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Course Description

The Art and Essence of Angel Healing: A Comprehensive Guide

The fascination and intrigue surrounding angels have been deeply embedded in human history and culture. In recent years, with an ever-growing interest in spirituality, the concept of Angel Healing has seen an exponential rise in attention and curiosity. This unique and profound healing modality offers insights into the rich tapestry of human connection with the celestial realm.

Our course delves deep into the mesmerizing world of angels, offering both beginners and seasoned spiritual seekers a structured guide to understand and harness the benevolent power of these ethereal beings.

Course Overview

Lesson 1: Dive into Angel Healing Delve into the heart of angelic healing. Understand its foundations, significance, and the increasing interest it has garnered in modern times.

Lesson 2: The Celestial Spectrum - Appearance and Descriptions A visual journey through the myriad depictions of angels across cultures. Understand their descriptions, features, and the symbolism behind their portrayal.

Lesson 3: Bridging the Celestial Gap - Access and Connection Demystify the processes and methods to connect with angels. From meditation techniques to visualization exercises, learn how to establish a clear channel of communication.

Lesson 4: Angelic Omens - Recognizing Signs Dive into the myriad ways angels communicate through signs. From recurring number sequences to unexpected feathers, decode the hidden messages.

Lesson 5-7: Strengthening the Angelic Bond - Personalized Help Deepen your connection with angels and harness their guidance for specific areas:

  • Health: Invoking healing energies for physical, emotional, and mental well-being.
  • Relationships: Seeking celestial guidance for harmonious interpersonal connections.
  • Career: Tapping into angelic wisdom for career progression and purpose alignment.

Lesson 8: Chronicle of Angelic Encounters - Maintaining an Angel Diary The power of documentation! Understand the significance of recording your angelic experiences, patterns, and insights.

Lesson 9: The Interplay of Thoughts and Emotions Delve deep into the human psyche, understanding how our thoughts and emotions can act as barriers or facilitators in connecting with angels.

Lesson 10: Sanctuaries of Serenity - Creating Healing Spaces Learn the art of creating spaces that resonate with angelic energy. From arranging angel altars to choosing specific colors and symbols, craft a personal sanctuary.

Lesson 11: The Angelic Essence of Forgiveness Explore the profound healing energy of forgiveness, an essential aspect often emphasized by angels. Understand its significance and the methods to truly let go.

Lesson 12: Unleashing Celestial Creativity Tap into the vast reservoir of angelic inspiration. Harness their guidance to unlock your innate creativity and manifest your desires.

Course Highlights

  • Detailed Insights on Archangels: A special section dedicated to the mighty Archangels, their purpose, and the specific domains they oversee.

  • Power of Prayer: Understand the essence of prayer in the context of angel healing, how to craft them, and the optimal times to invoke angelic assistance.

  • Experiential Learning: Engage in hands-on exercises, meditations, and rituals to not just understand but experience the power of angels.

  • Real-life Testimonies: Be inspired by heartwarming stories from individuals who have experienced profound transformations through Angel Healing.

Why This Course?

In an era where many seek deeper meaning, connection, and healing, understanding the benevolent energies of angels can be a transformative experience. Whether you seek personal healing, want to assist others, or are simply intrigued by the celestial realm, this course offers a structured and comprehensive journey into the world of Angel Healing.

Join us in this enlightening exploration, and discover the profound impact of aligning with the celestial realm, transforming challenges into opportunities, and living a life infused with divine guidance and love.

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  • 6 Months to Complete
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Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Identify and describe the appearance of angels throughout history.
  • Describe the various ways to connect with your own person angels.
  • Recognize the signs of angels.
  • Document angel experiences using a diary.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Assessment Guide

Assessment Points
An Introduction 1 points
Lesson 1 Exam 10 points
Lesson 2 Exam 10 points
Assignment 3: Getting in Touch 1 points
Lesson 3 Exam 8 points
Lesson 4 Exam 9 points
Assignment 5: Healing Assessment 1 points
Lesson 5 Exam 10 points
Lesson 6 Exam 9 points
Assignment 7: Life's Purpose 1 points
Lesson 7 Exam 8 points
Lesson 8 Exam 10 points
Lesson 9 Exam 9 points
Assignment 10: Creating an Alter 1 points
Lesson 10 Exam 10 points
Assignment 11: Practicing Forgiveness 1 points
Lesson 11 Exam 10 points
Assignment 12: Getting Creative 2 points
Lesson 12 Exam 9 points
The Final Exam 58 points
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