Spiritual Counseling Training: Intention Manifestation

What is intention manifestation?

Intention manifestation is the idea that what you intend is indeed what you manifest. In other words, what you think about or what you intend, subconsciously or consciously, is what eventually manifests. Your predominant thoughts are what manifest in your reality. The Law of Attraction and intention manifestation are both interconnected; however, some people have grown into a bias against The Law of Attraction because of the recent popularity of the book and movie called The Secret. Rest assured, however, that intention manifestation and the results produced by it are very real.

How intention manifestation can help you spiritually, mentally, financially, and socially

Does that seem like a lot? Well, it is. Intention manifestation is an extremely powerful tool if you learn to use it right. You can accomplish anything you can successfully intend. The trick is visualization, which is a term you will see a lot in this class. That is because it is extremely important when revisiting past memories or planning the future. Visualizing and performing intention manifestation can do wonders for your outlook on the future and your self-esteem. It all depends on you, your thoughts, and your desire. If you wish to become strong and self-reliant, you may do so. If you wish to make a deeper connection with your primary religious figure, then you may do that too. All it takes is your thoughts, and a little of your time.

The above quote by James Allen, from my experience, contains a great amount of truth. Fear and love are the most powerful forces in our world. I believe that all negativity stems from fear, and all positivity blooms from love. If we focus on what we truly love and ignore all that we fear, our lives will drastically improve. Our souls attract these things automatically; but with intention manifestation, we can purposely concentrate on the love and good, and the fear and "badness" will slowly disappear. Your subconscious mind focuses not on your mental language, such as, "I wish I weren't overweight," but on the visual picture of you, overweight. Your subconscious mind then absorbs that image of you being overweight so it becomes your reality. The subconscious mind does not differentiate, like you and me, with words like don't, want, don't want. All it sees is an image, and you should only feed your mind positive images if you wish to generate positive results in your reality. When you are striving to achieve your goals at the fastest rate possible, visualization and intention manifestation are two key tools.

Who is James Allen?

James Allen is an author of a revolutionary book called As a Man Thinketh. Not much is known about James Allen himself, but his book was partly responsible for launching the self-improvement industry. Allen compares thoughts and actions to seeds and plants; the plant is the action, the seed is the thought.

How To Manifest Intentions

1. Go to a place where you feel completely calm and you are alone with your thoughts. If you have a regular place you go to fantasize or relax, go there. Some people prefer at night, before sleeping, to manifest thoughts. The more relaxed you can possibly make yourself, the better. However, if you do this in bed, there is a high risk that you may fall asleep upon relaxing to a certain extreme. Try to keep the goal, but don't let it side track you while you relax your body, clear your head, and prepare to program the intention into your subconscious.

2. Clear all thoughts from your head. If thoughts come, simply observe them and let them pass. Do not engage them; that is, do not try to force them out of your head and do not let yourself become distracted by them.

3. Think of all of the happiest moments of your life, and decide what meant the most to you during those moments. Really let yourself get into it and feel that glow of pride and self confidence wash into you. Anything is possible while you are visualizing, and there is no reason you should downsize any of your desires to something "more achievable." You can do anything you set your mind to, and don't let any of your old prejudices and brainwashing fool you into thinking any differently.

4. Visualize. Create a clear picture of what you want. Make it like a very detailed movie; interact with other people in this movie. Take notices of intricate decorations, the temperature, the overall feel of the area. Imagine what smell is there, what artwork is on the wall, what people are wearing, what you are wearing, what you are doing. Make sure you are happy in this vision, and add a lot of your own individual tastes. You could be visualizing the success of a business you haven't started, or visualize yourself starting that business, buying a house, decorating, taking a vacation. Anything you wish to someday do. Do not worry about how you would go about getting it, or even if it is possible. Just create this vision, and become completely absorbed in the vision.

5. Expect this to happen to you at some point in your life. Fill yourself with the anticipation and excitement as if it were a sure thing. Create as much energy as you possibly can during this step. That is the most important part of ensuring that your vision will come to life. Do not let any negative or self-debilitating comments thwart your efforts.

Stages of Intention Manifestation

Stage 1: The thought occurs.

Stage 2: The emotional energy of the thought is linked to the thought.

Stage 3: Stage two is where biggest variable comes into consideration. If you believe that your intention is possible, then stage two may simply be a passing of time. If you believe that the change will be immediate, it will be immediate. If you believe it will take three years, then it will take three years. However, your beliefs will shift if you keep focusing on this particular intention and it will eventually manifest.

Stage 4: Real-world manifestation occurs.


1. Intend: Your thoughts, visions, and dreams and the emotional energy attached to them

2. Manifest: The product of your intentions, your perceived reality

3. Law of Attraction: The idea that your thoughts manifest into your perceived physical reality

Who can benefit from using intention manifestation?

You can. Your spouse can. Your children can. Everyone uses intention manifestation, but they do so unknowingly. Being aware of how things come to be in the universe is, of course, very helpful. You have more control over your current and future situation with practicing conscious intention manifestation.

