Telephone Skills and Quality Customer Service

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Student Testimonials

  • "Very good organized class." -- GAKUNGA G.
  • "The instructor was very pleasant and kept up with my pace for returning assignments and quiz results very well." -- Lauren B.
  • "What was most helpful was the lesson on screening calls because I learned some new ways to handle them." -- Amy S.
  • "I was surprised how helpful this course was. I learned some very good tips." -- Marilyn S.
  • "The examples and explanations were very clear." -- Billie P.
  • "All parts were valuable." -- Vivian M.
  • "They course put together well. Detailed, Challenging." -- Roberta W.
  • "The way the video was almost the same as the written so it was easy to fallow along. I learn better that way." -- Candis A.
  • "Fabulous crash course on how to interact with customers better." -- Naomi B.
  • "I really like this instructor. For never having met him I still feel comfortable that he knows his field and the course objectives." -- Timothy O.
  • "Very Good. All of it was in common sense language. It was easy to understand. It got to the point. No nonsense. The instructor was very good. I would certainly take other classes instructed by him. Thank you very much!" -- Deb S.
  • "Great class. I learned a lot. I got tips to help my Customer Service team." -- John S.
  • "Both, this course and the instructor are great! I learned a lot while taking this course. I will recommend this course to other people!! I found the videos most helpful." -- Oscar T.


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