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Student Testimonials

  • "Virtual Assistant Course--It is really interesting. I wish to revisit it again and again. Great job. You never left any stone unturned whatever circumstance." -- Francis K.
  • "She's awesome mentor, everything is well written and organized. Each and every part was helpful." -- Eric S.
  • "I found every single part wonderful. Particularly the part dealing with difficult people, the no no's were very interesting. I think the teacher is very available which is essential for job seekers like us in a hurry to complete the work to enhance our chances of picking up a job. I am already doing another course here." -- Wanki D.
  • "I thought the course was overall helpful. I had no formal training to be an administrative assistant and this course clarified a few things. The instructor was helpful but not intrusive. I was very satisfied with her." -- Angela P.
  • "I thank Universal Class for helping me gain much more knowledge in the career field I'm interested in." -- Maydora B.
  • "The teacher was very good. The first 10 chapters were very helpful and gave me a lot of information and insight. The most helpful chapters for me were Lesson 6 & 7, teaching others. I gleaned several excellent ideas for my own situation as an Administrative Assistant and the course was well worth the price of those two chapters alone." -- Stephanie H.
  • "I enjoyed all of this course. It helped me realize the changes happening with office personnel within the administrative field." -- Marcheta B.
  • "The chapters on Virtual Assistants was very informational. I was unaware of this job and I have been an administrative assistant for 4 years. The course gave useful information on what a virtual assistant is, what they do, and how to start your career." -- Irene E.
  • "The videos was most helpful to me." -- Takia B.
  • "Taking notes and completing assignments became easier as I progressed through this course. The lessons my instructor dedicated to Self-confidence and self-esteem would be helpful in any course." -- Julie M.
  • "My instructor gave excellent feedback and made this process less frightening for someone returning to studies after a long time." -- Nicole B.
  • "I liked it and I will continue taking classes from Universal Class." -- Ana M.
  • "The supplemental resources such as, links and video presentations were helpful." -- Cathy D.
  • "I enjoyed explanations of items that I would have never known or dug into before. I also enjoyed the feedback from my Instructor." -- Joni B.
  • "The instructor was very supportive. I felt I was in good hands taking this class and trusted the path she had set out for us." -- Cristina M.
  • "Excellent course, excellent instructor!! I have really enjoyed this course and I am looking forward to taking another. Thank you very much." -- Sideeka K.

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