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Student Testimonials

  • "I found the explanation and breakdown of the disorders to be very helpful. Although I had previously taken a Psychology class, I enjoyed learning further information about the abnormalities of the mind, how they work and ways to treat them. The most helpful part, however, was learning of these disorders, information about them and treatment. I have encountered people in my life with bipolar disorder, as well as clinical depression. I have never quite understood the disorders or what their treatment options. Now I can finally understand and carry a conversation with them regarding their condition." -- Marianna P.
  • "I enjoyed the whole course very much. I have no faults....A great instructor and would definitely like to do another course with him in the near future." -- Sarah P.
  • "I enjoyed the whole course and have learned so much from it." -- Janice S.
  • "I work in Detentions and am a Crisis negotiator so I found all of it quite helpful especially since most of the Mental Health Beds have gone away in Colorado and we are seeing more Mental Health in the Jails." -- Cheryl G.
  • "Good and courteous instructor and patient. " -- Manfredt C.
  • "The course was well organized. Very good instructor, course was right on, I learned a lot!" -- Al S.
  • "I very much enjoyed the course." -- Mouna Y.
  • "The instructor was great and was very prompt with responses and grades. And also very helpful." -- Katie N.
  • "Course content in each lesson was clear and concise but thorough...with students encouraged to do their own research via short assignments." -- Pamela W.
  • "I loved working with the instructor. He was present with me throughout the course. He gave me feedback that truly challenged me and changed my approach to studying and delivering my findings in the exams. Being out of school for over 25 years, it was nice to have his feedback put simply, yet directly." -- Lisa M.
  • "Original Course, complex subject made easy. Informative material, easily presented. Instructor very prepared, present and kind." -- Barbara Z.

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