All of your goals can be achieved. All of your dreams can be lived. Don't you feel better, believing that everything you ever wanted is actually within your grasp instead of a fantasy confined to your own mind? If you do feel better, and achieve more with intention manifestation, which you will, then what is the use in being suspicious and unbelieving?

What harm is there, really, in trying it out?

Intention manifestation tips

With intention manifestation, focus on the positive! Do not repeat thoughts that cause emotional distress, anxiety, hate, panic, or any other unpleasant emotions. Instead of obsessing over the things or people you hate in your life, simply force them out of your mind and replace those thoughts with positive ones. People may think you are foolish for avoiding negative thoughts. You may seem naive, but I guarantee you'll be a lot happier for it.

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When visualizing your ideas, details are the key! Don't be overly general like, "I wish I was a genius," or "I wish I was really rich." The key to getting the details is getting the why. If you want to be a genius, picture yourself accomplishing the tasks you wish you could now. Perhaps you are winning some sort of academic competition, showing off your knowledge to your friends, solving a difficult equation in front of a large audience, explaining a complex situation only to have everyone looking at you in bewilderment. If these are the things that would make you happy about being a genius, then you must visualize those things.

Why do you want to be rich? So that I can live in a big mansion with a pool and a new car (what kind of car?), so that I can travel to Europe (which sites will you see?), so that I may send my kids to college (which college?).

When you think about that mansion you've always wanted, go there. Go there in your mind, think about all the people you love in the mansion doing things that make them happy. Picture the different types of plants and flowers, smell all of the smells of the outdoors before finally stepping inside and being overwhelmed by the beauty of your home. Go inside, and proceed to sit down at have hot chocolate with your spouse. Do what you want!

When dreaming, dream big! Your dreams or desires are the key to successful intention manifestation. They are your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Are you going to dream of only finding a few gold coins, because that would be more realistic? No! In your vision, you must see the pot overflowing with an impossible amount of gold coins. You must envision so many coins, that they are spilling over the sides of the pot. Better yet, have a friend waiting for you to celebrate and the two of you could haul off your gold together and do something fun. Really get into it, and elaborate. You are creating your dream world, why settle for less?

God's role in intention manifestation:

This is a very sensitive and personal issue. Perhaps some of you think that this idea is wrong simply because your desires are different than what you believe God or a specific religion wants from you. For example, let's say you want a better paying job. Perhaps you think it is wrong for you to try to attempt to manifest this, because it is "selfish." You can try an alternative of this exercise, which would be praying. Follow the same procedure, except first try out intention manifestation with your God. Ask God for what you want, and if you want something you don't feel is just, ask him/her for something that you want that you feel s/he would approve of.

Your Assignment

Your assignment is to try intention manifestation for at least 20-25 minutes. When you figure out what creates the most positive emotional energy within you, hone in on those thoughts and assume that they will soon be a part of your reality. Continue these positive thoughts, even after the assignment. A few hours after the experience, write in your journal about what you intended and your personal thoughts on the subject.

Why this assignment is relevant

If nothing else, this assignment will put you in touch with a few of your personal desires and visions. If you don't even know what you want, how will you ever achieve it? Even if you choose to not believe in intention manifestation, you will have still accomplished something a lot of people never do: knowing what you want, or at least having some ideas. Your journaling experience is to further your understanding.

Emotional Energy
Emotional and mental energy are just as important as physical energy when it comes to your personal happiness, if not more. While your body can be in perfect working order, your heart and mind can be completely exhausted and cause you to feel drained and depressed.

What exactly is "emotional energy?"

Emotional energy is the 70 percent of energy that does not come from diet and physical exuberance. That's right, only 30 percent of your overall energy level has to do with physical condition! Although that is quite a bit, and good physical health is important, there is a lot more to it. Many people who are in poor physical health manage very well with their lives, because they have the emotional resilience to deal with it.

Benefits of high emotional energy:

1. You will feel more inspired with your life and everything in it. You will look forward to the next day, and you appreciate what happened today.

2. You will be more positive and optimistic than most around you -- unless you have really swell friends! You may notice a change in your point of view on certain things, or even your political opinions.

3. You will be able to focus and concentrate more easily on things that are important to you. Your mind won't constantly drift away, or worry about tomorrow, or other issues that may cause you stress.

4. You will feel more love for everyone, and everything around you. You may forgive
more easily; you'll do something special for those you care about -- you name it.

5. Emotional energy is the core of intention manifestation. If you have little emotional energy, you won't see good results with intention manifestation. Or, things could just manifest that have no relation to your wants or desires, which could lead you to believe that you'll never get anything you really want.

What are some related terms associated with emotional energy?

