What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "This course was helpful as a refresher course for me. Course work covered all the basics needed to begin developing research skills." -- Bridget B.
  • "This class exceeded my expectations. I learned so much. I feel that I can fully use all of the information covered. This class opened my eyes to how little I know and how much there is to know." -- Jimmie S.
  • "I feel the course covered multiple resources for research including academia which really informed me of how much and many ways research can be done. The flow of the research tools put together in each lesson made it easier for me to follow. Very pleased!" -- Catherine W.
  • "I haven't been in school or had to do serious research for school for 37 years, so I had forgotten some of the ways to research the old school way which was very helpful." -- Roselle W.
  • "I thought the instructor covered all aspects of the research topics that could be covered extremely well and I enjoyed the class very much." -- Sue P.
  • "Overall a worthwhile experience and I learned alot!" -- Jeffrey I.
  • "This course was succinct and left little to no questions for me to consider." -- Laura A.
  • "The instructor was very knowledgeable professional." -- Stella M.
  • "Great instructor and course material." -- Sharon C.
  • "Beautiful, informative." -- Serene R.
  • "Very thorough and concise." -- Luis D.
  • "Everything was useful in one way or another!" -- Colin P.
  • "Very thorough and concise." -- Luis D.
  • "Thank you." -- Shannon C.
  • "It was a good learning experience." -- Simona P.
  • "Overall a worthwhile experience and I learned a lot! As an online course I found this very accessible. Easy to move about in and very instructive on how to follow the appropriate steps. I think the most helpful part of the course is the organizational approach to the many diverse types of research at hand. It was clear to follow, easy to understand and responsive as well as instructive." -- Jeffrey I.