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Testimonials for Etiquette 101

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Student Testimonials

  • "Great course! It was very beneficial. I can apply this information to multiple areas in my life." -- Belynda W.
  • "The reference material and class material was most helpful. I was very pleased with the class and instructor. It was very well organized and I appreciate the comments made by the instructor." -- Kay M.
  • "I liked everything. Not a negative thing to say about it." -- Steven W.
  • "I enjoy the multi-sensor aspects. It's really helpful to be able to print out the lesson and follow it with the audio/visual component." -- Tamra A.
  • "Each lesson was interesting and the assignments were very helpful." -- Janis O.
  • "I liked that after reading and print out the lesson, I could then listen as well. This was very helpful for me." -- Zandra S.
  • "This has been an enjoyable class for me. I have learned a lot and have been refreshed on some things that I had forgotten and should have been using. Thank you. All of the instruction was helpful. I enjoyed the discussion on etiquette for children; gift giving; and condolences. These were areas I most benefited from studying." -- Linda H.
  • "I found the part about having overnight guests to be helpful because everyone is either a guest or a host, at some point. Proper etiquette when a friend has lost a family member was very helpful." -- Susan H.
  • "I would like to have this instructor again for another class, she was good on responding and seemed to actually read my essays. She made me feel good about my efforts." -- John A.
  • "What helped me were the specific examples throughout the lessons. They were instrumental in helping me generalize the lessons to my life. This course has been extremely informative regarding proper etiquette. The knowledge I have gained has already helped me to feel more comfortable in social situations, as well as allowed me to put others at ease in my presence." -- Deanna W.
  • "I enjoyed the course and the instructor was knowledgeable and encouraging." -- Stella F.
  • "Proper etiquette never changes, so this course just help me get familiar with the do's and don'ts and it's great to know I am still using the proper techniques." -- Delta M.
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable in every area. She graded work in a very timely manner and always offered additional help if needed. She encouraged me in every email that was sent." -- Deborah S.
  • "Everything she taught in the class was perfect. She covered every subject perfectly, and it left no question. She is a very good instructor and I very much enjoyed the course. The course was very enjoyable,informative and very interesting. I looked forward to each lesson. This course would be highly recommend to take by everyone. We could all use a few lessons on this subject." -- MaryAnn C.
  • "Very good, well presented in an easy to learn way." -- Heather M.
  • "Great help - the videos were helpful. Sometimes it's hard to sit in one place and read, so it was nice to turn on the videos." -- Carla E.
  • "Was very organized and well explained." -- Tena G.
  • "I found the section related to correspondence very helpful. I have found that I have become too relaxed with appropriate correspondence by using e-mail and other social media instead of what I was taught as a child. Written thank-you notes are always acceptable and preferable. The Instructor was prompt with feedback and with grading the assignments. I enjoyed the class very much and have been able to "brush up" on my etiquette skills, in addition to learning a few things that I did not already know. " -- Kate B.
  • "I had fun and learned a lot." -- Kimberly O.
  • "Thank you for being my instructor." -- Debra P.
  • "I found the simplicity in the presentation to be outstanding - no dry, un-needed information." -- Alice P.
  • "It was great and timely. I thought I had to wait for my certification and I found out when you finish with the course you get your certification. That's great!" -- JOANNA C.
  • "I really enjoyed the class." -- Sarah M.
  • "I loved Etiquette 101 and learnt a lot. I feel posher somehow. The course is really well written and packs in a lot of information. The homework and test reinforce the information. When I start a new lesson, I play the video but instead of watching it, I read the lesson visually along with it - the video usually reads out what is written in the lesson. So using two senses -hearing and seeing, I usually remember the lesson very well and can do the quizzes mostly correctly without having to refer back to the lesson. " -- Sarah K.
  • "Great course - very helpful- good instructor." -- Katherine L.
  • "It was all helpful." -- Sean M.
  • "Great course, great instructor!" -- Bayala K.
  • "I liked the links a lot. Everything was laid out very thoroughly." -- Margarita R.
  • "I thought the instructor was very knowledgeable and presented the material very clearly. The assignments were clear and were geared to us learning. There were parts in every lesson that I found very helpful and useful in everyday life." -- Lauren W.
  • "It was all very helpful and well organized." -- Augustine L.


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