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Contract Law 101 - An Introduction

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Course Description

Every time you trade an item, attend a sporting event or buy a soda, you enter the world of contracting. When an exchange is made willingly a contract exists. But do you know how US law interprets and enforces contracts? We've designed an introductory course to help you understand the components, processes, and legal impacts of contracts.

This 11-lesson course will take a broad, yet detailed view of contract law in the United States.

In this course we will begin by examining contract basics by explaining what a contract is and the various contract types. Key elements to most contracts are covered , along with an explanation of how US law governs contractual activity.  We'll discuss enforcement and dispute resolution options, and the three critical requirements of a contract – offer, consideration and acceptance.

We will explain who can enter a contract, how to approach negotiation and designing a written contract. This course will also examine unfair and improper contracts that could be challenged; focus on contract termination, covering breach, voiding and rescission claims; and provide details on special contract situations, including real estate, financing and social contracts. We conclude with an examination of contract law governing Internet use. When completed, each student will gain an edge when buying a car or home, getting a job, and handling everyday agreements.
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Course Lessons

9/19/2017 2:41:45 PM

Lesson 1. Contract Basics

Lesson 1 discusses what a contract is and how it works. We'll cover offer, acceptance, consideration, value, and other contractual fundamentals. A review of several contract types concludes this lesson. 37 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video
  • Review Article: Sample Contracts
  • Take Poll: Contract Law
  • Complete: Lesson 1 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 1 : Contract Basics

Lesson 2. Contract Elements and U.S. Law

Lesson 2 discusses the key elements that comprise a contract. We cover some common terms, the parties that create a contract, and other factors included in an agreement. 33 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Contract Law; Introduction to Contract Law
  • Complete: Lesson 2 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 2 : Contract Elements and US Law

Lesson 3. Contract Enforcement

Lesson 3 discusses the methods of resolving disputes between parties to a contract. We cover court action and alternative dispute resolution options, such as arbitration, mediation, collaborative law, and negotiation. 34 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Arbitration Clauses; Mediation
  • Take Poll: Enforcement
  • Complete: Lesson 3 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 3 : Contract Enforcement

Lesson 4. Offer and Acceptance

Lesson 4 discusses some key details of the fundamental aspects of a contract: offer, consideration, and acceptance. We will cover valid offers and the timing of acceptance, as well as define appropriate consideration within a contract. 34 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Acceptance; Consideration
  • Complete: Lesson 4 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 4: Offer & Acceptance

Lesson 5. Negotiating and Writing a Contract

Lesson 5 addresses a party's ability to contract and covers impairment situations. We then discuss the mindset entering negotiations. Finally the benefits of writing the contract are examined and some specific clauses are mentioned. 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Contract Writing and Negotiation Tips; Contracts and Minors
  • Complete: Lesson 5 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 5 : Negotiating and Writing a Contract

Lesson 6. Improper Contract Situations

Lesson 6 looks at improper contracting activities that can be challenged by an injured or offended party. 33 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Fraud; Misrepresentation
  • Complete: Lesson 6 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 6 : Improper Contract Situations

Lesson 7. Unfair Contractual Conditions

Lesson 7 discusses situations where the assent to or construction of a contract can be deemed unfair. We'll cover duress, undue influence, and impairment. Clauses that can be considered unfair are covered as well. 34 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video
  • Review Article: Duress
  • Complete: Lesson 7 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 7 : Unfair Contractual Conditions

Lesson 8. Contract Termination and Completion

Lesson 8 describes the methods of canceling or ending a contract. We look at breach, estoppels, void, completion, and rescission. Damages awarded for breach of contract are also covered. 36 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video
  • Review Article: Estoppel
  • Complete: Lesson 8 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 8 : Contract Termination & Completion

Lesson 9. Special Contract Situations

Lesson 9 discusses unique contracts that have specific requirements. We cover real estate agreements, credit and financing agreements, contracts with government, and labor agreements. 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 9 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: Basics of Real Estate Contract; Contingency Clauses
  • Complete: Lesson 9 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 9 : Special Contract Situations

Lesson 10. More Special Contract Situations

Lesson 10 examines two more unique contract situations: Intellectual Property and Social Contracts. We discuss various protections of intellectual property, and cover key terms within an IP contract. 34 Total Points
  • Lesson 10 Video
  • Review 2 Articles: American Intellectual Property Law Association; What is Intellectual Property?
  • Complete: Lesson 10 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 10 : More Special Contract Situations

Lesson 11. Contract Law and The Internet

Lesson 11 discusses contract law that governs the activities conducted through the Internet. 81 Total Points
  • Lesson 11 Video
  • Take Poll: E-Signing
  • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Complete: Lesson 11 Assignment
  • Complete Exam: Lesson 11 : Contract Law & The Internet
  • Complete: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

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Course Title: Contract Law 101 - An Introduction
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define what a contract is.
  • Define the contract elements and how it relates to U.S. law.
  • Know contract enforcement.
  • Define the Offer and Acceptance of contracts.
  • Describe the processes of negotiating and writing a contract.
  • Know improper contract situations.
  • Know unfair contractual conditions.
  • Describe contract termination and completion.
  • Know special contract situations, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Student Testimonials

  • "Excellent instructor. The very best. Always there for you. Thoughtful feedback. Excellent course." -- Mohammad H.
  • "Great course for anyone who needs straight to the point insight into Contract Law." -- Gilbert H.
  • "The course was easy to follow and well explained in order for mere mortals like me to understand." -- Monique S.
  • "Instructor was motivational and encouraging." -- Paul N.
  • "I like the flow and ease of moving throuhg the lessons." -- Sabrina R.

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