Healthy Relationships

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Course Description

Whether you are in a new or long term romantic relationship, a busy student working with other colleagues, parents struggling to form a connection with your children, or a business person needing to form a relationship of trust with the employer--relationships form the foundation of our lives. Getting along with all these people and creating a positive relationship can be one of life's more difficult challenges.

To have a good relationship or to improve an existing one requires us to use tools and skills that enable us to understand communication styles and perspectives.

In this course you will learn about these skills and gain insight into why people misunderstand us or respond the way they do. We will also examine belief systems and their effect on relationships, as well as discuss unhealthy relationships, what to avoid, relationship games and traps that frequently occur, how a life script is developed and plays a role in forming long lasting relationships, the study of transactional analysis and other skills we can develop to help create more positive relationships.

If you think people are impossible to understand, you may change your mind after working through this course. This study of relationships gives you the knowledge to improve all relationships in your life both--personal and professional.

Since the dawn of time people have been trying to get along. Such a simple task has proven over the centuries to be a daunting one. In certain situations, "getting along" has been completely impossible.

For some reason, despite the fact that we are all human with the same five senses and bodily functions, we are all completely different -- so different that we have been told over the years that no two people even have the same fingerprint. That's pretty amazing when you realize that at last count, there were around 6.4 billion people in the world. 

Whether it is a relationship with our family, our spouse, our children, or employees, it seems that getting along and maintaining healthy relationships has become the Eighth Wonder of the World. To compound matters, as humans we can also have relationships with things such as our bank account, our jobs, and our possessions. 

We have relationships, and the potential for relationships, all around us --  some of which, prior to this course, you may not have realized you had. They are all there and either taking positive time and space, or negative time and space in your life -- which depends on how you choose to distribute your power.
You may have noticed the word "choose" is used regarding how we handle our relationships. These lessons are based on the concept that all relationships we are involved in, and our response to them, are a matter of choice. We are not victims -- unless we choose to be.  Life, and our reaction to it, depends on many things, but the bottom line is we choose how to interpret and handle our relationships. This course will give you the tools and skills to get the most from your relationships and to make them an enriching part of your life.

You will examine your belief systems and those of the people around you, and learn how they are affecting your life. In addition, we will look at a wide variety of skills that can be developed to empower you and make your relationships a meaningful and positive part of your life. At times you will be asked to consider new and different ideas that will force you to think outside of your comfort zone. Are you ready to do that? Are you willing? 

There is a saying: "To get to the fruit of the tree you have to go out on the green leafy branches." Many people fear this and are comfortable in their enclosed world. It may not be working for them but their unhappiness is a known comfort. They would rather stay in their unhappiness than think outside the box. They like to talk about wanting change, but truly don't. They allow themselves to be victims of people and situations and give their power away daily. This course will show you how to avoid this trap.
We are powerful beings if we choose to be. We can use our power to make this world a wonderful place. It is all within our reach. With the proper knowledge you can take a big step toward making this all happen by being happy and involved in healthy relationships.
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    Course Lessons

    Average Lesson Rating:
    4.6 / 5 Stars (Average Rating)
    "Extraordinarily Helpful"
    (2,394 votes)

    Lesson 1 : Why Can't We Just Get Along?

    Since the dawn of time people have been trying to get along. In this first lesson we will begin to understand the dynamics involved. 23 Total Points
    • Lesson 1 Video
    • Review Article: Healthy Relationships and a Healthy You
    • Take Survey: Reasons for Taking this Course
    • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
    • Complete: Lesson 1 Assignment
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 1: Why Can't We Just Get Along?

    Lesson 2 : What Are Healthy Relationships?

    In this lesson, we will first examine why some relationships work, and then discuss what is involved in forming a healthy relationship. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 2 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: Building a Healthy Relationship from the Start; Wishes Fulfilled blog by Dr. Wayne Dyer
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 2 : What are Healthy Relationships?

    Lesson 3 : Unhealthy Relationships

    Unhealthy relationships seem to abound. They appear in a variety of forms- from codependency to physical abuse. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 3 Video
    • Review Article: Candace Pert
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 3 : Unhealthy Relationships

    Lesson 4 : What Affects Our Relationships?

    This lesson will discuss the factors that affect our relationships. 4 Total Points
    • Lesson 4 Video
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 4 : What affects our relationships?

    Lesson 5 : The Roadmap to Understanding the Madness

    In the 70s, a Swiss psychologist named Eric Berne developed a system of understanding human behavior. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 5 Video
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 5 : The roadmap to understanding the madness.

    Lesson 6 : The Games People Play

    This lesson will discuss some of the games people often play in relationships. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 6 Video
    • Review Article: Dr. Eric Bernie
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 6 : The Games People Play

    Lesson 7 : Life Scripts

    In this lesson, we will discuss the role of the Life Scripts. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 7 Video
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 7 : Life Scripts

    Lesson 8 : We Don't Speak the Same Language

    This lesson will discuss why we are often not understood. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 8 Video
    • Review Article: The Five Love Languages
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 8 : We don't speak the same language

    Lesson 9 : Creating Healthy Relationships with Children

    Creating healthy relationships with children is of critical importance for a variety of reasons. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 9 Video
    • Review Article: Building a Healthy Relationship with Your Child
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 9 : Creating Healthy Relationships with Children

    Lesson 10 : Dealing With Difficult People

    Think of the last time you encountered a difficult person. When was it? What were the circumstances? How did you handle it? If you are like most of us, it may not have been pleasant. 5 Total Points
    • Lesson 10 Video
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 10 : Dealing with difficult people

    Lesson 11 : I Need to Fix You

    This lesson will discuss the errors and failures of attempting to "fix" someone. 4 Total Points
    • Lesson 11 Video
    • Review Article: Overcoming the Need to Fix
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 11 : I need to fix you

    Lesson 12 : The Art of Acceptance

    This final lesson will discuss methods of maintaining a healthy relationship. 68 Total Points
    • Lesson 12 Video
    • Take Poll: How would you rate this course?
    • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
    • Complete: Lesson 12 Assignment
    • Complete Exam: Final Review
    Total Course Points

    Learning Outcomes

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Define and identify what healthy relationships actually are.
    • Define and identify what unhealthy relationships are.
    • Describe what affects our relationships.
    • Determine what makes a relationship dysfunctional and the types of games we play and why.
    • Life Scripts
    • Describe methods for identifying and overcoming communication barriers.
    • Summarize methods for creating healthy relationships with children.
    • Summarize techniques for dealing with difficult people.
    • Describe methods for dealing with people who will not change and figuring out how to accept people for who they are, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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    Course Title: Healthy Relationships
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    Lessons Rating: 4.6 / 5 Stars (2,394 votes)
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    Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams
    Instructor: Dr. Dennis Mithaug
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    Student Testimonials

    • "What was most helpful were the different kinds of love we can experience...and how we are the ones in charge of our emotions." -- Luisa M.
    • "Healthy Relationships was a very knowledgeable course I enjoyed each lesson." -- Dorothy M.
    • "I found the assignments useful and informative. I ordered several books from such assignments and am currently reading them." -- Thomas L.
    • "I enjoyed this course very much and thought the instructor was very knowledgeable." -- Frances M.
    • "The instructor had positive remarks when I did well. The content of this course was very applicable to daily life. It presented solutions to each problem discussed." -- Patricia H.
    • "I have never had a more attentive teacher....I am very thankful." -- Krystal C.
    • "This was a very good course to learn about the differences in behaviors and understand how to communicate in relationships, whether of an intimate or other nature." -- Carol Anne C.

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