  • Mental energy

  • Intention manifestation

  • Motivation

  • Passion

  • Spiritual energy

  • Enthusiasm

  • Productivity

Generating emotional energy through sheer will power is definitely possible, albeit it can be difficult at times. When you are depressed, and you lack motivation in life, you may fail to see the point of it all, or you will dismiss it with pessimism, thwarting your own efforts in your mind before you even begin.

The most important thing here is to be gentle and understanding with yourself. Don't get frustrated if everything doesn't change overnight, although it just might.

Psychological versus Physical Energy

Physical energy can be a great thing for helping us accomplish our goals, but nothing quite compares to powerful psychological energy. The more powerful and intense the psychological energy in association to a thought or goal, the more chance that goal has to be completed.

How to generate emotional energy:

First of all, there are an unlimited number of ways to generate emotional energy. Things that generate emotional energy are the things that arecongruent with your natural self. Things you like, your hobbies, things that just meld with who you are. Doing things that progress us towards our wants and needs give us emotional energy.

  • Calm yourself. It is essential to begin in the calmest state of mind that you can, so that you may effectively de-stress yourself and focus your mind. When you begin to clear your head of all distracting thoughts, there will be things that pop up that make you worried or scared. You may wonder why you are wasting your time when you should be doing something productive. Ignore these feelings, if they come.

  • Meditation.

  • Breathing techniques

  • Plan an awesome event with you alone, or with you and people you love. Set a date, make a plan to save money, whatever you have to do. Here are some ideas:

    1. Plan a road trip

    2. Plan a vacation

    3. Decide to see your favorite band or comedian

    4. See a place you've always wanted to see

  • Laughter. Laughter is one of the key ways to generate positive emotional energy. Seek out those who make you laugh the most, and be around them. Watch or read things that make you laugh every time.
  • Add variety in your life. Living a routine life is a sure way to get bored, depressed, and unmotivated. Make a point to change your life, all the time. Make a point to better you life, broaden your horizons, and have new experiences and you will be happier for it.
  • Intention manifestation. The method I described for intention manifestations is one way you can find your sources of emotional energy. That's why it's such a great thing to practice every day -- you not only manifest your desires, but you generate a passion and hunger for life, which is what emotional energy actually is.
  • Spend time doing something you love. If you like writing, but you haven't had time lately, try doing that for 20 minutes. If you have a new book you haven't started on, take it to the bath with you.
  • Work on a project. Work on a side project, apart from your career or things you have to do. If you do not yet have a project to put effort into, then put effort into creating one.
  • When creating a side project, such as starting your own business, writing a book, learning a new skill, or taking up a new hobby, make sure you stay in line with what you truly want. Don't start a business unless your idea stirs up emotions and excitement within you, otherwise you may make a mistake and end up draining yourself of emotional energy.
Things that drain your emotional energy:
  • Stress

  • Worrying too much

  • Loving too little

  • Fighting a lot

  • Losing touch with things or people you care about

  • Living a routine life; not changing often enough

Even bigger problems that siphon your energy

1. Certain people who demand too much of you; whenever you are around this person, you feel your positivity being drained away every time. This people are overly suspicious, pessimistic, negative, and shoot you down any time you reveal privileged information to them. You spend a lot of time worrying about them, or feeling wounded from their reactions. Depending on your instincts, you can either cut these people out of your lives or try to strengthen yourself to their attacks -- and possibly even reverse them. Perhaps you can make such a positive impact on him or her, that he or she will adopt some of your tendencies. You never know, but keep in mind that it's up to you if you want to spend the time and energy trying to help and care for him or her.

2. Inexperience. This may seem like a contradiction to me saying that learning new things gives you more emotional energy. The initial stage of frustration is almost always present, but it can be avoided. You can tweak your state of mind so that it isn't. The best thing to do is to learn as much as possible, and focus entirely on learning and not on what you don't know. Otherwise, you will stress out more easily. Remember, be understanding and gentle with yourself. Learning sometimes takes time, and sometimes it comes easily. Either way, you are doing something that is very good for yourself, no matter how long it may take. Patience with yourself is key here.

3.Impossibility. If you are undertaking a task that you believe is impossible, or is giving little or no results, then it will drain your emotional energy. You know what you want -- but, that goal isn't crystal clear. You don't believe that it's actually possible yet, and you should take a step back and re-visualize your goals.

4. Insecurity. Insecurity is one of the biggest leeches on our positive emotional energy. You don't know if you are on the right path in your life because:

  • You don't know what you want.
  • You aren't sure who you are.
  • You don't know what your life is going to be like.
  • You are split in many different areas of your life.
  • People are pulling you into directions that may not be what you really want.
  • You are afraid of being judged by other people, such as parents or peers.

Insecurity is a terrible thing to have to deal with on a regular basis. There are a lot of different solutions, and a lot of different scenarios to deal with.

5. Complexity. Usually, complexity is totally unnecessary. If you are feeling overwhelmed by a problem, or something seems out of your comprehension, you are probably over-complicating it in your own mind. The solution is to try to think about the problem in a more simple, basic way.