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Student Testimonials

  • "This class was informative and fun. And, the instructor was always very prompt at returning my assignments and exam grades. This particular course offered many resources, like websites, book titles, magazines, etc. that I will be able to use in the future." -- Lori K.
  • "I found the overall reading and tools very helpful." -- Caitlin S.
  • "The lessons they were very helpful. The instructor was very helpful." -- Darnell R.
  • "I loved the assignments. It really helped me to understand about freelance writing and helped my writing improve. The instructor is AWESOME! I will be taking more classes she instructs. Melissa is very knowledgeable and helpful!" -- Donna N.
  • "Melissa was very prompt in grading the tests and written assignments. The instructor gave encouraging comments. Much of the supplemental reading materials added to the lessons and their content. The information on marketing skills, especially that on portfolios, was very helpful." -- Larry M.
  • "The instructor presented many hints and facts from her experiences which were extremely helpful to me in understanding what it takes to be a freelance writer. I have many notes saved from this class and will definitely use them in the future! Again, I enjoyed the course and learned a lot which will be helpful to me as a freelance writer. Thank you very much for offering it!" -- Shanon T.
  • "The course was excellent, the instructors sense of humor made the lessons memorable. I found the written assignments to be very helpful. The netlinks were fantastic." -- Patricia H.
  • "All lessons were beneficial." -- Rabab M.
  • "The course material was extremely helpful. " -- David H.
  • "I think this course truly helped me to figure out exactly what it was I looking for in the freelance world, and I had no clue before! I have already applied to a newspaper to be a side-columnist, and have a good shot at the job thanks to the information I received here. Bravo!" -- Andrea G.
  • "The lessons were very well put together and allowed me to quickly learn the material and move on. It was easy to take notes and retain the information. I really appreciated how quickly the instructor was able to grade assignments and exams. She also did a great job of putting together a quality course with lots of beneficial material." -- Elizabeth K.
  • "All of it was helpful." -- Gandlyn R.
  • "The instructor graded my assignments and exams with record speed. I was never left wondering how I performed and she took the time to give encouraging comments to keep moving forward!" -- Damaris A.
  • "It was easy to understand." -- Bonnie F.
  • "This course helped me organize my thoughts on the subject." -- Martin B.

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