Online Class: Social Media Marketing — An Introduction

This course is ideal for anyone that wishes to gain a greater understanding of social media, including business owners, executives, marketing professionals and students.

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Course Description

Mastering the Social Media Matrix: Unlocking the Power of Digital Engagement

In an era dominated by digital connections, being present on social media is no longer optional; it's imperative. The dance between businesses and their audiences on these platforms is intricate, filled with nuances, and brimming with potential. Harnessing the vibrant, dynamic world of social media can be the game-changer that elevates a brand from the commonplace to the extraordinary.

Our immersive Social Media Marketing Course isn't just another guide. It's a compass. It's a journey. It's your map to navigating the labyrinth of digital interactions, ensuring every tweet, post, and pin resonates and creates ripples. We recognize the diverse power each platform wields, and our mission is to hone your skills, turning you into a maestro of digital dialogue.

Dive deep with us into:

  1. The Evolutionary Landscape: Understand the seismic shifts in marketing paradigms and how social media has redefined public relations.
  2. Platform Deep Dives: Grasp the intricacies and unique strengths of leading platforms from Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn, Snapchat, and beyond.
  3. Content Mastery: Learn to craft compelling narratives tailored for each platform, ensuring maximum engagement and impact.
  4. Powerful Strategies: Discover the alchemy of curating a strategy that resonates with your brand voice and captivates your target audience.
  5. Navigating the Pitfalls: Understand the common mistakes that can derail a campaign and learn the art of sidestepping them.
  6. Beyond the Mainstream: Explore emerging platforms and trends, ensuring you stay ahead of the curve and in tune with the pulse of the digital realm.

This isn't merely a course. It's a transformative experience, suitable for everyone from seasoned marketing mavens to novices, entrepreneurs to students. By the end of our journey together, you won't just understand social media; you'll think, breathe, and radiate it.

Step into the vibrant tapestry of digital dialogues and interactions. Let's paint the social media canvas with innovation, strategy, and a dash of brilliance. The future of digital engagement beckons. Are you ready to lead the way?

Course Motivation

  • Completely Online
  • Self-Paced
  • 6 Months to Complete
  • 24/7 Availability
  • Start Anytime
  • PC & Mac Compatible
  • Android & iOS Friendly
  • Accredited CEUs
Universal Class is an IACET Accredited Provider

Course Lessons

Lesson 1: Social Media: Adapt or Die

The development of the internet, along with the birth of the social network and other new media, has forever changed society. Additional lesson topics: Social Media: Strategies to Mastering Your Brand- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat 51 Total Points
  • Lesson discussions: Reasons for Taking this Course
  • Complete Assignment: Why this Course?
  • Assessment: Quiz 1

Lesson 2: Marketing Strategies Using Facebook

With its enormous reach, each well spent second on Facebook has the potential to carry a much greater reach than that of hours or days spent at an offline event. Additional lesson topics: 9 Facebook Marketing Strategies to Build Super Fans; Facebook Marketing Strategy: Why You Need One and How to Build It ; Facebook Marketing Strategies for Business: How I do Marketing on Facebook Successfully! 50 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 2

Lesson 3: Marketing Strategies on the Use of Blogging

Content Marketing is the creation and sharing of content to a targeted audience, with the goal of establishing oneself (an individual or organization) as an expert within the field. Additional lesson topics: Blogging, SEO and social media: How to use your blog as a part of social media marketing strategy; The Marketing Strategy for Bloggers with No Money; Several Tips for Making Your Blog a Content Marketing Magnet; The Benefits of Blogging; Blog Marketing Strategy: Several Steps to Social SEO Success 50 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 3

Lesson 4: Marketing Strategies on the Use of Twitter

This lesson will guide you through the setup of your profile to the execution of an effective strategy, including best practices and tips for both individuals who are new to the Twitter platform and those that are existing users simply searching for fresh marketing ideas. Additional lesson topics: What to tweet as a business; Several Twitter marketing strategies: Twitter marketing plan tutorial for your business to get retweets; The Complete Guide to Twitter for Your Content Strategy; The Basics of Twitter Marketing in 50 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 4

