, we'll examine the lives of the American patriots and the British generals, understanding their motivations, strategies, and the legacy they left behind. The culmination of this war, marked by the Treaty of Paris, did more than just end a war – it birthed a nation.

The Civil War, a deeply personal and heart-wrenching conflict, was America grappling with its very soul. A nation, barely a century old, confronted its contradictions. The philosophies and politics that ignited the Civil War were rooted in questions about freedom, rights, and the very nature of the Union. This course will walk you through the events leading up to the war, the fierce battles, and the deep ideological chasms between the North and the South. As we traverse the war’s timeline, we'll stop to study luminaries like Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee, Harriet Tubman, and Ulysses S. Grant, exploring how their decisions and actions influenced the course of history.

It's essential to note that both these wars, while historically distant, remain alive in American thought. Their echoes can be heard in political speeches, seen in policy decisions, and felt in the nation's cultural discourse. These aren't just historical events; they are the foundational pillars on which America stands.

The course structure is designed for comprehensive learning. Each lesson dives deep into specific aspects of each war:

Revolutionary War Era:

  • Setting the Stage for a Revolution
  • The Revolution Begins: Lexington and Concord
  • Escalation: Key Events and Battles
  • Turning Points: From Brandywine to Saratoga
  • The War's Conclusion and a Nation's Beginning
  • Heroes: From George Washington to Benedict Arnold
  • Reviewing the Revolutionary Era: Insights and Analysis

Civil War Era:

  • Unpacking the War: Key Terms and Concepts
  • Path to Civil War: Origins and Flashpoints
  • The War Ignites: Fort Sumter to Bull Run
  • The Western Front: Shiloh and Beyond
  • Engagements of 1862: Antietam's Blood and Fredericksburg's Bitterness
  • Decisive Clashes of 1863-64: Chancellorsville, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg
  • Toward War's End: Sherman's March and Appomattox
  • Civil War Luminaries: Visionaries and Tacticians
  • Summing Up the Civil War: Lessons and Legacies

Whether you're an academic student aiming for test preparation, an enthusiast seeking knowledge, or simply a curious soul eager to understand the nation's past, this course caters to all. Dive in and experience American history like never before!

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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the major causes for the the American Revolution.
  • Describe the major battles and events of the American Revolution.
  • Describe and identify the major figures of the American Revolution.
  • Summarize the major events and battles related to the American Civil War.
  • Identify the major political issues and philosophies that set the stage for the Civil War.
  • Describe the major issues that still exist today as a result of the Civil War.
  • Identify and describe the major figures of the Civil War.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Course Title: American Wars: American Revolution and Civil War
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  • "This course was very helpful." -- Veronica P.
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  • "Really enjoyed the lectures. Very spirited discussion of each topic." -- William M.
  • "He made me achieve my best and also had great comments that made me think outside the box. He truly had me thinking more and more about history and how i want to learn more. He knew his subject so well." -- Deborah D.
  • "The instructor was very encouraging. I know a lot of people falter taking on-line classes but his promptness in grading and his comments helped propel me through all four of my classes under him. The instructor had been to the places and could share additional information or direct students to find more information if needed." -- Diane K.
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