Course Credits and References


Theresa Smith

Course Author Theresa Smith (BA, MS, Ph.D. in progress) earned her Bachelor of Science degree in business administration, Bachelor of Science degree in psychology, a Master of Arts in English, and a Master of Science in counseling and social work. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in behavioral sciences/forensic psychology. Theresa has over 18 years of experience as a copywriter, editor and proofreader, 12 years of experience in transcription, 8 years of experience as a criminal law paralegal, as well as several years of experience as a family counselor working with relationship issues, drug and alcohol abuse and at risk youth.

Dr. Metodija Stojanovski

Course Instructor Dr. Metodija Stojanovski (BS, MBA, Ph.D.) earned his BS in Electrical Engineering and worked as an engineer for a mining company before quickly being promoted to managerial positions which so fascinated him as he attempted to answer this question (in his own words) "What makes an excellent manager?" This then led him to pursue his MBA and soon afterwards his doctorate in management. For the last 15 years, he's been teaching undergraduate and graduate electronics, mathematics, management, and business courses in order to share his knowledge and passion for business, management, and accounting.