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Student Testimonials

  • "All the lessons give me information that was very helpful to me. It all goes hands in hand. The instructor's remarks were helpful and motivating. It made feel that my effort was appreciated." -- Dahjanarah P.
  • "The whole class was helpful!" -- Stephanie O.
  • "Excellent material and quick response!" -- Kavitha V.
  • "The instructor is a charming person, very available and very responsive and quick." -- Rodriguez M.
  • "I thought the videos were outstanding. Even though they were the same as the text I found I enjoyed listening to the lessons more than just reading them." -- Beth B.
  • "Great course -- resulted in wonderful improvements to the feel and functionality of my home. This was a real eye-opener. Especially liked the emphasis on practical, hands-on exercises and how the course covered a variety of approaches." -- Wende F.
  • "I found the video option very useful in addition to the written lesson very useful and it helped me to absorb all the information. I enjoyed the course and am quite sad to finish but I have gained so much from completing it. The instructor I found was excellent. He marked my work very promptly and offered constructive advice/help when I needed it. Full marks to him." -- Angela M.
  • "I found everything helpful." -- Maria Theresa S. G.
  • "I love taking courses on this site. I liked the lessons and assignments and I learned a lot." -- Lisa C.
  • "Very knowledgeable." -- Patricia W.
  • "Everything was very well organized into a logical order. Eston was a great support in this class...He shares his tips and expertise in the assignments with lots of illustrative examples. He is a very talented teacher!" -- Cindylu F.
  • "I really enjoyed taking this course. It was very interesting and helpful" -- Jane S.
  • "I enjoyed the learning experience of every lesson but I found the last lesson on Symbolic Decorations, Space Divining, and Purification most interesting. I was most interested in the section on Divining and purification and plan to practice those in my home. I thought the instructor Eston Dunn was very responsive in reviewing and grading assignments and tests. I also appreciated his comments and his encouragement." -- Donald M.
  • "The assignments were very helpful in identifying problem areas and providing relatively simple solutions. The lessons helped to integrate the principles that from sources I have used earlier seemed conflicting and helped clarify the reason for suggested actions that formerly seemed arbitrary. The instructor was very encouraging and helpful and actively participated in the forums, keeping us on track and engaged. This really helped de-mystify an art that has always seemed unattainably alien before." -- Linda A.

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