Online Class: Generational Diversity in the Workplace

This course will look at generational diversity in the workplace and how you can use it to its fullest potential.

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Course Description

There has been a lot of discussion about the different generations and their features. Often, this is in regards to identifying what generations are out there, who belongs to them, and what impact they have--or are having--on society as we know it. Not all of this is positive, per se, but it is information that is still being brought out in to the public eye on a large scale.

Utilizing information about the different generations and how they operate is something that is becoming increasingly popular in the business world. Every generation has its own strengths and weaknesses, and skills that can only be developed through experience. This generational diversity is a gold mine of professional resources that is already active in the workforce--so why aren't businesses using it?

This course will look at generational diversity in the workplace and how YOU can use it to its fullest potential. Some of the topics that will be discussed will include:


  • The Generations--You've heard about Millennials and Baby Boomers, but what about the Silent Generation? Gen X? Gen Z? Gen Alpha?
  • Generational Differences--Each generation has its own attributes that mark them for who they are. How these differences interact with each other and what impact they will have on the workplace will be discussed here.
  • The Future Generations Of The Workplace--What generations have yet to enter the workforce? And what could we expect from them? An excellent way for businesses and employers to prepare for the younger generations who are still growing up.

There's a lot to cover with generational diversity and you'll be surprised at what you'll learn. Do you have what it takes to give it a try? Let's Go!

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Course Lessons

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Lesson 1: The Widening Generation Gap In The Workplace

Within society, the focus on the varying generations and their differences has been the primary focus. These differences have, unfortunately, produced a bit of a gap between the generations in the areas of society where it's necessary for them to interact. Additional lesson topics: Are You A Xennial? Take The Quiz; The Generations; Here Is When Each Generation Begins and Ends, According to Facts; Baby Boomers; The Cons of Each Generation; From GIs to Gen Z Or Is It iGen? : How Generations Get Nicknames; The Unexpected Value of Business Collaboration 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video
  • Lesson discussions: Reasons for Taking this Course
  • Complete Assignment: Why I Decided to Take this Course...
  • Assessment: Lesson 1 Exam

Lesson 2: Myths and Misconceptions of Generational Diversity in the Workplace

The workplace itself is full of myths and misconceptions that both employers and employees often believe as fact. Part of this comes from assumptions based on your own experiences. Additional lesson topics: A Breakdown of the Five Generations of Employees in the Workplace; Your Generational Identity Is A Lie; Generational Differences: Myths and Realities PDF ; The Ideal Retirement Age—And Why You Won't Retire Then; Five Myths About Baby Boomers; Generational Differences at Work…Do They Exist or Not?; The Myths and Reality of the Workplace Generational Divide 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Myths and Misconceptions
  • Assessment: Lesson 2 Exam

Lesson 3: The Silent Generation

This lesson will take a closer look at the oldest of the generations currently in the workplace, the Silent Generation. This will encompass individuals born between the date range of 1925 and 1945. Additional lesson topics: The U.S. Home Front During World War II; Great Depression; Prohibition; American Generation Fast Facts; McCarthyism; The Silent Generation, “The Lucky Few”; Common Characteristics of the Silent Generation; Silent Generation: Characteristics and Other Important Facts 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Silent Generation
  • Assessment: Lesson 3 Exam

Lesson 4: The Baby Boomer Generation

This lesson will take a closer look at the Baby Boomer generation, by far, one of the most well-known and frequently studied generations of the last century. This will include defining who the Baby Boomers are, what has influenced them over their lifetime, and the different events that have shaped them into what they are today. Additional lesson topics: Who Destroyed the Economy? The Case Against Baby Boomers; Great Moments From Baby Boomer Memory Lane; Cold War History; The Berlin Wall: It's Now Gone For As Long As It Stood—10,316 Days; Baby Boomers In The Workplace; Understanding Baby Boomers At Work: Fast Facts For CHROs; Influential Events That Shaped Baby Boomers; Baby Boomer; Baby Boomers' Defining Characteristics Could Help Them Redefine Aging In America; From Baby Boomers to Generation Z; Important Characteristics of Baby Boomers eLearning Professionals Should Know; American Civil Rights Movement; PTSD and Vietnam Veterans: A Lasting Issue Several Years Later; What's The Baby Boom Generation Know For?; What Baby Boomers' Retirement Means For The US Economy; Baby Boomers; Just How Many Baby Boomers Are There?; How Are Baby Boomers Affecting The Workplace? 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Baby Boomer Experience
  • Assessment: Lesson 4 Exam

