Running Effective Meetings

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Course Description

The Running Effective Meetings course trains professionals to understand the correct approach to planning, conducting, and participating in business meetings. This course will show how to send proper meeting notices, design powerful agendas, and how to make use of technology to become more efficient.

Meetings are essential to the business, but they can become one of the biggest time wasters in the organization. This translates into unwanted costs for the business. Studies have shown that teams squander 90% of their time repeating topics, showing up late, poor attendance, bad agendas, and improper planning. This will explore the bad habits that team members do not even realize they are doing, and look at steps on how to correct them.

This course will help develop the leadership skills needed to successfully run an effective meeting, but also show how to work with the individual team members. The course will help train leaders to manage all the different personalities they encounter during the meeting. This shows how to effectively navigate each individual and lead them achieving the goals of the meeting and organization. 

Course Requirements

This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area but you should have a high school reading level. No books will be required.

Course Topics

Lesson 1: Preparing for Effective Business Meetings

Lesson 2: Designing the Agenda for an Effective Meeting

Lesson 3: Managing Effective Business Meetings

Lesson 4: Dealing with Common Meeting Problems

Lesson 5: When Too Many Meetings are Too Much

Lesson 6: Make Meetings Work

Lesson 7: Managing Meetings for Productivity and Effectiveness

Lesson 8: Making Use of Technology to Become More Efficient

Lesson 9: Desired Skills of the Team

Lesson 10: Desired Skills of the Team Leader

Course Materials

All course material will be provided in the lessons and netlinks. There are no required materials to purchase before taking the class .

Grading Policy

Each lesson will include a lesson review quiz along with one assignment. Students will successfully complete this course by mastering all learning outcomes with 70% or higher overall grade.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate how to prepare for effective business meetings.
  • Design an agenda for an effective meeting.
  • Manage an effective business meeting using techniques outlined.
  • Deal with common meeting problems.
  • Determine when too many meetings are too much.
  • Demonstrate how to make meetings work.
  • Know managing meetings for productivity and effectiveness, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction1
Lesson 1 Assignment2
Lesson 1 Exam10
Lesson 2 Exam10
Lesson 3 Exam10
Lesson 4 Exam9
Lesson 5 Exam10
Lesson 6 Assignment2
Lesson 6 Exam10
Lesson 7 Exam8
Lesson 8 Exam10
Lesson 9 Exam10
Lesson 10 Exam10
Total Points:102

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