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Course Description

Welcome to "Healing through Affirmations". This course provides an in-depth guide to healing many common physical, emotional and mental ailments through conscious thought correction and healing affirmations.


Increasingly, science has shown that there is a deep connection between our thoughts, emotions and our physical state. This course will explore this concept in detail and provide tools for the novice, as well as the seasoned metaphysical practitioner to effectively harness the power of positive affirmations as a healing tool.



Course Overview


Some of what we will cover includes:


  • The mind/body connection: We will explore how our physical state can be directly impacted by our mental patterns and emotional trauma.


  • Which types of illnesses can manifest as a result of a mental blocks and how healing affirmations can cut through to the heart of the issue.


  • Ten principles which are critical to long term health and wellness


  • The major prerequisites needed to set the stage for your healing journey


  • The keys to mastering healing through affirmations, including visualization and embracing emotions that may surface


  • Creative ways to expand your consciousness for deeper awareness and healing


  • The best techniques for structuring powerfully healing affirmations


  • Mind/body healing techniques and affirmations from various indigenous cultures around the world, as well as contemporary metaphysical scholars


  • Specific illnesses and their metaphysical cause, including sample affirmations to treat them


  • Additional resources to aid in your healing journey, or that of those you work with

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Healing Picture
Healing Picture

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Course Lessons

  • Lesson 1: Demystifying Healing Affirmations

    This lesson will provide the foundation for understanding what an affirmation is and how it can aid in the recovery and healing from mental, emotional, and physical illnesses.
  • Lesson 2: Understanding the Mind/Body Connection

    During this lesson, you will come to understand that the mind and body are linked and have a profound affect on one another.
  • Lesson 3: Application of Affirmations Throughout History

    In this lesson, you will become familiar with individuals over the years that have used affirmations to better their own lives, and have helped to popularize their use today.
  • Lesson 4: Illnesses Amenable to Self-Healing

    In this lesson, you will learn about spontaneous remission, how illnesses have proliferated over the years, and how disease manifests in the mind and body.
  • Lesson 5: The 10 Keys to Wellness Part 1. (Keys 1-5)

    In this lesson, you will be given a general overview of the 10 keys to optimal health and learn in-depth about Keys 1 through 5. Keys 6 through 10 will be covered in the next lesson.
  • Lesson 6: The 10 Keys to Wellness Part 2. (Keys 6-10)

    In this lesson, we will explore Keys 6 through 10 and learn how actions such as cleansing our environment, cultivating self love, and setting boundaries can all help on the journey to healing.
  • Lesson 7: Setting the Stage for Healing Part 1

    In this lesson, you will put into place tips and mechanisms to best support you as you move through the rest of the course and begin to implement what you have learned.
  • Lesson 8: Setting the Stage for Healing Part 2

    This lesson will discuss some of the ways you can reach out and involve those in your life to support and nurture you on your journey.
  • Lesson 9: The Essentials of Mastering Affirmations

    This lesson will outline the mindset and practices that are important to master to ensure you attain the most benefit from using affirmations to heal.
  • Lesson 10: Types of Affirmations

    In this lesson, you will learn the different forms an affirmation can take and how each can be effective on its own, or in conjunction with other forms.
  • Lesson 11: Structuring and Implementing Your Affirmations - Part 1

    In this lesson, you will begin the exciting and creative process of crafting your own healing affirmations, using a few interesting techniques.
  • Lesson 12: Structuring and Implementing Your Affirmations - Part 2

    In this lesson, you will graduate to actually writing out your affirmations. You will also learn how frequently affirmations should be used for best results, as well as keeping track of your journey.
  • Lesson 13: The Use of Affirmations Throughout History and Around the World

    In this lesson, you will learn how different religions and cultures from around the world use affirmations in their health and spiritual practices.
  • Lesson 14: Affirmations for Specific Illnesses

    In this lesson, you will learn about some of the illnesses and conditions that it is possible to heal through affirmations.
  • Conclusion

    The mind and body are connected and what happens to one affects the other.
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Course Title: Healing Affirmations
Course Number: 8900136
Languages: English - United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and other English speaking countries
Course Type: Self Help
CEU Value: 0.8 IACET CEUs (Continuing Education Units)
CE Accreditation: Universal Class, Inc. has been accredited as an Authorized Provider by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET), 1760 Old Meadow Road, Suite 500, McLean, VA 22102.
Grading Policy: Earn a final grade of 70% or higher to receive an online/downloadable CEU Certification documenting CEUs earned
Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams
Instructor: UniversalClass Staff Instructor
Syllabus: View Syllabus
Duration: Continuous: Enroll anytime!
Course Fee: $25.00 (no CEU Certification) || with CEU Certification: $50.00

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe what healing affirmations actually is (and isn't).
  • Summarize the mind/body connection.
  • Summarize application of affirmations throughout history.
  • Describe illnesses amenable to self-healing and affirmations.
  • Recognize and apply the keys to wellness with healing affirmations.
  • Describe setting the stage for healing.
  • Identify the essentials of mastering affirmations.
  • Identify types of affirmations.
  • Identify ways of structuring and implementing your affirmations.
  • Summarize the use of different types of affirmations for specific illnesses, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.
An IntroductionAssignment5
Lesson 1 ExamExam10
Lesson 2 ExamExam10
Lesson 3 ExamExam10
Lesson 4 ExamExam10
Lesson 5 ExamExam10
Lesson 6 ExamExam10
Lesson 7 AssignmentAssignment25
Lesson 7 ExamExam9
Lesson 8 AssignmentAssignment25
Lesson 8 ExamExam10
Lesson 9 ExamExam10
Lesson 10 ExamExam9
Lesson 11 ExamExam10
Lesson 12 AssignmentAssignment25
Lesson 12 ExamExam10
Lesson 14 AssignmentAssignment25
The Final ExamExam34
Lesson 15 AssignmentAssignment25
Total Points:282
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