Lesson 5: The Generation Xers

This lesson will look at a little lesser-known generation, Generation X, and the attributes of the individuals who are a part of it. Additional lesson topics: When LA Erupted In Anger: A Look Back At The Rodney King Riots; Watergate Scandal; Xennials, The Microgeneration Between Gen X and Millennials; Generation X Gen X ; Generation X Characteristics; Chernobyl Disaster; Three Mile Island; The Common Characteristics of Generation X Professionals; Solving For X: How Several Events Shaped A Generation; Why Gen X Is So Pissed At Millennials 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Generation X
  • Assessment: Lesson 5 Exam

Lesson 6: The Millennial Generation

This lesson will focus on the Millennial generation that has been a rather hot topic in recent years when it comes to discussing the different generations in any context. Additional lesson topics: Timeline: The Deadliest Mass Shootings In The US; 9/11 Attacks; Y2K Bug; Oklahoma City Bombing; Millennials' Traits You Should Know About Before You Hire Them; The Deloitte Millennial Survey ; Columbine Shooting; Millennial Vs. Boomers: Habits and Characteristics; Barack Obama Elected As America's First Black President; The Great Recession; Persian Gulf War; Millennials Outnumber Baby Boomers and Are Far More Diverse, Census Bureau Reports; The Kent State Shootings; Fox News Anchor Shepard Smith Emotionally Lists All Several Fatal School Shootings Since Columbine; Interesting Statistics Employers Should Know About Millennials; Millennials In the Workplace: They Don't Need Trophies But They Want Reinforcement; Here Are All The Things Millennials Have Been Accused of Killing—From Dinner Dates to Golf 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Millennial Generation
  • Assessment: Lesson 6 Exam

Lesson 7: Generation Z

This lesson will look at the last and most recent generation in society and the workplace--Generation Z. Gen Z kids are an emerging group and much is still unknown about who they are and what they will become. Additional lesson topics: Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Introduced The iPhone; What Exactly Does The Occupy Movement Want?; Get Ready For Generation Z; A “Mass Shooting Generation” Cries Out For Change; Gen Z Can't Vote, But Here's Why They Matter In The Election; Characteristics Of Generation Z; Occupy Wall Street: Several Years Later; Your Guide to Generation Z: The Frugal, Brand-Wary, Determined Anti-Millennials; Supreme Court Ruling Makes Same-Sex Marriage A Right Nationwide; The Every Student Succeeds Act: An ESSA Overview; Generation Z Characteristics: Several Infographics On The Gen Z Lifestyle; No Child Left Behind: An Overview; Occupy Movement: From Local Action to A Global Howl Of Protest; Key Differences Between Gen Z and Millennials; Traits Of Generation Z; Move Over Millennials, Here Comes Generation Z 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Generation Z
  • Assessment: Lesson 7 Exam

Lesson 8: Generational Differences in Work Motivation

For this lesson, the application of generational diversity and the differences between generations in regard to how they are motivated in the workplace will be discussed. This will include the different ways in which each generation is motivated in their work, as well as some of the ways that are shared across multiple generations. Additional lesson topics: Work-Life Balance Defined; What Motivates Your Workers? It Depends On Their Generation; The Several Things That Ultimately Motivate Employees to Achieve; Why Leaders Need to Embrace Employee Motivation; Ways Generation Z Will Differ From Millennials In The Workplace; Performance Management; Generational Differences: When They Matter, and When They Don't; You Need to Know What Motivation Is – Really; Motivating Gen X, Gen Y Workers; Motivating Multigenerational Workforces; Different Motivations For Different Generations of Workers: Boomers, Gen X, Millennials, and Gen Z; Ways to Keep Talent Motivated 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Motivating Employees of Different Generations
  • Assessment: Lesson 8 Exam

