Online Class: Couponing 101

This course will give the ins and outs of couponing as well as tried and true ways of saving as much money as possible.

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Course Description

Every day consumers are faced with rising prices across the board from groceries to gasoline. In this difficult economy, it has become more important than ever to save money wherever possible. Because of this need, couponing has become increasingly popular with the general public. Couponing simply means using available coupons offered in newspapers, magazines, and online which advertise discounts on commonly used items such as things one finds in the grocery store. There are many different kinds of coupons including buy one get one free, volume discounts such as 2/$5, or a specific percentage or dollar amount off an item or the total bill at the time of check out. Coupons may also consist of rebates which can be collected by mail when included with a store receipt for a specific item. While some savings may seem to be relatively small, there are methods by which a consumer can save a great deal of money per purchase or accumulate even more savings over time.

While manufacturers and stores are keen to offer benefits to their customers, it should be noted that these coupons have special requirements and restrictions. Therefore, it is important that the consumer be aware of each store or online retailer's policies before attempting to redeem a coupon.

By using coupons found in magazines, circulars and through online sources, consumers have been known to save thousands of dollars on every day items, and in some cases, receive items for free. This course will give the ins and outs of couponing as well as tried and true ways of saving as much money as possible.

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Course Motivation

What are coupons?

Coupons are simply pieces of paper offering sale prices on various products. There are many types of coupons including standard product coupons, store coupons, manufacturer's coupons, and rebates. Each has specific instructions and restrictions such as the amount and size of a product purchased or an expiration date. For example, a coupon may offer $1.00 off on your favorite cereal. However, the cereal must be the 12 oz. box, not the 16 oz. box or family size. You may only buy 3 boxes per order (each time you are in the store). There may be an expiration date on the coupon, noting the end of the sale.  

Seems simple right? It certainly can be…or it can be an art form as demonstrated by some of the "extreme couponers" that devote many hours and a great deal of space in their homes to store the products they have received for little or no money. 

Why use coupons?  

The answer to this question is simple. People use coupons to save money. Obviously, everyone wants to save money and coupons are the easiest way to do that. If you use coupons correctly, you can purchase items for a fraction of the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price (MSRP), even if you shop at a discount store. 

There are some people that devote their time solely to rebates. Many claim to be able to make money mailing in rebates. However, one should be realistic and not quit his day job thinking that mailing in the occasional rebate is going to pay the mortgage. 

Some people are hesitant to use coupons because they don't want to seem cheap or feel guilty for taking advantage of a store by asking for a lower price than what is generally advertised. Using coupons does not mean you are cheap – rather, it shows that you are smart by not paying retail prices when necessary. Secondly, stores actually make money off of coupons, so don't feel bad for getting your piece of the pie. 

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Course Lessons

Average Lesson Rating:
4.4 / 5 Stars (Average Rating)
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(1,599 votes)

Lesson 1: Couponing Basics

Coupons are simply pieces of paper offering sale prices on various products. Additional lesson topics: Couponing 101 11 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video
  • Lesson discussions: Reasons for Taking this Course
  • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
  • Assessment: Lesson 1 Exam

Lesson 2: Finding and Using Coupons

It used to be that coupons were most often found in the supplements located in the Sunday newspaper. That still holds true but there are many other places in which one can find coupons to start saving money. Additional lesson topics: Finding Coupons; Coupon Tip Tuesday; How to Coupon Effectively 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 2 Exam

Lesson 3: Lingo

Following is a list of common terms and their meanings. Additional lesson topics: How to Stack Coupons 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 3 Exam

Lesson 4: Etiquette

If you are unsure of any terms or practices, the best thing to do is to ask questions. Additional lesson topics: Coupon Etiquette 9 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 4 Exam

Lesson 5: Organizing Coupons

There are several manual systems that are popular for saving, filing and organizing coupons. Additional lesson topics: Organizing Coupons; Binder Organizing 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 5 Exam

Lesson 6: Online Couponing Versus In-Store Shopping

Saving time is almost as important as saving money. By shopping online, you can buy virtually anything you need from the internet. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 6 Exam

Lesson 7: Recommended Stores and Outlets

There are thousands of stores worldwide that offer spectacular deals. Additional lesson topics: Grocery Store Coupons Tips; How to Find the Best Stores for Couponing 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video
  • Assessment: Lesson 7 Exam

Lesson 8: Things to Avoid

Savvy shoppers must know what to look for in order to protect themselves and to make shopping experiences as positive as possible. Below are some things to avoid when locating and using coupons. 10 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video
  • Lesson discussions: Let us know what you think of this course; Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course); Course Comments
  • Assessment: Lesson 8 Exam
Total Course Points

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe couponing basics.
  • Summarize finding and using coupons and understanding the lingo and etiquette.
  • Summarize methods for organizing coupons.
  • Determine what the best option is for you--online couponing versus in-store shopping.
  • Summarize things to avoid when couponing.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Student Testimonials

  • "I love the course, thank you for sharing your knowledge with the students taking this kind of course." -- Faith S.
  • "Thank you so much for teaching me how to save money!" -- Tierrnesha M.
  • "It was a very informative course." -- Cristina G.
  • "Very enjoyable and informative." -- Kelly L.
  • "I really found the explanations of coupon related jargon most helpful." -- Kyle B.
  • "Very informative and liked the links for each lesson." -- Cheri S.
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