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Course Syllabus: How to Take an Online Course at UniversalClass

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Course Description

This free tutorial presents an open Demo of a typical UniversalClass online classroom. We encourage potential students and new students to join and have a look around at the many things a UniversalClass room can do for you!

 The lessons in this demo class will provide an easy to follow step-by-step demonstration and illustration of exactly how to navigate our online service. Here students will not only view and practice using an online classroom, but will also find out where to locate courses, how to join a class, how to use My UniversalClass, how to view personal awards, how to view an online transcript, in addition to resources and guides, frequently asked questions, and much more!

Come in and join the UniversalClass community, made up of a worldwide population of adult learners, who are interested in knowing how our classrooms are set up in order to effectively pursue their educational interests and expertise.

Course Requirements

Participating in all the great online courses hosted at UniversalClass requires:

1.) Interest and enthusiasm to make this online learning environment successful, rewarding, and beneficial for all involved.

2.) An educational desire to share and gain knowledge from the expertise and learning styles of a worldwide audience

3.) An open mind.

Course Goals

All participants, upon course completion, will have become acquainted with our classroom tools and know how to make our virtual learning environment work for their learning needs. Participants will also learn how to locate online courses and other resources to further enrich their learning experience.

Course Materials

The content in this Demo class is made available for everyone.

All reading material is located in the class netlinks, class lessons, class assignments, class announcements, ongoing class discussions, etc. The Universal Classrooms are equipped with extensive tools which allows the instructor to display most reading material within the class.

All of the course reading material is available to you by the click of a button. Simply click on the underlined course titles to read further course information.

Grading Policy

A 100 point grading scale will be implemented.

This is an example of a general classroom set-up only. The assignments are examples and will not be graded. Read all the course material to grasp what a course at UniversalClass can achieve.

Learning Outcomes

By successfully completing this course, students will be able to:
  • Describe the process of online learning.
  • Demonstrate getting around UniversalClass.
  • Describe UniversalClass navigational tools.
  • Describe exploring the classroom environment.
  • Describe strategies for successful online learning.
  • Demonstrate how to take an online exam.
  • Demonstrate how to track progress, and
  • Demonstrate mastery of lesson content at levels of 70% or higher.
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Assessment Guide

Where did you hear about UniversalClass™?200
Lesson 2 Exam: How To Take an Online Course7
Navigating Universal Class1
Lesson 4 Exam : Learning UniversalClass Navigation Tools4
Lesson 5 Exam: Exploring the Classroom Environment5
Lesson 6 Exam: Communication is the Key!3
Lesson 7 Exam: Know Your Options!4
Lesson 8 Exam: Submitting Assignments5
Lesson 9 Exam: Taking Exams9
Lesson 10 Exam: Tracking Your Progress3
Your First Real Online Class200
Total Points:441
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