Lesson 9: Generational Differences In Leadership

This lesson will look at the expectations of leadership that the different generations have. What works best for Silents, Boomers, Gen-Xers, Millennials, and Gen Z will vary from group to group but expect there to be some similarities shared by multiple generations. Additional lesson topics: Five Styles Of Gen X Leaders: Which One Are You?; Managing Five Generations In The Workplace; Leadership Values and Workplace Ethics; Several Qualities That Make A Great Leader; Ways Millennials Are Changing Traditional Leadership; Why Leadership Is So Important to Millennials Right Now; Managing People From Several Generations; Leadership Styles Of Baby Boomers and Millennials; The Several Traits That Define Great Leadership 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 9 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Gen X vs. Millennials
  • Assessment: Lesson 9 Exam

Lesson 10: Generational Differences in Criticism and Feedback

This lesson will look at criticism and feedback within a multigenerational workplace. An explanation of what criticism and feedback are exactly what is necessary for either to be genuinely constructive, and what the general expectations are in the workplace in this area, will be discussed. Additional lesson topics: Effectively Providing Feedback to Multiple Generations; Are Baby Boomers A “Generation Of Sociopaths”?; How to Give Four Generations Feedback; Taking Constructive Criticism Like A Champ; Generation Snowflake: Really? Part Several Of 3 ; What's Wrong With Criticism; Yelling Doesn't Work: How to Give Negative Feedback to Millennials; The Several Best and Worst Criticism From A Boss; Millennials Are Struggling At Work Because Their Parents; Ways to Be A Better Employer For Millennials and Generation Z; We Thought Gen X Was A Bunch Of Slackers. Now They're The Suits.; The Myth Of Millennial Entitlement 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 10 Video
  • Complete: Lesson 10 Assignment: How do you receive criticism?
  • Assessment: Lesson 10 Exam

Lesson 11: Generational Differences In Recruiting

This lesson will look at the generational differences found in workforce recruiting, or the process in which employees are attracted and hired for a business. There are expectations about recruitment that are shared across generations, usually serving as a kind of general strategy that gets used by multiple industries and business structures. Additional lesson topics: Things to Know While Hiring In The Five Generation Workplace; Different Generations Require Different Tactics; The Several Key Types Of Recruitment Strategies For Attracting Baby Boomers; Tips For Successful Employee Recruitment; Strategies For Recruiting A Multi-Generational Workforce; Recruiting For Millennials, Gen Xers and Boomers Isn't That Different 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 11 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Gen Z vs. Gen X in Recruitment
  • Assessment: Lesson 11 Exam

Lesson 12: Retaining Workers Across Generations

This lesson will look at what needs to be done to retain workers across multiple generations. Topics will include what general expectations are in place in the workplace when it comes to employee retention practices and some of the common strategies that employers use in regard to this area, both in general and with each generation. Additional lesson topics: Employee Retention Statistics That Will Make You Sit Up; Strategies For Employers to Adapt to A Multi-Generations; A Multigenerational Approach to Engagement and Retention; Learn About The Cost OF High Employee Turnover; How Can You Retain Baby Boomer Employees?; Retention Strategies For The Ages Literally ; Tips to Better Employee Retention; Ways to Improve Employee Retention; How Employers Can Attract Generation Z; Retention Strategies For Millennials: Several Ways to Reward; Ways to Retain Your Great Employees; Leadership Tips For Attracting, Engaging and Retaining Talent; Mistakes Managers Make That Case Good Employees to Quit; This Is The Best Millennial Retention Strategy Ever; Learn How to Avoid Excessive Employee Turnover; Surprising Employee Retention Statistics You Need to Know 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 12 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 12 Exam

