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General Secretary 101

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Course Description

If you've been thinking about becoming a secretary, you should know that times have changed. While the computer has replaced the typewriter, the secretary is still an important part of the office setting. 

In this General Secretary course, you will learn the foundational skills that all secretaries should have when they are sitting behind a desk.

This course includes:

  • What a General Secretary Is
  • Types of Secretaries
  • Reception
  • Scheduling
  • Travel Arrangements
  • Word Processing
  • File System Management
  • Spreadsheets  
  • Correspondence  
  • Dictation
  • Office Equipment
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Time Management
  • Handling Difficult Situations
  • Better to Have Training or Experience?

With these lessons, you will learn more about how to be an effective secretary both in your current role, as well as in future roles.

Each lesson provides detailed information that can be used in modern office settings today. Since each lesson builds on the lesson before it, you will begin to learn how to not only provide administrative support, but also how to be a valuable part of an office setting.

Today, secretaries are more than just the ones that handle basic tasks. They also provide the first impression for clients and customers. By offering high-level skills, you can reach out to visitors, customers, and clients, allowing them to see your company as being the one they should choose for their needs.

A secretary is the one that opens the door to presenting a solid reputation for their company. With this General Secretary Course, you will gain the skills to succeed, no matter what industry you choose.

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Secretarial Skills Picture Secretarial Skills Picture

Course Lessons

Average Lesson Rating: (2848 votes)
4.4 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.4 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.4 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.4 / 5 Stars (Average Rating) 4.4 / 5 Stars (Average Rating)
"Extraordinarily Helpful"
9/18/2017 3:46:40 PM

Lesson 1: What a General Secretary Is

For the person who is unsure about the idea of a general secretary, you may find it easier to learn what the different kinds of administrative positions are, so you can appreciate the differences. 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: General Secretary Duties; Secretaries
  • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 1: What a General Secretary Is

Lesson 2: Types of Secretaries

The type of secretary is more than just a title at many organizations. Often, it is also a way to differentiate who you are and what you can do for a person who walks into the door of the office. 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Secretaries and Administrative Assistants; Secretary vs. Administrative Assistant
  • Take Poll: Secretaries
  • Complete: Lesson 2 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 2: Types of Secretaries

Lesson 3: Reception: Phones and Visitors

Unfortunately, we have all had an experience in a reception area at an organization that made us feel less than welcome. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Business Reception Etiquette; Business Etiquette: Greetings
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 3: Reception - phones/visitors

Lesson 4 : Scheduling

As the general secretary, one of the biggest tasks you will need to complete is the office schedule. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video
  • Review Article: Items and issues to Know
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 4 : Scheduling

Lesson 5: Travel Arrangements

One of the most time-consuming things that a person may need to handle as a professional is a trip. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Making Travel Arrangments; Travel Requirements
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 5: Travel Arrangements

Lesson 6 : Word Processing

It is hard to make it through any day of work without having to access some form of word processing. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Word Processing Tips; Word Processing Tricks
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 6 : Word Processing

Lesson 7 : File System Management

During the course of being a general secretary, you will begin to have files that need to be managed in some way. 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Arranging a Paper Filing System; Organize an Electronic File System
  • Take Poll: Filing Systems
  • Complete: Lesson 7 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 7 : File System Management

Lesson 8 : Spreadsheets

A general secretary will have a lot of information on his or her desk at any given time. 9 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video
  • Review Article: Spreadsheet Tips and Tricks
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 8 : Spreadsheets

Lesson 9 : Correspondence

Communicating with others as a secretary moves beyond simply answering telephones and greeting visitors that come in the door. 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 9 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: 12 Secrets of Effective Business Communication; 7 Cs of Communication
  • Complete: Lesson 9 Assignments
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 9 : Correspondence

Lesson 10 : Dictation

For many, the idea of a secretary might include the idea of someone taking down notes as a boss or other management person talks. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 10 Video
  • Review Article: Dictation Tips
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 10 : Dictation

Lesson 11 : Office Equipment

When working in a secretarial role, you will need to utilize office equipment in order to complete your tasks. 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 11 Video
  • Complete: Lesson 11 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 11 : Office Equipment

Lesson 12 : Effective Communication Skills

As a secretary, one of your key roles is to communication information. No matter what you are trying to do, you need to remember that this, above all else, is what will help you succeed. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 12 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: How to Improve Your Communication; 12 Tips for Better Business Writing
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 12 : Effective Communication Skills

Lesson 13 : Time Management

One of the things you will notice as a general secretary is that you have days that seem to be packed with duties, while other days you don't have as much to do. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 13 Video
  • Review Article: 5 Time Management Tips
  • Take Poll: Time Management
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 13 : Time Management

Lesson 14: Handling Difficult Situations

Because you are on the front lines as a secretary, it is helpful to have a primer on how to handle difficult situations. 12 Total Points
  • Lesson 14 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: How to Respond to Angry Customers; Problems and Solutions
  • Complete: Lesson 14 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 14 : Handling Difficult Situations

Lesson 15 : Better to Have Training or Experience?

As you have moved through this course, you have learned more about how to become a better secretary. 8 Total Points
  • Lesson 15 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Becoming a Legal Secretary; Becoming a Secretary
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 15 : Better to Have Training or Experience?

Conclusion and Citations

Learning the basic skills of being a secretary helps put you ahead of the rest of the applicants in the job market. 74 Total Points
  • Lesson 16 Video
  • Take Poll: Let us know what you think of this course
  • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Complete: Lesson 16 Assignment
  • Complete: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

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Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define what a general secretary is, what types of secretaries there are, and what the job role entails
  • Know reception techniques.
  • Describe scheduling techniques.
  • Know the process of making travel arrangements.
  • Demonstrate word processing tecnhniques.
  • Describe how to create, manage, and maintain file system management.
  • Demonstrate spreadsheet knowledge and use in the role of a secretary.
  • Know correspondence and dictation requirements of a secretary.
  • Know office equipment a secretary will need to be familiar with.
  • Know effective communication and time management skills to be an effective secretary, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Student Testimonials

  • "I liked all of it." -- Sara A.
  • "Assignments were challenging and not boring." -- Janet W.
  • "Pointers on how to receive and greet customers in person and on the phone were among the most useful parts of this course for me." -- Lianna S.
  • "Very easy instructions!" -- Linda W.

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