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This bargain five-course bundle on Life Coaching provides all the resources you need to become a successful mentor and run a successful life coaching business.

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Course Description

This course bundle includes the following courses: You may take these courses in any order you like. If you purchase the CEU Certificate option, you'll receive a separate CEU Certificate for each course you successfully complete.

Life Coaching:

Coaching has long been an accepted method of improving performance, specifically in sports.  The excellent results shown in the sports arena have been expanded to those in executive positions in business. 


For the last fifteen to twenty years, many more people have been exposed to the idea of coaching in all aspects of their lives.  Coaches must have the necessary life experiences and communication skills to be totally present to their clients, to really listen to them, and provide a safe arena to express ideas.


This course will focus on how to be a Life Coach. Life Coaching is an occupation where you work with individuals who wish to make a change in their lives.  By working with clients to evaluate their lives on a personal, professional, and spiritual level, you help them to make realistic goals and establish the necessary steps required to reach those goals.


As a life coach, you will join the client in focusing on his or her goals.  Together, you will formulate ways to approach those goals, and in a nonthreatening way help your client be held accountable to those goals. As a life coach, you must be constantly observant and flexible, when one approach to a perceived problem is not working, then you must be able to formulate another approach.  Similarly, if something worked well for a client, your job will be to help your client incorporate that successful approach in other areas of their lives.  Additionally, as a life coach, you will work with your client to identify and name areas of strength and talent and help your client to strengthen those.  Understanding the mechanism of motivation will be the key to your success.
Career Coaching:
With the job market becoming seemingly impossible to crack, career coaches are more important than ever. 

This online course will teach students the basic of career coaching, including the definition of career coaching, the ethics, how to find clients, how to assess client needs, matching a client to their true calling, improving the work life of a client, helping clients find new careers, using road maps, uncovering client motivation, client branding strategies, interview advice, negotiating for a better benefits package, teaching a client to be successful in the long term, and how to ensure career coaching career success. 


These career coaching lessons include checklists, examples, and clearly outlined steps to ensuring a career coach is ready for any client and any situation. 


By learning the basics of coaching, the student will be able to start their own career coaching business, helping others find the work which truly sustains them – while also helping their own career goals. From the basics of finding clients, to helping them, and to insuring their success, this career coach course offers a self-paced, self-study opportunity to become a career coach who guides clients to their true vocation or just to a happier work life.
Wellness Coaching:
Wellness coaching is a relatively new field, intriguing anyone who desires to get all areas of their life into balance. This Wellness Coaching course is a general survey course designed to give you a well-rounded introduction to this exciting discipline. This self-paced class is designed to appeal to both potential clients of wellness coaching, as well as anyone interested in pursuing this career opportunity.


Explore the main concentrations of wellness coaching--physical wellness, mind wellness, spiritual wellness, and financial wellness. While it's not necessary for every person to work on all of these areas, it is a wonderful and comprehensive profession for anyone with a wide variety of interests and the desire to be in charge of their own career.


Wellness coaches can set their own schedule, pay rates, choose their clientele, work from nearly any location, and enjoy unlimited creativity and flexibility in their coaching approach. For potential wellness coaching clients, it's important to know what wellness coaching can and cannot offer.


This course can also teach you enough basics that you may be able to apply the lessons to yourself and get the help you need without further expense or consultation. Wellness coaching can help you identify and set realistic, measurable goals, remember and act on the joys and positive memories of childhood through exploration of the five senses, and unlock the creative energy that lies in each of us.

How to Be Your Own Life Coach:

You really don't need someone else to help you transform your own life. You can take charge yourself! A life coach will provide great motivation, encouragement and hopefully wisdom, but at the end of the day it is still just you who will need to do the work in order to live the life you always wanted.

Everyone wants to improve something: be a better parent or happier, more peaceful, more fulfilled.  Self-help books fly off the bookshelves and call-in radio shows answer questions one at a time to share knowledge and instruction, yet we continue to veer off course and find ourselves living someone else's life.  Becoming your own life coach enlightens and empowers you to find, capture, and live the life that is meant for you and you alone.  Through easy-to-follow lessons and exercises, this course will help you assess your strengths, curtail your weaknesses, and discover the possibilities that await you.

Lifetime Wellness 101:
Health is defined as an optimal state of physical, emotional, mental, social and spiritual well being.  The same explanation applies to wellness.  It's like that old saying "You don't have anything if you don't have your health."  Our birth certificates don't have an expiration date.  We're entitled to a lifetime of wellness.  But we have to earn it.


This Lifetime Wellness course will give you a blueprint to help you feel alive, vital, confident and experience a state of well-being.  Treatment of disease may save lives, but it rarely results in wellness behavior and a feeling of well-being.  Medical treatments rarely result in the ability to make healthier choices and deal with stress in a positive way. 


Can you actually exercise your mind back to wellness? Why not? Tune in to the messages your body is sending you; learn to take charge of your body composition and ways to nourish your body with fitness.  Get the jump on nutrition by making good choices.  New is only new for a day but personal growth never quits.


Whether you're contemplating a second career or getting fit inside and out, this Lifetime Wellness course will help you design an entire existence worth of living.  Learn about weight and diet, and the importance of exercise to maintain good health.  You'll explore new ways to define yourself, not only by past accomplishments but by the possibilities you create for the future.  Lifetime Wellness gives you all the tools to create a lifetime of fulfillment at any age. So join us today.

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Course Title: Become a Life Coach - Course Bundle
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Student Testimonials

  • "I really enjoyed this course and look forward to further implementing the tools I learned into my daily life." -- Tomaro T.
  • "This course and the course material are extremely helpful. The instructor is a subject matter expert for sure!! I love this course and will recommend others." -- Senthilkumar M.
  • "WOW, I was impressed in taking this course, and in a slew of aspects being new to the 'Wellness Coaching' title. I learned so much about what the description entails as well as the guidance, support, and information provided to us, students. I know that not only myself, but the other students taking this are grateful to our instructor for leading us and guiding us throughout this course." -- Irene C.
  • "I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. Not only was it helpful and insightful for a life coaching career but also helpful in my own life. The course material was interesting, engaging, well written, and easy to understand. The instructor was great as well. He was very responsive, supportive, and motivating. Over the years I have taken several interesting and applicable courses with Universal Class. This course was definitely one of the best!" -- Kimberly M.
  • "I enjoyed this course and found it very helpful and enlightening." -- Sara W.
  • "I enjoyed this course and feel I learned a lot about myself and I liked the challenge of digging deeper to find answers that will affect me as well as others. Thank you for the opportunity." -- Constance S.
  • "Learned a lot to motivate me into changing careers, which is my goal." -- Carrie B.
  • "I really enjoyed this class. I have not taken a class in a couple of years. It was a good class." -- Carol S.
  • "Very good comprehensive review of a very important subject." -- Richard E.
  • "So quickly scored and nice, thoughtful feedback from the instructor and a feeling that he wants students to really learn and understand the material. The instructor thankfully takes some of the solitude out of the experience." -- Donna B.
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