What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "I really appreciated the teachings of Meditation 101, and the feedback I received from my instructor. This course provided the perfect introduction to the history of, and practical application of, Meditation, helping me fully understand why so many people recommend this practice in our daily lives, but also to unveil the secrets of spiritual peace, mindfulness, confidence, and good health and well-being (to name a few) that this wonderful art can bring to a person. I really enjoyed everything I learned, and I really needed it in my life. Thank you!" -- Sarah J.
  • "I have recommended the course to a friend and also a local workshop I attend. I am spreading the word how much I enjoyed and the help I got from this course." -- Nicola C.
  • "This has been a great introduction to Meditation and I found the course material relevant and easy to understand. The instructor was prompt and always provided feedback and encouragement. I will definitely recommend this course to anyone who is interested in getting started on learning to Meditate." -- Zoripha K.
  • "I think the instructor was great, and really knowledgeable. Great class!" -- Jens P.
  • "I found the explanation of the different poses helpful. Even though this course took longer than the other ones I think it was very beneficial for the assignments to try different aspects for a few days, unlike some classes where you just spit the material right back." -- Megan P.
  • "I enjoyed learning about Mindfulness of Breathing and the history of Meditation. Also, the chapter on Meditation postures. I have long been in interested in Meditation and this class forced me to learn how to practice Meditation and make it a part of my daily life. I also loved the last chapter that covered using the technique Morning Pages from the book The Artist's Way. I have been using this technique and find that it is helping to open my mind." -- Susan P.
  • "I find all aspects of the course helpful as this was the first time doing a study in meditation. It was very enlightening and provided me with some of the tools necessary along the road of self improvement. I have only good to say about the instructor. He was prompt in grading my lesson and provided valuable comments when needed. I find him to available at all times which I think is excellent. I would not hesitate to do other courses with him." -- Joan M.
  • "Instructor is really expert in his field and goes a long way in making you feel like you're really there taking the class and not in a virtual classroom. I came to a better understanding of what the practice of meditation was about and left the class able to meditate." -- Jill A.
  • "I liked the simplicity but quality of this course. The instructor is expert and available." -- Ineke D.
  • "I needed a means to try to relax, lower my blood pressure, this course helped me do that." -- Robert C.
  • "I really enjoyed the course and appreciated how fast I get feedback from the the instructor." -- Sabrina Alexa D.
  • "I liked the practical aspect of the course. It was definitely a great experience. I thought the instructor was extremely helpful." -- Rhonda B.
  • "Enjoyed the class. Each lesson covered something different." -- Joyce R.
  • "Great work! All of aspects of the course were helpful." -- Jullisa T.
  • "Great class!" -- Katrina P.
  • "Having the video accessible with the lesson was very helpful. The instructor's feedback was very timely." -- Carolyne P.