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Testimonials for Aromatherapy 101

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Student Testimonials

  • "I found all parts of the course helpful as I have never done an online course before." -- Leonie C.
  • "I enjoyed the experience." -- Alice G.
  • "The instructor's reply to any questions were prompt and by her answers, I knew she loved teaching this class and it is obvious she is very educated in this field. Very knowledgable." -- Frances H.
  • "This was a fun and informative introduction to aromatherapy!" -- Alexandra T.
  • "Over all and charming and fun experience that has refreshed my use of essential oils that I handle eveyday in smell therpay sessions." -- Rebecca E.
  • "The entire course was very beneficial....What an excellent instructor. She is very knowledgeable in the area of Aromatherapy." -- Cheryl H.
  • "The entire course was good for me. I have done a lot of reasearch but this presentation put everything in an organized way that made it easier to retain....It was a pleasure." -- Dianne E.
  • "It was a wonderful experience." -- Echchha P.
  • "I would have to say everything was good." -- Kimberly W.
  • "The instructor put together a great course. It was very informative." -- Debbie S.
  • "The instructor lays out the course in easy to understand language that is full of important information for anyone interested in aromatherapy without lecturing. I was comfortable with her style of teaching and would like to take another class from her again." -- Tracey G.
  • "All of it- I wanted to know about oil -- I found this class to be very good for me." -- Johnnie L.
  • "Instructor was very positive with her comments on my assignments and graded them promptly." -- Linda D.
  • "The course gave me an insight on aromatherapy and I will be taking the next aromatherapy class." -- Marvin H.
  • "Very good course for beginners. If you have no knowledge or little knowledge of oils then this will help you learn more about them." -- belinda C.
  • "The instructor was wonderful. In fact I would like to know if she is teaching any of the other courses available." -- Marcy L.
  • "The instructor is great and the course is great too. The course is very useful and helpful. It's not too difficult but we know the baisc about it. So I get the basic concept of what I want to know. I already plan to learn all other courses in Universal class one by one in future. I hope that Universal class can offer even more courses in every aspect of knowledge." -- Man Leung L.
  • "Very nicely presented and easy to understand. The instructor was very helpful and enjoyed the feedback." -- Carolyn H.
  • "I thinkg the course is great and I also like the instructor. I would take another course if there is one by her. Thank you." -- Debbie B.
  • "The entire course was great. The explanations of the basics where excellent." -- Wallicia M.
  • "loved the course and the instructor was very helpful." -- Christina S.
  • "All of it was very helpful." -- DeeDee P.
  • "The class is put together in a very professional and impressive way." -- Sharon R.


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