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Student Testimonials

  • "I think this whole course was very helpful. There is no one part that was more helpful than the other. It all made a lot of sense and will help me in my personal and work life." -- Donna B.
  • "The instructor is excellent. I found it very informative." -- Irene K.
  • "It was an unexpected surprise to learn so much about myself and how to improve certain areas of my life. Thanks." -- Roxana V.
  • "Well done." -- Michael P.
  • "As I mentioned this course was amazing and I appluad the instructor on how well she pulled the information together. There is so much to learn and to apply." -- Johnett R.
  • "I very much enjoyed the assignments that helped us make personal application to the material." -- Jared N.
  • "Lessons were well structured and focused on one area at a time!" -- Abhijeet C.
  • "I liked how easy to read where each lesson. I liked how I had the option of listening to the lesson by viewing the video at the end of each lesson. I liked the links to related websites. I liked the brief exams at the end of each lesson." -- Elizabeth O.
  • "Most every lesson was helpful in some way." -- Mychon-Michael P.
  • "Very well written lessons. Simple to understand." -- Kristen M.

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