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Customer Service 101

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Course Description

Customer service is a crucial buzzword in the corporate world today. Just about every company seems to understand just how important customer service is and many have started to find ways to improve and measure customer service. In this course we are going to look at what customer service is and isn't and identify how you can understand and provide good customer service.

Many businesses want to achieve "good customer service". Right now that's the brass ring of business training and vision-casting and many companies are analyzing their current mission and realigning it to be increasingly customer-focused. Do you give return business to a company that provides poor customer service support? Probably not! You and everyone else want better customer service, and it's one of the driving forces of why consumers shop at one place and not another.

Course Requirements

This is an online course, so you'll need to have a computer with an Internet connection, and you'll need a web-browser (you can use IE or FireFox).

Course Goals

1. Learn to recognize and provide not must "good" but "exceptional" customer service.
2. Learn how to recognize "poor" customer service.
3. Learn how to "wow" your customer.
4. Learn how to be more than just a business acquaintance.  Learn how to be your customer's friend and create loyalty.

Course Materials

All the course material is provided in the course lessons. You won't need to purchase any additional materials, resources, or books.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define customer service.
  • Describe how and why to put customers first.
  • Know methods to effectively communicate with customers.
  • Know techniques to build customer relationships.
  • Define the roles of appearance and impressions in customer relations.
  • Demonstrate proper telephone etiquette for customer service.
  • Demonstrate proper email etiquette for customer service.
  • Know techniques and strategies for handing difficult customers.
  • Describe the requirements and skills needed to manage a customer service department.
  • Create a Customer Service Policy, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Lesson 1 Quiz9
Lesson 2 Quiz8
Open and Closed Questions10
Lesson 3 Quiz10
Lesson 4 Quiz6
Lesson 5 Exam8
Lesson 6 Quiz7
Handing Customers by Phone10
Lesson 7 Exam10
Lesson 8 Quiz8
Customer is Not Happy10
Lesson 9 Quiz8
Customer Service Emails10
Lesson 10 Exam8
Lesson 11 Exam9
Handling Difficult Customers10
Lesson 12 Exam9
Lesson 13 Exam9
Customer Service Policy10
Lesson 14 Exam6
Personalizing Automation10
Final Exam111
Total Points:296

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