What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "This was a very helpful course, and I actually didnt expect to learn a couple new recipes. I appreciate the additional resources as well!" -- Patrick Y.
  • "This course was amazing I learned things that I didn't even know about mixing and pouring. I highly recommend." -- Brinesha B.
  • "I am learning for the first time what a bartender is, and I have found the way in which this course is created to be excellent, everything has became clear to me with the illustrations, videos and simple and concrete step-by-step explanation." -- Ana A.
  • "The course was easy to navigate, the articles were well organized and helpful. The videos showed what the articles talked about. My assignments and exams were graded no later than the day after I submitted them. I had a great experience with all of it." -- Briana W.
  • "I loved this course, it was very informative and helpful." -- Jenn S.
  • "Everyone should take this course, because people should know how tough bartenders have it." -- Kenneth C.
  • "Thank you. I learned alot. And you made it enjoyable to learn on line." -- Lynn C.
  • "Instructor was great overall." -- Malik L.
  • "Amazing beyond expectation." -- Lorna C.
  • "The instructor and course were both awesome." -- Keyonna M.
  • "Thank you very much, I learned so much!" -- Ashley O.
  • "Great course for someone getting into the field." -- Christopher F.
  • "Great course and glad I took it." -- Kathleen S.
  • "The instructor was of great to help me." -- Parnesh G.
  • "I was really pleased that I took this course. It was really helpful and interesting." -- Shannon C.
  • "The [part] that I found most helpful was pretty much all of it. It was well explained and easy to understand. Found it very interesting." -- Shannon C.