What Students Are Saying...


Student Testimonials

  • "Thank you for this course, I think everyone should take it. You have to fight your bad moods and self defeating thoughts like your life depends on it. Because it does!" -- Katelynn M.
  • "This course was very helpful. It does a great job of displaying the complexities of low self-esteem. It gives lots of activities to build confidence and replace negative thoughts." -- Valerie E.
  • "I found this course very helpful. Many factors regarding positive self-esteem are things I knew but forgot. The reinforcement was so helpful. I enjoyed this course." -- Annette S.
  • "The instructor has prepared a class that is fun, makes one think about themselves in a positive manner, and hopefully changes for the better." -- Marshall G.
  • "The instructor was terrific. This being my first online class, I was a little intimidated but it was such a breeze!" -- Barbara K.
  • "I enjoyed taking this course and examining my thoughts and feelings about myself. I felt the instructor presented the information very well and it was extremely helpful." -- Doris Q.
  • "The instructor is very well educated in this field of study. I have appreciated all the offerings of the additional readings and resources. Each lesson he provided revealed so much useful data that can be applied immediately." -- Kathleen M.
  • "This course broke open the hidden and missing links of being accountable to myself taking action and moving on." -- Louise F.
  • "This course was extremely insightful. I appreciated the pyramid diagram in the lesson which helped me to see how low self-esteem can begin. I want to help family members and others by means of these tools and by directing them to seek professional help. The most beneficial thing I learned from this course is that low self-esteem is a disease and needs to be treated professionally." -- Theresa T.
  • "I believe this course was very resourceful and helpful with understanding Self-Esteem." -- Alyssa H.
  • "I think that the course was well put together and the instructors are very helpful." -- Sonia R.
  • "Excellen instructor, she is very knowleadgeable and I can feel her passion for what she does." -- Yoidy ann testa M.
  • "I am really impressed with the quality of this course because the instructor made it simple and and effective." -- George T.
  • "Thank you for the class; it was very rewarding." -- John U.
  • "Thank you for your knowledge that you share." -- Lashanti B.
  • "The instructor was very helpful, and quick to respond." -- Dana Christine W.
  • "The instructor was very prompt in responding to assignments." -- Michelle B.
  • "I felt that the entire course was helpful to me." -- Pam M.