Social Media 101: How to Use Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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Course Description

The manner in which we all communicate has been revolutionized by the Internet with the advent of social networking and social media platforms. Millions of people communicate with each other in today's environment via text, email, instant messaging, social media and on social networking  platforms. 

Each of these platforms offers unique features and benefits, methods of communicating with others and general purpose. To achieve maximum results online, whether you are networking for personal or professional reasons, it is important to establish Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin profiles as well as learn how to utilize them to gain maximum results overall.

The purpose of the lessons to follow is to provide a basic understanding of how to utilize the three most widely used social networking platforms; Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. Each lesson will provide an overview covering how to open an account, how to maximize your profile, how to build and interact with a network, as well as basic tools/applications designed to enhance your overall experience.

As enhancements are added to each of these social networking platforms each year, it is important to subscribe to updates, to read information about new feature releases and to dedicate time to ongoing learning in order to capture all of the benefits offered to you and your business/organization by your participation.


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    Course Lessons

    Lesson 1- How to Open a Facebook Account

    This first lesson will introduce you to the Facebook network and the set up procedure. 26 Total Points
    • Lesson 1 Video
    • Review Article: Facebook
    • Review Video: How to Use Facebook
    • Take Poll: Social Media
    • Take Survey: Reasons for Taking this Course
    • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
    • Complete: Lesson 1 Assignment

    Lesson 2- Making the Most of your Facebook Account

    Now that you have learned how to create Facebook pages and how to invite friends to both, it is time to learn how to make the most of your accounts. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 2 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: 20 Facebook Tips; Stimulating Interaction on Facebook

    Lesson 3-Taking Facebook Mobile

    While you can certainly log into your account from any computer, the majority of Facebook interactions occur via a mobile device. This lesson will demonstrate how to set this up. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 3 Video
    • Review Article: How Facebook Works
    • Review Video: Facebook Mobile

    Lesson 4- Facebook Security Features

    In addition to selecting secure passwords for your account, there are several basic steps you can take to protect your personal information. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 4 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: Facebook Security Best Practices; How to Secure your Facebook

    Lesson 5- Top Facebook Applications

    Facebook applications are virtually limitless, as individual and corporate developers are always looking for new ideas, new tools, new games and new ways 9 Total Points
    • Lesson 5 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: 30 Best Facebook Apps; Building an App on Facebook
    • Take Poll: Facebook Apps
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 1- Facebook

    Lesson 6- How to Open a Twitter Account

    The best thing about Twitter is that you can establish a profile without downloading any special software. To begin, visit 25 Total Points
    • Lesson 6 Video
    • Review Article: Ten Things to Know Before Using Twitter
    • Complete: Lesson 6 Assignment

    Lesson 7- Following People and Building a Base of Followers

    This lesson will demonstrate how to make use of this popular twitter service. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 7 Video

    Lesson 8- Adding Twitter Content

    You can add content to your Twitter account in a number of ways, and this lesson will demonstrate how to do this effectively. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 8 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: All You Need to Know to Twitter; Top 7 Twitter Commands

    Lesson 9- Popular Twitter Tools

    This lesson will demonstrate how to use popular twitter tools. 8 Total Points
    • Lesson 9 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: 99 Twitter Tools and Apps; Ten Twitter Tools
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 2 - Twitter

    Lesson 10- How to Establish a Linkedin Profile

    Linkedin has established itself in the social media space as the professional networking platform of choice. 25 Total Points
    • Lesson 10 Video
    • Review Article: LinkedIn
    • Review Video: LinkedIn Introduction
    • Complete: Lesson 10 Assignment

    Lesson 11- Creating an Effective Linkedin Profile

    The site will guide you through the initial profile building stages, beginning with the import of you current resume. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 11 Video
    • Review Article: Effective Personal Branding

    Lesson 12- Establishing an Effective Linkedin Network

    Now that you have learned not only how to create a Linkedin account, but how to build an effective profile, it is time to learn how to establish an effective network of contacts. 0 Total Points
    • Lesson 12 Video
    • Review 3 Articles: Alternatives to Linked In Answers; Effective Online Networking; 6 Useful Linked In Answers alternatives

    Lesson 13- Understanding Linkedin Groups

    You can currently become a member of up to 50 Linkedin Groups, and most networking experts suggest that you take advantage of every opportunity to connect, adding up to the limit. 8 Total Points
    • Lesson 13 Video
    • Review 2 Articles: 5 Ways to Use LinkedIn Groups; Reasons to Start a LinkedIn Group
    • Take Poll: Social Media Preference
    • Take Survey: Course Comments
    • Take Survey: Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
    • Complete Exam: Lesson 3 - Linkedin
    Total Course Points

    Learning Outcomes

    By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
    • Describe how to open a Facebook account.
    • Describe making the most of your facebook account.
    • Summarize taking Facebook mobile.
    • Summarize Facebook security features.
    • Summarize how to open a Twitter account.
    • Demonstrate following people and building a base of followers.
    • Summarize adding Twitter content.
    • Summarize popular Twitter tools.
    • Describe how to establish a LinkedIn profile.
    • Describe creating an effective LinkedIn profile.
    • Demonstrate establishing an effective LinkedIn network.
    • Summarize what LinkedIn groups are and how to benefit from their usage, and
    • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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