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Testimonials for How To Draw 101

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Student Testimonials

  • "I learned fundamentals that were new to me." -- Joseph H.
  • "This class was awesome. I I'm a very visual person so it also helps to see what I'm learning to do." -- Carrie T.
  • "I found that my instructor was helpful when she emailed me for grading on my assignments and exams, as well as encouraging. I found the lesson on shading very useful, because I could draw basic items, but they were flat and kind of boring without that three dimensional aspect." -- William S.
  • "I really enjoyed the whole experience. It forced me to work toward a goal and I found this entirely worthwhile. The web lessons was excellent! Thank you!!" -- Donna B.
  • "I needed a refresher course and some practice which I accomplished mainly because I was given assignments. Having a deadline forced me to get to work!" -- Susan P.
  • "I found the entire course helpful as I was unaware of the techniques involved in drawing." -- Lucille K.
  • "Excellent basic drawing course." -- Elsie M.
  • "Great course - loved it. I thought it was very important to do the homework assignments. The practice made all the difference." -- Ray H.
  • "I loved the way the self-paced lessons built upon each other successively. The class links put together by the instructor were also excellent, and I find myself referring to them repeatedly. I can see that my drawing skills have really improved. I am very thankful for the opportunity to have taken this course, and particularly thankful to Stephanie Walsh for her patience in my taking a long time to complete it....Thank you!" -- Sudha B.


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