Lesson 13: Language and Etiquette of the Generations

This lesson will look at workplace language and etiquette and the variances associated with each generation. Both language and etiquette will be looked at separately with an explanation of what generally is associated with each and what views the generations have on them. Additional lesson topics: Mind The Gap! Bridge The Gap Between Baby Boomers; The Perfect Way to Introduce Yourself In Any Setting ; Definition of Etiquette; Communication Patterns: Baby Boomers Gen Xers and Millennials; Ways to Prepare For Generation Z In The Workplace; Business Etiquette Is Changing—And You Need to Follow Suit; Writing and Editing Skills Lists and Examples; Nonverbal Communication In The Workplace; Offensive Language In the Workplace; Things You Need to Know If You Have A Gen X Boss; Learn About Active Listening Skills With Examples; Communication Styles Differ With Each Generation; Types Of Communication Styles: Bridging The Generation Gap; Generational Differences Chart PDF ; Phone Calls, Texts or Email? Here's How Millennials Prefer to Communicate; The Workplace Better Get Ready For Gen Z, The ‘Uber-Millennials'; Appropriate Tone and Language In The Workplace 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 13 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Etiquette of Choice
  • Assessment: Lesson 13 Exam

Lesson 14: Obstacles and Mistakes Made in Managing Generational Diversity

Most experts can agree that a multigenerational workforce is a reality of the world and is going to be something that cannot easily be avoided. Additional lesson topics: Understanding Company Culture; The Barriers Of Managing A Multigenerational Workforce; The Perks And Importance Of Embracing A Multigenerational Workplace; Tackling Several Key Challenges Of The Multigenerational Workforce; Costly Mistakes Leaders Make When Managing Millennials; The Challenges Of Managing A Multi-Generational Workforce; Age Diversity: Challenges and Solutions to Bridge The Inter-Generational Gap; Why A Multi-Generational Team Is Key to Business Success 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 14 Video
  • Complete Assignment: Additional Obstacles
  • Assessment: Lesson 14 Exam

Lesson 15: The Future of Generations at Work

This final lesson will look at the potential future of generations at work. Topics will include some of the generations that have yet to enter the workforce and what impact they might have on how the workplace operates. Additional lesson topics: As Work Changes, Leadership Development Has to Keep Up; Powerful Ways to Help Your Employees Cope With Change; The Complete Guide to Generation Alpha, The Children of Millennials; How The Generation Born Today Will Shape The Future Of Work; Generation Z Is Entering The Workforce – What Does This Mean For Management; Workforce of the Future; Ways Leaders Strengthen and Prepare Their Teams For Change 75 Total Points
  • Lesson 15 Video
  • Lesson discussions: End of Course Poll; Course Comments; Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Assessment: Lesson 15 Exam
  • Assessment: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define what generational diversity in the workplace means.
  • Describe the myths and misconceptions of generational diversity in the workplace.
  • Describe the Silent Generation.
  • Describe the Baby Boomer generation.
  • Describe the Generation Xers.
  • Describe the Millennial Generation.
  • Describe Generation Z.
  • Recognize generational differences that play a role in how to motivate employees at work.
  • Recognize generational differences in leadership styles.
  • Recognize generational differences in giving and receiving criticism and feedback.
  • Recognize generational differences in retaining and recruiting employees.
  • Summarize the difference in language and etiquette styles of the generations.
  • Describe common obstacles and mistakes made when managing generational diversity.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Student Testimonials

  • "I think this course is so informative on how all of the different generations think in the workplace." -- Sarah G.
  • "I loved learning about each generation and how they view the workplace. As a millennial, I get to work with all generations and get to live these world life examples." -- Jenny B.
  • "I think this course has been very helpful for insight in to effectively leading diverse generations in the workplace. I was very interested in the section on recruitment since that is a big issue in my current job. I think there was a diverse workload and I loved the articles that were linked for extra learning. The grading was done very quickly and I appreciated that. Thank you!" -- Kathy B.

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