How to Keep Your Personal Training Plan Fresh and Fun and Moving Forward

Introduction: There is no job that does not get a bit stale after several years of doing the same thing over and over. Even though you love your job, it can actually improve what you do if you continually change your routine, employ some new techniques, and add to the skills you have. The brain will become stagnant as the work becomes routine, you will miss the details, become less involved with the individual and your business will suffer as a result.

There are lots of ways to keep this from happening. There are always new ways to do things, to approach exercise and to make it fun. Usually called trends in exercise, these catch on because they do offer people something that appeals to them, that is different from the same old gym routine and often they offer workouts using music, which in itself is uplifting and motivating. Adding something new to help clients meet goals, like a new class that offers a fun change up. Using a circuit program with music or developing an obstacle course, or offering regular outings in hiking, rock climbing or other niche sports is a way to stay fresh. A third way is to change the clientele you work with or add to your clientele. Try working with mentally handicapped adults or senior citizens or people who use wheel chairs or amputees. There is no end to the variations of need that you can access and that can give you a vital change in perspective on your work.

A. Keep up with trends: It doesn't always take much of a change to start a new trend or to jump on the bandwagon of one. People are so creative and you should take advantage of what it is that is getting people fired up in the area of fitness. As long as it is safe and healthy, go with it. People are always looking for something to bring fun and shake up their exercise routines like a new route to run, a new machine or exercise tool, a move to a new environment such as going outside or giving a class in a mall. Don't hesitate to come up with your own trends. Use social media to broadcast what you do. Make yourself famous. You might start your own videos on You Tube or on your blog or both, write an exercise manual to give away free or write an e-book.

If you think trending new ideas don't come around every few years or even that they don't make big money think again. Who can forget Richard Simmons "Sweating to the Oldies" or Jan Fonda's aerobic videos in the 80's. She set the whole industry of fashion and athletic wear for women on fire. Suzanne Sommers and the thigh master, Billy Blanks and Tae bo, which is short for Tae kwon do and boxing combined, spinning, pole dancing and the old 1960's vibrator belt, all came, made a huge splash and for the most part went on their way. Few were harmful and some could actually help you, but it is a testament to the fact that people have always been and will always be looking for that next big thing in exercise. Anything that makes exercise fun or easier could be a hit.

So if you think of something new and different, don't be afraid to put it out there because some of the strangest things appeal to the masses. You might develop a new machine, workout routine, or a weekend exercise type retreat. If you are willing to take some chances and try having classes in unexpected places, do free fun events in public places to stir up excitement over exercise and let people know who you are, then you can often increase client loads and profit.

But it's less about the money than keeping what you do fun and fresh.


B. Add new ways and new experiences to help people meet their goals: These can also be trending fads like boot camps and roller blading or using a medicine ball, but they can also help people meet their goals in ways that offer a change from the routine. What you have to do is look around your location and find what there is, what people enjoy and tie it to an exercise routine. Rock climbing went from an outdoor sport to an indoor experience. You can develop and design programs for your clients that offer new adventures, exciting experiences, and all based on exercise needed to meet their goals. The more variation in any routine that can be built into a program, the more retention and commitment of clients you will see. People will also talk about the trainer who is willing to use alternative methods and cause others to seek you out.

Give classes on diet and nutrition. A new take on losing weight for some is simply putting the fork down and getting up from the table. If you have a bent toward becoming a standup comic, this is a routine that could launch your career. People sometimes work out, burn a few hundred calories and then grab thousand calorie snack for a reward. Thinking about how every decision can make a big difference when added up is crucial. Instead of dinner meetings or even coffee meetings, have walking meetings or meetings.

Help people see exercise as a time for play, like kids. Teach your clients to go to the park and run, throw a Frisbee, climb up the slide, climb, turn cartwheels and do handstands. Playing with their kids is a physically and emotionally healthy activity for both. Getting a stand-up desk, vaulting over bike racks on the street, playing ball in the backyard, joining a rec league, playing a musical instrument, and biking or roller skating to work are all fun and fit.

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You can be the motivator, the encourager, or the cheerleader for your clients. Help people to find the enjoyment of playing again. Nothing is healthier for your body or your brain as is exercise. It is cheaper and more exciting than taking a college class. Adding new ways to help people get exercise will help them to feel freer, happier and healthier. It will also build your credibility. If you are willing to explain to your clients that you can train them and personally help them but they can also help themselves, you will be a standout trainer in your area. People want to know that you care more about them then simply as a way of making money.

