Online Class: Angels 101 — History, Religion, Spiritualism and You

This online course examines the fascinating subject of Angels, including the history, religion, spiritualism and protection of Angels.

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Course Description

Unraveling the Mysteries of Angels: A Comprehensive Exploration

Angels have been a source of intrigue, comfort, and inspiration for countless generations. From the distant murmurings of ancient civilizations to the modern anecdotal accounts of Angelic interventions, these celestial beings have remained a constant thread woven into the fabric of our collective human consciousness. In 2023, with over 84% of the global population identifying with a religious group, the belief in, and the fascination with, these ethereal entities is still widespread and profound.

This extensive eleven-lesson course endeavors to shed light on the captivating realm of Angels, delving deep into the archives of history, literature, art, and personal experiences. Drawing on an array of resources, it provides a holistic view of how our understanding and relationship with Angels have evolved over time and what they signify in today's complex world.

Course Overview:

Lesson 1: Setting the Stage

  • Dive deep into the foundation of our study - familiarizing ourselves with the pivotal concepts and sparking our intrigue.
  • Engage in assignments that survey your initial understanding and beliefs about Angels.

Lesson 2: Charting the Historical Perspectives

  • Traverse through time, exploring the depiction and beliefs about Angels from ancient civilizations to the modern era.
  • Examine art and literature that have immortalized these beings, capturing the imagination of generations.

Lesson 3: Interpreting Angels through the Lens of Religion and Spirituality

  • Delve into the sacred texts and spiritual doctrines to uncover how major religions perceive and venerate Angels.
  • Grasp the nuances of Angelic presence in various belief systems and spiritual practices.

Lesson 4: Establishing Your Angelic Connect

  • Learn about the practices and exercises that heighten our sense to perceive and communicate with Angels.
  • Engage in guided vibration-raising exercises, fostering a stronger bond with these celestial guardians.

Lesson 5: Seeking the Benevolence of Guardian Angels

  • Explore the profound personal bond between humans and their guardian Angels. Learn how to invoke their guidance and support in times of need.
  • Delve into documented experiences where guardian Angels have played pivotal roles.

Lesson 6: Channeling Angelic Forces for Collective Well-being

  • Understand how Angels can be called upon not just for personal aid but also for larger, global causes.
  • Examine instances where collective prayers and invocations have potentially led to Angelic interventions.

Lesson 7: The Umbrella of Angelic Protection

  • Understand the protective nature of Angels and how they shield individuals from harm.
  • Study accounts where Angelic protection was believed to have played a crucial role in averting dangers.

Lesson 8: Navigating Life with Angelic Insights

  • Recognize the subtle signs, dreams, and intuitions that may be Angelic guidance in our everyday life.
  • Engage in exercises to sharpen your intuitive faculties, becoming more receptive to their messages.

Lesson 9: Spirits of Nature: Exploring Devas and Nature Spirits

  • Broaden the horizon to include nature spirits and Devas, understanding their roles and how they intersect with the Angelic realm.
  • Delve into age-old practices that honor these spirits, enriching our bond with nature.

Lesson 10: Decoding the Significance of Angels in Contemporary Times

  • Reflect upon the evolving role of Angels in an era defined by rapid change, skepticism, and yet, an unyielding search for spiritual meaning.
  • Explore the renewed interest in Angels, especially in holistic and alternative healing modalities.

Lesson 11: Demystifying Angelic Realms: Addressing Common Queries

  • Address a spectrum of frequently asked questions about Angels, dispelling myths, and reinforcing facts.
  • Engage in interactive sessions, bringing clarity and culminating our extensive exploration.

In a world that oscillates between skepticism and belief, between empirical evidence and faith, this course offers a serene space to explore, reflect, and connect. With a perfect blend of academic rigor and spiritual exploration, it promises a transformative journey into the enigmatic world of Angels. Whether you're a curious soul or a fervent believer, this course welcomes all, offering insights and experiences that can enrich your life's spiritual tapestry. Register today and dive into this celestial exploration.

