Accounts Payable Management

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Course Description

This course will serve as a training guide for a new manager of an Accounts Payable department.  It will help you step into your new role and take a commanding and successful lead. The class will take what you know and enhance it by adding management principles to your practices.  Accounts Payable is more than just processing checks, mailing them and filing the back-up paperwork.  To truly manage Accounts Payable, you must understand all parts of the department, including but not limited to;  customer service, vendor management, check requests and POs. 

This course will discuss how to handle invoices; check processing ; preventing errors; annual audits; and technology uses in the department.  Learn all about the best practices to adapt for your A/P department, PLUS get expert advise from a well-seasoned disbursement manager with many years of A/P experience.

Course Requirements

There is no required textbook/software for this course. Students should have a high school reading level in English.

Course Goals

The goal of this course is to understand the essentials of running a premier accounts payable department.

Course Materials

All material is provided in the course. Subjects covered within the course are as followed: Overview to Managing the Accounts Payable Department, Invoice Handling, Checks, Preventing Errors, Customer Service, Internal Controls and the Audit, Master Vendor Files, Discounts and Deductions, Travel and Entertainment, Software, Fraud, Independent Contractors.

Book Recommendations

 There are no required books for this course.  However, to enhance the course material provided, I recommend:
1. Essentials of Accounts Payable (Essentials Series) (Paperback) 
Book link to Essentials to Accounts Payable
2. Positive Cash Flow: Powerful Tools and Techniques to Collect Your Receivables, Manage Your Payables, and Fuel Your Growth (Paperback)
Book link to Positive Cash Flow


Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify and summarize the Accounts Payable Management job.
  • Handle invoices correctly and employ the necessary checks and balances.
  • Process checks correctly while employing the necessary checks and balances.
  • Prevent errors and common mistakes.
  • Provide good customer service, create internal controls, and prepare the department for the annual audit.
  • Detect and prevent fraud from vendors and employees.
  • Use technology in Accounts Payable to make the job more efficient.
  • Identify ways to use the Internet in Accounts Payable.
  • Know the processes involved in Master Vendor Files.
  • Avoid problems caused by discounts and other deductions.
  • Know what to do with independent consultants.
  • Process 1099s, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Manager Role2
Invoice Process1
Steps for an Invoice2
Steps for Check Processing1
Rush Checks2
Assignment 12
Exam 570
Lesson 8 Exam90
Master Vendor File2
Master Vendor70
Deductions and Discounts60
1099 and master vendor list2
Accounting for What I Have Learned...2
Total Points:932

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