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Student Testimonials

  • "Great class! I thought the instructor was wonderful." -- Damian T.
  • "I was very unsure I'd like online classes before taking this course. But now I feel comfortable and understand how an online course works and will be taking more in the future." -- Teresa N.
  • "Since I became a new Mom this year my time is very busy. I could access my work at anytime of day was great. The professor was excellent, fair, and very thorough. I would recommend her to anyone....The instructor is awesome. She is very competent and fair, I believe she gives an fair amount of time to submit work and is very quick at getting you back your work. She always answers every e-mail in a timely manner. The work she assigns is appropriate and really makes you think. I feel her assignments force you to learn about exceptional students and forces you, in a guided positive way, out of your comfort zone. She does a great job!" -- Julie S.
  • "I really enjoyed this class and I recommended it to two of my friends for next semester" -- Tara F.
  • "Instructor gave great feedback and graded my exams quickly and returned my grade at a reasonable time. Everything was well organized. And in addition, would let me know what areas to work on and he would explain why I lost points in a certain area. The feedback and knowledge in the content area made this online class a wonderful experience. You also learn from the other students online. Their experiences and outlooks contribute to self growth and development in the content area. " -- Niaz N.
  • "Great instructor!" -- Judith B.
  • "I really enjoyed the online forum responses and reading the articles. Many of the articles were very interesting....Whenever I emailed the instructor, she got back to me in a timely fashion. That really helped me a lot." -- Patrick T.
  • "The part I found most helpful were the readings and how I feel that I got a lot of information out of it....The course was really fast paced and covered a lot of material and I feel that I got a lot out of it and the Professor prepared all of the lessons well and it was well organized." -- Angela A.