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Student Testimonials

  • "I really liked this course. The instructor was very helpful and responsive." -- Sandy G.
  • "I liked how the course was broken up into lessons so you could absorb that information before moving on to the next topic." -- Gina C.
  • "I really enjoyed taking this coure. I always adopt my dogs from shelters so it was very helpful to learn all the aspects of dog psychology. Information about fearful dogs is also helpful." -- Cheryl S.
  • "All aspects were helpful especially the different areas surrounding understanding dog behaviour." -- Louise T.
  • "The course was super fun! It made me proud to earn my points. :) I have 2 Chihuahuas and learning what could be going on inside their heads was very helpful to me. But what I found to be the best reminder was how to read a dog's expressions, or what looks like aggression, submission, fear and so on." -- Tiffany B.
  • "The instructor is wonderful, very encouraging. Everything was very organized, easy to follow along. " -- Donna B.
  • "The instructor was very prompt in grading and reviewing the lessons. never had to wait long to receive her response on my work. Very pleased with that !! Gave me the feeling that she was right there if I needed her assistance...very nice !! Everything about this course was helpful, educational and very interesting ! As soon as I finished a lesson, I was ready to start another! Loved it !!" -- Ginny J.
  • "I found everything extremely helpful to me." -- James S.