Lesson 5: Tips on How to Use LinkedIn to Dominate

One of the major advantages to LinkedIn over other social media networks is that it is a strictly business-based platform. Additional lesson topics: 5 Insider Secrets You Can Use to Dominate LinkedIn; Creating a strategy for using LinkedIn for B2B marketing; Linkedin – Several Ways to Dominate; How to Use LinkedIn as a Marketing Tool; How to dominate linkedIn with these Several tips from the Masters~ 50 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 5

Lesson 6: Tips on How to Use Instagram to Dominate

Instagram has quickly grown to become one of the most popular platforms out there, and is arguably one of the most promising for businesses, depending upon your industry. Additional lesson topics: How Your Brand Can Dominate Instagram; Instagram Tips to Build Your Following; Tips on How to Use Instagram to Dominate 50 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 6

Lesson 7: Tips on How to Use Pinterest to Dominate

From a marketing standpoint, Pinterest can serve as a free virtual catalog, as many consumers turn to Pinterest looking for something to purchase. Additional lesson topics: The Only Tools You Need to Dominate On Pinterest And Drive Thousands Of Visitors A Month ; The Ultimate Guide On How to Use Pinterest For Marketing; Dominate Pinterest With These Several Tips 10 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 7

Lesson 8: Tips on How to Use YouTube to Dominate

Visual content has never been more popular, and for this reason, YouTube is dominating as a social network. Additional lesson topics: How to Professionally SEO YouTube Videos; Several Ways to Dominate YouTube: The Ultimate Guide; Several Expert Tips: How to Get YouTube to Recommend Your Video; How to Dominate the Related Videos on YouTube 50 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 8

Lesson 9: Tips on How to Use Snapchat to Dominate

Snapchat is a mobile photo messaging app that allows users to send public or private snaps of images and videos. Additional lesson topics: The Inside Story Of Snapchat: The World's Hottest App Or A $3 Billion Disappearing Act?; How to Use Snapchat For Beginners; How to Dominate Snapchat Marketing 55 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 9

Lesson 10: How to Integrate Other Social Media Networks into your Marketing Strategy

There are hundreds other platforms that if taken advantage of the right way can also play a powerful role in your digital marketing strategy. Additional lesson topics: Lawlink; Medium;; Younow; Quora; Whisper; How to Integrate Social Media into Your Content Strategy; Tumblr; Ello; Ozmosis; Nextdoor; Several Tips For Integrating Social Media Into Your Marketing Strategy; Reddit; Houzz; Buzznet; Gust 45 Total Points
  • Assessment: Quiz 10

Lesson 11: Common Social Media Pitfalls to Avoid

Social media has also brought about an increase in transparency. However, forcing marketers to be more on their toes than ever. 345 Total Points
  • Lesson discussions: End of Course Poll; Course Comments; Program Evaluation Follow-up Survey (End of Course)
  • Assessment: Quiz 11
  • Assessment: The Final Exam
Total Course Points

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe what social media is and what marketing for social media entails.
  • Determine marketing strategies using Facebook.
  • Determine marketing strategies on the use of blogging.
  • Describe marketing strategies on the use of Twitter.
  • Describe tips on how to use LinkedIn to dominate.
  • Summarize tips on how to use Instagram to market.
  • Summarize tips on how to use Pinterest to market.
  • Summarize tips on how to use YouTube to market.
  • Summarize tips on how to use SnapChat to dominate.
  • Describe how to integrate other social media networks into your marketing strategy.
  • Determine common social media pitfalls to avoid.
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.

Additional Course Information

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Course Title: Social Media Marketing: An Introduction
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Last Updated: February 2024
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Assessment Method: Lesson assignments and review exams
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Student Testimonials

  • "Most of this information was extremely helpful and I definitely learned a lot and I also read through the articles...I really enjoyed this course, thank you for providing it." -- Alexis H.
  • "I thought this course was very useful and informative. It gives a very good overview of social media platforms and their uses. It has made me much more aware of the effectiveness of using social media platforms to promote products and services." -- Anne D.
  • "This course was very helpful. Showed me a different way to picture advertisements Also, brought to light how important advertisement is now a days." -- Anis S.
  • "It gave a lot of details which I can practice." -- Joe P.