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Course Syllabus: GED® Test Preparation

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Course Description

This online course will prepare you to take the GED (General Educational Development) test. The testing format will be explained and broken down to highlight the current four testing areas along with the content each of these sections will cover.

This course will provide many resources from test tips and strategies, exercises, assignments, practice tests and researched netlinks attached to many test topics to be read at your own leisure.

The GED test covers a wealth of information within the four-test sections. These test sections include Reasoning through the Language Arts,Social Studies, Science Studies, and Mathematical Reasoning. You will not need to know all of the information in these areas to pass the GED, but you will need to know and understand several of the main topics in each area. This course provides a brief summary and numerous practice resources to use for each of these main topics.

Course Requirements

This course (like the GED) requires at least a ninth grade level of reading- writing- and math skills.

This course will make use of the English Language, so it is recommended that you have a firm grasp and can communicate in this language.

Course Goals

The course goal is to prepare you to successfully pass the GED test.

Course Materials

No external reading material will be required.

Grading Policy

Each test section is divided up into a number of lessons. Each lesson will have a number of practice quizzes, and many of these lessons will have additional practice exercises. Each quiz (with the exception of the essay quizzes) will provide you with immediate feedback and you will be able to retake each quiz repeatedly until you have grasped the test content reaching a passing score of 70% or greater.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Demonstrate mastery of grammar topics.
  • Demonstrate mastery of sentence structure and organization.
  • Recognize frequent spelling and diction errors.
  • Prepare for the essay test.
  • Demonstrate mastery of reading tables, graphs, maps and political cartoons.
  • Demonstrate mastery of history and economics.
  • Demonstrate mastery of geography, political science and behavioral studies.
  • Describe basic concepts of biology.
  • Describe basic concepts of earth and space structure.
  • Describe basic concepts of chemistry and physical science.
  • Solve basic math, algebra, and geometry problems, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Introduction Assignment1
Sentence Structure Exam20
Sentence Structure Practice 16
Sentence Structure Practice 27
Sentence Structure Practice 35
Sentence Structure Practice 410
Sentence Structure Practice 54
Sentence Structure Practice 65
Mechanics Exam20
Mechanics Practice 17
Mechanics Practice 25
Mechanics Practice 38
Organization Exam20
Organization Practice3
Language Arts, Reading Exam 1-310
Language Arts, Reading Quiz 1-315
Language Arts, Reading Exam 610
Language Arts, Reading Quiz 615
Language Arts, Reading Exam 7-810
Language Arts and Reading Review Test38
Language Arts, Reading Quiz 7-815
Essay Question 1 Exam4
Essay Question Exam 24
Essay Practice 14
Essay Practice 24
Whole Numbers & Operations Practice30
Number Sense Practice27
Decimal Numbers Practice25
Fractions & Fraction Operations Practice29
Percents Practice25
Number Relationships Practice25
Statistics & Data Analysis Practice24
Probability Practice24
Data Analysis Practice25
Algebra Practice25
Algebraic Operations11
Linear Equations10
Linear Inequalities11
Systems of Linear Equations10
Systems of Linear Inequalities10
Geometry Practice25
The Mathematical Reasoning Post Test113
How to Read Social Studies Questions Practice9
Civics and Government, Part 1 Exam10
Civics and Government Practice Part 16
Civics and Government, Part 2 Exam10
Civics and Government Practice Part 26
Economics, Part 1 Exam10
Economic Practice Part 15
Economics, Part 2 Exam10
Economics Practice 210
Geography Exam10
Geography Practice11
World History, Part 1 Exam10
World History Practice Part 19
World History, Part 2 Exam10
World History Practice Part 26
World History, Part 3 Exam9
World History Practice Part 38
World History, Part 4 Exam10
World History Practice Part 48
US History, Part 1 Exam10
U.S. History Practice Part 19
US History, Part 2 Exam10
U.S. History Practice Part 26
US History, Part 3 Exam10
U.S. History Practice Part 37
US History, Part 4 Exam10
U.S. History Practice Part 46
US History, Part 5 Exam10
Social Studies Post Test133
U.S. History Practice Part 56
Biology Part 1 Exam10
Life Science: Biology Part 1 Quiz15
Biology Part 2 Exam10
Biology Part 2 Quiz15
Chemistry Part 1 Quiz15
Chemistry, Part 1 Exam10
Chemistry Part 2 Quiz15
Chemistry, Part 2 Exam10
Physics Part 1 Quiz15
Physics, Part 1 Exam10
Physics Part 2 Quiz15
Physics, Part 2 Exam10
Physics Part 3 Quiz14
Physics, Part 3 Exam10
Earth and Space Science Part 1 Exam10
Earth and Space Science Part 1 Quiz15
Earth and Space Science Part 2 Exam10
Earth and Space Science Part 2 Quiz15
Science Test Review90
Total Points:1407

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