Your job is to help people in your locale to become more fit. There are many ways to do this and you should be involved in many at one time. By showing your community how to take advantage of what it offers you will help build the health of that community. Be a leader, start the trends, and set the standard. Be the best at what you do because your heart is in fitness for all. See yourself not as a simple trainer but a force that can move the world toward good health and nutrition.


C. Change the focus of your clientele: Often, the beginning personal trainer takes any client that can afford to pay. That is ok but the beginning trainer needs to know what his strengths and weaknesses are and focus on the areas that fall under strengths. If you grew up with a person in your family that dealt with a disability, then you already have knowledge and understanding in that domain. If you parents were into strength or endurance sports, you might count that as a strength just because you have seen it at work. If you are big at soccer, wrestling, or boxing, that might be your area of focus. You will do better if you focus in areas that you know about and enjoy. Your reputation will develop faster and in more positive directions if you work where you are happy.

Finding an area of fitness that suits your personality, your abilities and in areas where you are more confident will support more success. If you are technically savvy you can build a business of your own videos a You Tube channel or making videos for others. If you are into nutrition, you should make that your focus. A focus does not mean that you do nothing but that. A focus just channels your strengths into your business. It uses your experience, your background, and your personal ability to be effective in certain areas to the maximum. Maybe you are a good manager and you decide to manage a large facility or maybe you enjoy senior citizens and you decide to take your show on the road and hit facilities or areas where seniors live.

Some fitness trainers have a love of working with children. They can develop most of what they do for that age group and incorporated coaching and sports training. Most communities have a huge focus on sports for children and parents are always looking for someone to help their child stand out. There is money to be made and people who can afford individual sports training for their kids.

Once you find your niche, if you go that route, you will want to learn everything you can about fulfilling that need, so read and learn. Go to community events surrounding that particular niche and get yourself involved so people know who you are. The main thing is to take one step at a time. If you start blogging, don't start something else that will get in the way of your blogging. You have to show consistency in all you do. When people begin to follow you, don't lose them. Maintain an energy level and a work day that you can sustain.

There are different ways to find your niche. Look at your clients and think about those who enjoy working with you and those you enjoy working with. That will tell you a lot. You may have more than one or several and that is ok too. But you can't be all things to all people. You will find that it is better to be an expert in one areas like kids, women, weight loss, high school athletes, body building, etc. That doesn't mean you don't work with others but it means most of your business should center around what you enjoy doing.

When you are able to see a niche for yourself, then you should begin to target that niche. If you really enjoy working with a specific clientele, then you will be better at it than other areas and clients will pick up on that and recommend you more often. You can also get specialized certifications in niche markets. As you build your knowledge and experience you will be in more demand and you will be worth more to those who hire you. This is how you build your business and earn a living.

Some trainers set up their own accreditation classes because they are educators at heart. Others who like to write will develop books or programs for others. If you are into art or photography you can combine that with your fitness career. Be creative and try a few things.

D. Conclusion and Assignments: Keeping your business and your attitude toward your career choice fresh, fun and moving forward is the key to business success. Growing your own business takes continual learning, evaluation, change, and creativity. When you feel yourself or see your business stagnating it is time to evaluate, learn something new, change what you are doing or get creative and knock down the walls. Staying in tune with what is going on around the world, other professionals in your business and in your community but other business domains will keep your eyes seeing what others see. Don't rely only on your own ideas or your own views.

Listen, look and learn. Listen to what is going on. Listen to what others say and do. Look and be open to see what is around you, what people are doing and what your environment offers. Learn about technology because it is part of every successful business. Use it to your advantage and don't be afraid to step out on a limb with new gadgets and technical usage. You won't go wrong if you embrace technology and all it offers.

Have fun. If you can't have fun in a fitness career, then you are in the wrong place. Seek out positive people, positive clients and good sources of friends and acquaintances. Live the healthy and fit lifestyle. Unlike other businesses, yours offers the best of everything. You get to be in a business field that is growing fast, that is good for your health in so many ways, and that offers a great income in anyplace you want to work. You can incorporate your career with other businesses, any event, community or lifestyle. It is versatile, mobile, and is just as workable as a small business as it is in becoming a large business.

You can mold your job of personal trainer about your own lifestyle, your own beliefs, and your own strengths.

Your assignment for this article: Explore niche areas you might consider on the internet, in your own community and discuss the possibilities with others.

P.T. Tips 
One of the greatest and largest niches that has opened up in the last few years is working with the elderly. The aging want to work on balance and strength to avoid falls and to be as active in their later years as possible. Seniors know that a fit lifestyle will help them avoid many diseases that plague their population.The growing number of senior citizens has shown a boom in all industries that relate to that specific age group. From increased obesity or growing numbers in diabetic individuals, the room for professional trainers and the need for them in this field is great.