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Course Description

The Personal Protective Equipment Course is designed to help those working in the various industries that utilize PPE as means to protect the worker from the natural harm that comes into the workplace.  The course discusses the various hazards that personal protective equipment is designed to protect the worker from and outlines the various pieces of personal protective equipment, such as hand wear, footwear, face protection, eye protection, garments, partial garments and other equipment used to protect the physical body and things such as eyesight and hearing for workers who work in various capacities. The types of personal protective equipment vary with job description and are described in detail, according to body parts protected.  Each item is defined in terms of its use, its common user and the materials used to make the various parts of personal protective equipment. 


The course also has separate modules for different job descriptions, such as firefighters, construction workers, beekeepers, the military and even the police department.  Those working in firefighting, as is shown in the course, wear completely different personal protective equipment as do workers working in a chemistry laboratory or in a beekeeping facility.  The equipment is explained as to the materials they are made of and the standards to which they must aspire to keep up with. 


Finally, personal protective equipment must be tested for its ability to maintain its integrity and actually do its job.  Such standards are discussed in the course and depend upon which type of equipment a person is dealing with.  There are standards that identify the varying degrees of protectability of the protective equipment.  

Course Requirements

This course will not require you to have previous experience in any particular area but you should have a high school reading level. No books will be required.

Course Topics


Lesson 1: Personal Protective Equipment: It's History

Lesson 2: OSHA's Influence in Personal Protective Equipment

Lesson 3: Evaluating Workplace Hazards, Part I

Lesson 4: Evaluating Workplace Hazards, Part II

Lesson 5: Headgear and Footwear

Lesson 6: Garments for PPE

Lesson 7: Ballistics Protection

Lesson 8: Arm, Hand and Ear Protection

Lesson 9: Respirators

Lesson 10: Eye and Face Protection

Lesson 11: Firefighter PPE

Lesson 12: PPE for Beekeepers, Construction, Mining and Military Areas

Lesson 13: PPE Performance Properties

Course Materials

All course material will be provided in the lessons and netlinks. There are no required materials to purchase before taking the class.

Grading Policy

Each lesson will include a lesson review quiz along with one or two assignments. Students will successfully complete this course by mastering all learning outcomes with 70% or higher overall grade.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Define what personal protective equipment is and why it is important.
  • Describe OSHA's influence in Personal Protective Equipment.
  • Evaluate workplace hazards.
  • Describe headgear and footwear.
  • Describe garments for PPE.
  • Describe ballistics protection.
  • Describe arm, hand and ear protection.
  • Describe respirators.
  • Describe eye and face protection.
  • Describe firefighter PPE.
  • Know PPE for beekeepers, construction, mining and military areas.
  • Evaluate PPE performance properties, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
Lesson 1 Assignment2
Lesson 1 Exam5
Lesson 2 Assignment2
Lesson 2 Exam10
Lesson 3 Exam10
Lesson 4 Exam8
Lesson 5 Exam10
Lesson 6 Assignment2
Lesson 6 Exam9
Lesson 7 Exam9
Lesson 8 Assignment2
Lesson 8 Exam10
Lesson 9 Exam9
Lesson 10 Assignment2
Lesson 10 Exam10
Lesson 11 Exam10
Lesson 12 Exam10
Lesson 13 Exam11
The Final Exam62
Total Points:193

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