Accounts Receivable Management

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Course Description

Accounts Receivable management is a demanding job. You'll be making decisions that can make or break a company. Your role is unique and complex--one that is closely integrated into the overall customer service of your company. In this course, we'll look at what exactly AR is, what it is you're going to be doing, what you'll need to know to get started, why your company needs an accounts receivable department to begin with, and what some of the keys are to a successful accounts receivable department.

In this course, we're going through all the basics. You don't need any prior accounts receivable experience or knowledge to successfully complete this course. Using a 'ground-up' approach, we'll be covering topics such as 1. approving credit, 2. the billing process, 3. collecting money, 4. customer service, 5. handling deductions, 6. legal considerations, 7. bankruptcy, as well as many other important topics.
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Course Requirements

There are no requirements for this course, all information will be provided online.  Students should have a high school reading level.
This course assumes that you have some background in accounts receivables--whether or not it was as a subordinate in your current company or it was with another company--and that you have little or no experience as a manager. However, you can still benefit and complete this course if you have no AR experience. Likely, many of the people taking this course will have been promoted from the position of clerk or coordinator (or some similar subordinate title) recently into a management role.

Book Recommendations

There are no required books for this course.  However, to enhance the course material provided, I recommend:
1. Accounts Receivable Management Best Practices Book link to Accounts Receivable Management
2. Positive Cash Flow: Powerful Tools and Techniques to Collect Your Receivables, Manage Your Payables, and Fuel Your Growth (Paperback)   Book link to Positive Cash Flow


This course is not a replacement for any accounting courses you have taken or plan on taking. Courses in accounting and financials that support a professional designation are designed to keep you up to date on the current issues, the current laws, and the current details of different aspects of the profession.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify the role and job responsibilities of an Accounts Receivable Manager.
  • Approve credit for the right customers.
  • Outline the process of billing customers.
  • Outline the processes of collecting money.
  • Know the need for quality customer service as well as place internal controls.
  • Handle deduction issues, Letters of Credit and other security interests.
  • Know legal considerations surrounding credit.
  • Deal with bankruptcy.
  • Use technology in the Credit and Collections process, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
My A/R experience1
Lesson 1 Exam: AR Manager100
Lesson 2 Exam: Credits80
Lesson 3 Exam: The Process of Billing100
Lesson 4 Exam: The Process of Collecting the Money100
Lesson 5 Exam: Customer service, internal controls and the annual audit80
Lesson 6 Exam: Handling Deduction Issues, Letters of Credit and other Security Interests80
Lesson 7 Exam: Legal Considerations Surrounding Credit80
Lesson 8 Exam: Bankruptcy100
Lesson 9 Exam: The Use of Technology in the Credit and Collections agency80
Total Points:803

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