Course Motivation

As with any topic unproven by scientific evidence, the study of Angels is purely subjective. There are thousands of paintings, anecdotes, and testimonials about their existence, and even a few confirmed miracles. However, the bulk of the data on Angels comes primarily from the accounts of individuals who have personally experienced this phenomenon. Therefore, this course will review the body of information that exists on the subject, and the author leaves it to the student to discern what he or she feels or perceives to be factual.
A soft, protective and loving presence always watching over us with only our well-being in mind is one of the most comforting ideas we, as humans, can imagine. As creatures that often see ourselves as lost, alone, and frightened, Angels are a great blessing to frail humans. But Angels are not just an idea or belief system. Many people with no pre-conceived beliefs about them have unexpectedly encountered Angels in unpredictable circumstances and, whether we can see them with our eyes, or simply feel them with our five senses, they are part of the universal order of life, and surround us constantly.
An Ancient Belief

The existence of celestial beings, whose job it is to provide comfort, safety, and guidance for mortals, is an idea that stretches far back into antiquity. In Greek, the origin of the word "angel" means, simply, "messenger."

The oldest evidence of Angels is found in artifacts of the Sumerians in their artistic renditions of winged humans. The Sumerian culture (located in present-day Iraq) thrived during 3,000 B.C.E. Their rather complex religious beliefs included winged beings whose job it was to run errands for the Gods. They are depicted in the oldest hieroglyphs and etchings.

It is not clear from historical artifacts whether the concept of Angels was accepted or even acknowledged in Europe before the second century, A.D. This is curious, given the many Angel-related stories in the Bible. Still, based on the documented history available, we can assume that the Western belief in Angels is a product of Christian and, perhaps, Hebrew theology. The popularity of Angels seems to have gained momentum with the advent of the printing press, and, since that time, has remained a constant in religious thinking throughout the centuries.

Of course, many people do not believe that Angels exist. Some assume they are simply a product of our wishful thinking, and that they provide us with a simple explanation for unexplained coincidences. However, for every doubter, there is someone who has reported a very compelling Angelic experience.

A fresh resurgence of attention has been paid to Angels in the past few decades, especially in the U.S. The study of Angels is no longer limited to the field of theology, but has become interwoven throughout our culture as a popular icon, as well as a serious belief system. Possibly, the resurgence in angelic experiences is tied to the unfolding of a new age on earth.

Do Angels Discriminate?

Although many Americans declare some belief in Angels, there are those who would like to claim Angels exclusively for their own religion. For instance, scores of books currently in publication in the U.S., caution us that any invocation of Angels by those other than Christians is an invitation to trouble. The suggestion is that Angels contacted through unconventional means, such as automatic writing or channeling, are likely to be evil or demonic, and potentially harmful. Unfortunately, beliefs such as this are often stated as facts by those with a very narrow spiritual orientation. Nonetheless, much of our knowledge of Angels and the history of their existence do have their origins in theology.


Viewpoint for This Study

Although a plethora of Angelic anecdotes have been expressed by practicing Christians, in this course, we will proceed on the assumption that Angels are available to everyone, regardless of any religious or cultural orientation.

The reason for this broader perspective?

There is a growing consensus that Angels

play an integral part in the universal order of life and are, as such,

accessible to all humans, particularly those who request their presence.




  There is evidence of the belief in Angels found in virtually every religion.


The Nature of Angels

As beings in spirit form, Angels are messengers of God whose job it is, through their loving presence, to help those of us who struggle on earth while living in human bodies. Their tasks, strictly associated with love, include teaching, illustrating, guiding, and otherwise helping us align with the perfection of the universe. They have been thought to have the ability to take physical form, many times appearing through the most unlikely human bodies, and even through the bodies of pets and wildlife.

It is thought that some Angels have actually experienced lives as humans on earth. But, many of the known Angels have done their spiritual work in other realms, not ever having taken any physical form. 
It seems clear that one can be in spirit form, but not necessarily be an Angel until he or she is assigned a purpose, or is sent to act in some way by higher authority. The spirit messenger is assigned certain duties or tasks. When a visible form is taken by an angel, it may be created simply for our benefit, since the limitations of the human mind make it difficult to grasp their ethereal, holy nature.
Angels are androgynous, without any particular sex, but they may possess the essence of male or female if they choose to appear as such. Both masculine and feminine energies are in such perfect balance that gender separation is unnecessary. It is said that Angels do not need to eat food, but they can if they wish. As celestial beings, however, they do not possess the same needs as humans, but exist in a state of pure love and light, in service to all. Some believe the mission of Angels is to help humanity develop the godly properties we already possess in order to evolve into our true nature. 

