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Student Testimonials

  • "What was most helpful was learning about the many aspects of Organizing Principles specific to Organizing both the home and office that is how to develop systems....The instructor proved to be quite accessible, knowledgeable and timely in her feedback as well as excellent in her turn around of grading materials. She also provided outstanding course materials which exceeded my expectations. " -- Ameenah L.
  • "Every part of this course was helpful. I am very excited to get started with my business!" -- Anna S.
  • "What was most helpful was the marketing and advertizing section. I had to do a lot of research to put a marketing plan together, which helped me focus on what I wanted to do." -- Birgitte K.
  • "The instructor is very good about responding quickly and she takes time to personalize her comments....Very good course. I really learned a lot and was challenged to get to work." -- Debra B.
  • "The content of the material was very helpful. It showed me different aspects that I wouldn't have normally thought about. The instructor was very nice in responding to emails timely. I found writing the marketing/business plan VERY hard, but in the end very useful!!...In the last month that I have completed the online course, I have started my business and because of the knowledge I gained from taking this class, everything is running smoothly. Thanks for a great learning experience!!" -- Stephanie R.
  • "I found it all helpful....It was a course that gets you to realize that you need to be creative and think on your feet and never stop learning or finding new ways to solve problems and grow. The instructor was very friendly and helpful; a talented teacher." -- Vikki G.
  • "I really did enjoy the instructor, she was very personal, after awhile I felt as if I knew her." -- Julia G.
  • "Thank you for this experience. I learned a lot and now have a much better understanding of what it takes to become a Professional Organizer. Thank you." -- Jaclyn B.
  • "The instructor was great, help and was very quickly respond." -- Juliana K.
  • "I was apprehensive about paying for an online course in case the course was marked by a computer generated instructor. Every time I e-mailed a question to the instructor, she would reply the next business day with very clear explanations related to my questions. Throughout the course I felt that the instructor was carefully reviewing all of my assignments; I fully perceived her comments to be sincere. Her critique was very helpful and I appreciated her advice. The course was of great benefit to me. I should have taken this course before I started my Professional Organizing business. I feel that I am now much better prepared to offer clients my services as required." -- Darlene R.
  • "Everything was very helpful and easy to understand....Great experience, it was awesome." -- Laura E.
  • "All parts were helpful to me. I didn't know anything about becoming a professional organizer and this course covered topics I had not even thought about (like having a marketing plan)." -- Kari D.
  • "I have never taken an online course before and my first time was a great experience. I thoroughly enjoyed everything about it especially the fact that I could work on my assignments at my own pace. My instructor Cathleen Glenn never took long to grade my assignments and always had positive comments for me. I will definitely take another Universal Class Course in the future." -- Yvonne H.

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