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Student Testimonials

  • "The course give me valuable information concerning how professional writing is done; how to please an editor, how to displease an editor, where to look for potential markets, developing a rhythm in writing ,using headings and subheadings to hold a reader's interest, etc. Most of the lessons, I realize, will be most valuable in use as reference materials. I wish to thank the instructor for an enjoyable class. I plan to take more from her. I would recommend her highly to friends planning to take courses in this area." -- Bill M.
  • "Very helpful instructor." -- Tracy C.
  • "This course was great." -- Janet M.
  • "The various lessons were very helpful in gaining knowledge about writing." -- Tenika J.
  • "I liked how the instructor didn't just grade the assignments, but gave comments about my work. She seemed very knowledgeable in the subject. I will be taking other classes from Universal." -- Laura V.
  • "The lesson material and the related links were most helpful. I liked the condensed comprehensive lessons, they contained essential information without being overwhelming. The links contained excellent resources that I can use any time. The lessons were well thought out and flowed in a logical manner and was very useful. The instructor was prompt in marking." -- Dyanne C.
  • "The instructor gave excellent advice and was very knowledgeable and helpful. The entire course was helpful; learning everything to get started with nonfiction writing; how to succeed at it. Lots of excellent advice; extremely helpful." -- Heather P.
  • "What a great teacher for this class, I thought." -- S. Marie V.

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