Others feel that we are Angels ourselves, undeveloped or unaware of our true nature, to the extent that it might take many lifetimes to excavate the authentic properties of our souls. In any case, many people have had profound experiences with angelic intercessions, and many have tried their best to explain and describe their loving intervention in their lives. Reduced to words, these experiences can only be imagined by others, but are very real to those who have experienced them firsthand.

Where They Live – Angelic Realms

 Angels are not bound by the constrictions of space or time, since they exist primarily in dimensions that do not encompass physical properties as we know them. It is, therefore, impossible to assign specific locations to them. According to some, Angels hover about and surround us at all times, and are always available to us, ready and willing to be asked or invited into our lives. An exception is the Archangels, who are powerful energies that reside in specific areas around the Earth. Archangels will be discussed in more detail later in this lesson.

  Representing a loving and intelligent energy presence in the ethers, we can assume that the answer to where Angels reside will become more evident when we are no longer in physical form. For now, it is important to try to grasp the concept that, without being governed by time and space, Angels can move in the blink of an eye and can be anywhere at any time. Later we will discuss the jurisdictions of various angels and their assignments. 


Role in universal order
If earth houses the densest form of vibrational life, it stands to reason that God, or the ultimate creative force, represents the highest, least dense form. Thomas Keller explains the function of Angels for those of us in this denser plane:
Although they may not originate in the physical plane, Angels fall somewhere in between the highest levels of vibration and ours. Their ability to appear to people, take different forms and affect the physical plane implies that they have the freedom to move between realms, taking on more or less vibrational density as the occasion calls for.
As messengers and helpers, Angels can be said to be God's task force, working to adjust and align humanity with the infinite energy of universal love. Working undercover or with a person's full awareness of their presence, Angels are tireless volunteers in the service of God, or the source, and the natural laws that govern life.


What is the Angels' Purpose for Humanity?

Angels have varying degrees of power and responsibility. However, they are united in one quest, which is helping us individually and collectively.

Like humans, Angels themselves are also in the process of divine evolution, although it is said to be slower in their realm than in ours. Their evolutionary work, therefore, involves not only the spiritual evolution of humanity, but has an impact on their own spiritual progress, as well.

The different functions are assigned to various angels; however, the primary job of Angels involves their responsibilities toward humanity, as directed by a hierarchy of forces, which all fall under the supreme guidance of a god head.

All sources for information on their purpose indicate that Angels, whether as individual guides or forces of collective intelligence, exist to assist human beings with the daunting task of realizing our immortal nature and our souls' unceasing, constant connection with God. When we consider the limitations we have imposed upon ourselves throughout our entire history through the variations of our cultures, our misguided egos, and the insensitive utilization of our power of choice, it is no wonder that an entire heavenly force has been employed to help us.
The unraveling of even one human individual's detrimental habits, beliefs, blockages, misinformation, environmental influences, upbringing, religious background, past life, all of the conditions that bring about fear, hatred, and anger, is a consideration so vast that not many of us achieve it over the course of one lifetime. Angels are here to guide us, inform us, assist us, and provide us with the wisdom to cleanse us of all of our earthly pre-conditioning, and help us live out the gift of our lives with the bliss that comes with understanding our God-nature. Most importantly, they are here to teach us about our true nature, which is based in love.
Free will
Although angels surround us at all times, their direct intervention into the events and circumstances of our lives can only take place with our invitation. Because we humans have been given the double-edged gift of free will, it is always our decision to either act on our own, or invite and allow the assistance of Angels. This is commonly emphasized throughout most reference materials on Angels, that they will not interfere with our free will. Therefore, although they are always watching over us, it takes some action on our part to activate their assistance and care. Free will is what differentiates us as humans, and is the gift that perhaps is at the bottom of most of our troubles.
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Course Lessons

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Lesson 1. Introduction

The study of Angels is purely subjective. This course will review the body of information that exists on the subject, and the author leaves it to the student to discern what he or she feels or perceives to be factual. Note: The word Angel has been capita 39 Total Points
  • Lesson 1 Video A
  • Lesson 1 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Lesson discussions: Angels; Reasons for Taking this Course
  • Complete Assignment: An Introduction
  • Complete: Lesson 1 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 1 Quiz

Lesson 2. Angels Throughout History

The earliest records known to contain Angel artifacts and relics are from the Sumerian culture, an ancient civilization from about 3000 B.C. Additional lesson topics: Angel Relaxation Video 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 2 Video A
  • Lesson 2 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 2 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 2 Quiz

