What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "As a beginner poet, this was exactly the course I needed to help develop my knowledge and skills. The course material provided was excellent, as well as the positive feedback from my instructor. I appreciated how quickly assignments and exams were marked. I have printed off course material to use as reference to help me develop my skills and own work. Thank you and I look forward to taking another course sometime soon!" -- Tracey T.
  • "I loved the course. Very informative and definitely be of help to me in writing my own poetry. Instructor was very supportive and I appreciated her comments." -- Ken V.
  • "The instructor provided feedback on all essays and many exams. That's not only helpful (you get a feeling of whether you're on the right track.. or not), but encouraging as well." -- Jonathan S.
  • "This instructor was so knowledgeable as far as explaining all the vocabulary involved in the many forms of poetry." -- Annie P.
  • "Fantastic course and instructor." -- Lori B.
  • "Instructor really inspired confidence." -- Peter D.
  • "I enjoyed having you as a teacher thank you very much." -- Susan B.
  • "Very efficient." -- Richard W.
  • "I really appreciated that the instructor asked for essays in each section. This clearly demonstrates much more commitment to teaching the course than self grading T/F and Multiple Choice exams - though these were used as well...I sought assistance from the Instructor so often I was concerned about being a pest. Without fail, the instructor was there with direct answers or responses, and though I'm certain she had other priorities, I always got a response NLT @12 hrs. Amazing commitment - almost like being in the classroom." -- William O.
  • "I think that the whole thing was useful to me. I think the instructor was excellent in this field of study...she really knew what she was doing, and what she was talking about." -- Joslyn A.
  • "Very pleased with the instructor and have taken other courses from her and enjoy them all." -- Jim B.
  • "I really enjoyed doing this course. The topics were very helpful and I learned a lot." -- Antonia J.
  • "Breaking down a poem and helping to explain the various parts was most helpful to me. Instructor was A++." -- Eddie M.
  • "The course was helpful. The instructor was very knowledgeable, and understanding. I think writing the essays was most helpful. By putting in writing what you have learned and expressing your personal feelings about the different aspects of poetry helped me to retain information. I also enjoyed writing poetry for my Chap Book. I know my poems are not perfect. I still find myself going back and re-writing and editing most of them." -- Barbara C.
  • "I learned a lot and found the lessons most interesting. I am enrolling in the creative writing class next." -- Robert K.
  • "Have enjoyed the instructor in all the classes I have taken with her. She has always been so prompt. Thanks for offering the course where I was free from worrying about passing a college course, though it all worked out good. This has been the most difficult of the four courses I have taken with you, but one in which I learned the most." -- Janet N. M.