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Student Testimonials

  • "This was such a great class. It was thorough. I highly recommend this for any marketing professional. I feel so blessed to have taken this awesome course." -- Cynthia B.
  • "It was all very helpful." -- Julie R.
  • "Loved the course as I have all of my UniversalClass courses...EXCELLENT instructor!" -- Donna N.
  • "I enjoyed the experience." -- Jane R.
  • "All of the course was most helpful to me because of what I do. The instructor was great! I don't recall ever a time I had a question and she wasn't there." -- Quanda G.
  • "Really enjoyed working with the instructor." -- Maurice K.
  • "Marketing Writing and low cost strategies is practical and good advice in working with a tight budget, and when starting a business. Although I did enjoy print media, and sales. Also, the essays are the best part of the course. They required research, (and research is very accessible on the internet), and it takes effort. Also, essays are the best way to put in your own words, which helps to get a better grasp on the material (Much more effective than multiple choice). I had fun comparing and contrasting the effectiveness of two commercials for the course. It also got me to think critically of content and timing. I also liked how the instructor recommended reading at end of course. She was also very prompt in getting my grades back on course and essay assignments. I also liked the additional links to the web that pertained to each topic." -- Charles F.
  • "This course is wonderful! It's the first online course I've taken, and I was apprehensive at first, but I'm happy to say that it was a very positive experience. All the lessons were very helpful. I like the way it's laid out, with different font styles to emphasize the importance of certain information. All the practical examples were very helpful as well, and the exams and assignments were very effective to help make sure we understood the lessons." -- Leslie G.
  • "Very good course. It sums up everything very clear." -- Melanie B.

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