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How To Coach Youth Basketball

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Course Description


If you're new to coaching youth basketball and not sure what to do, this course will get you up and running!

In this self-paced easy-to-follow online course, you'll learn the basics about coaching youth basketball and how to begin your basketball coaching career.  

The course will not only show you how to teach kids about the game, it will also provide information about setting up your season, tell you how to create a positive team atmosphere, give you coaching tips,  and teach you the basics of beginning practice with the drills and strategies new coaches need to know to be successful.
You decide when you want to work on the course.   It's an easy and convenient way to find out about coaching --- so why not join today?

Course Requirements

Everyone is welcome.  This course is ideal for anyone currently coaching or thinking about coaching in the future.

Course Goals


·         Learn the rules and structure of the game of basketball.

·         Learn how to set up your season.

·          Learn strategies and tips on how to become a 'good' coach and   develop a positive team atmosphere.

·         Learn many practice routines and drills to help your team.

Course Materials

There are no other materials to purchase.

Several recommended resources are listed in the classroom netlink area.

Grading Policy

This course is not graded and only intended to be informational. While there will be an easy 10 question lesson review quiz, and optional assignments- these activities will not be graded.

Course Topics

·         Introduction

·         Lesson 1: Basketball Review

·         Lesson 2: Setting Up the Season

·         Lesson 3: Developing Team Atmosphere

·         Lesson 4: Essential Drills and How to Teach Them

·         Lesson 5: All About Practicing

·         Lesson 6: The Actual Game

·         Additional Resources


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Know basketball review.
  • Describe setting up the season.
  • Describe developing team atmosphere.
  • Describe essential drills and how to teach them.
  • Describe the actual game, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Assignment 1- Explain this Game20
Lesson 1 Review10
Assignment 2- Explain Your Game Plan20
Lesson 2 Review9
Assignment 3- Team Atmosphere?20
Lesson 3 Review9
Assignment 4- Drills, Drills and More Drills20
Lesson 4 Review10
Assignment 5- Progress Report20
Lesson 5 Review10
Lesson 6 Review10
Total Points:159

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