Lesson 3. Angels in Religion and Spiritualism

Angels do not favor or distinguish between one religious dogma or another. In our times, Angels seem to often be associated with the experiences of Christian worshippers, although that is not always the case. Additional lesson topics: Angels in Different Religions 33 Total Points
  • Lesson 3 Video A
  • Lesson 3 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 3 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 3 Quiz

Lesson 4. Getting Connected with Your Angels

Within the universal structure, we each have at least one guardian Angel, if not many, assigned specifically to assist, guide, and protect us from the moment of birth, throughout our entire lifetime. Additional lesson topics: Connecting with Angels 34 Total Points
  • Lesson 4 Video A
  • Lesson 4 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Lesson discussions: Angel Connection
  • Complete: Lesson 4 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 4 Quiz

Lesson 5. Invoking Guardian Angels for Personal Help

Meditation, prayer, and affirmations will surely alert our Angels that we are ready for their active presence in our lives. Additional lesson topics: How to invoke your Guardian Angel Video 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 5 Video A
  • Lesson 5 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 5 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 5 Quiz

Lesson 6. Invoking Angels for the Larger Good

The primary lesson the Angels need and want to teach us is that the most basic vibration of the universe is that of love. If we were able to hold this one concept at the forefront of our consciousness at all times, our world would be transformed and heale Additional lesson topics: Summon an Angel 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 6 Video A
  • Lesson 6 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 6 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 6 Quiz

Lesson 7. Angelic Protection

There are so many Angels hovering about, waiting to be useful to us, that at any moment we can ask for divine protection. Additional lesson topics: Prayer for Angelic Protection 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 7 Video A
  • Lesson 7 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Lesson discussions: Angelic Protection
  • Complete: Lesson 7 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 7 Quiz

Lesson 8. Angelic Guidance in Everyday Life

We humans do not always know what is best for us, and we must trust that our Angels have a better grasp on what will lead us to our highest level of development. Additional lesson topics: Ask an Angel 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 8 Video A
  • Lesson 8 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 8 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 8 Quiz

Lesson 9. Nature, Spirits, and Devas

It is important to acknowledge that the different elements of nature, including water, plant life and wind, possess a certain type of Angelic protection. Additional lesson topics: Devas; What are Devas? 35 Total Points
  • Lesson 9 Video A
  • Lesson 9 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 9 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 9 Quiz

Lesson 10. The Role of Angels in These Times

Angelic Beings act as a transition team during times of great change, such as we are presently experiencing. 34 Total Points
  • Lesson 10 Video A
  • Lesson 10 Video B : Lesson Discussion
  • Complete: Lesson 10 Assignment
  • Assessment: Lesson 10 Quiz

Lesson 11. Frequently Asked Questions About Angels

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions, additional resources, and some interesting websites. 72 Total Points
  • Lesson 11 Video
  • Lesson discussions: Your Opinion Matters: Course Rating; Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course); Course Comments
  • Complete: Lesson 11 Assignment
  • Assessment: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Summarize the appearance of angels throughout history.
  • Distinguish between angels in religion and spiritualism.
  • Identify the processes involved to connect to angels.
  • Describe ways to invoke guardian angels for personal help
  • Look for signs of angelic guidance in everyday life.
  • Identify the role of angels in modern society.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

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Student Testimonials

  • "I found this course so helpful in learning about angels. It was presented in such a way that there was no emphasis placed on any particular religion. I really appreciated the way the material was organized and presented." -- Judith S.
  • "I enjoyed the instructor and the class. He was enthusiastic and knowledgeable. His feedback on assignments were helpful and encouraging." -- Stephanie A.
  • "I really liked that the instructor took the time to write comments on each of my assignments and exams." -- Dee B.
  • "The instructor was very available and answered my questions, graded my assignments promptly and i had a great experience learning about angels." -- Lidia D.
  • "I loved having the video to follow up the reading. It really helped me better retain the information." -- Jennette D.
  • "Great and interesting course. I thoroughly enjoyed!" -- Erin F.
  • "Both the course and the instructor are absolutely phenomenal!" -- Genevieve B.
  • "Mac was friendly and helpful throughout the course. He offered great feedback." -- Dawn B.
  • "Awsome course , dedicated instructor." -- Ashley C.
  • "Good instructor and very helpful." -- Alice C.
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