Our self-paced Language Arts courses emphasize understanding, connecting, applying knowledge and practicing correct English language skills. It's never too late to continue or enhance your education. Courses are developed and taught by knowledgeable and caring instructors who will be reviewing assignments, grading quizzes and will answer your other questions through our email system.
You'll find courses to improve your skills in writing, help prepare for the GED language arts section, essay and college composition, vocabulary building, American literature and Greek Mythology. Taking a class through our web-based teaching system, will suit your lifestyle and schedule. You participate at your convenience, day or night, no matter what time zone you're in and you won't need any special hardware or software.
So whether you want to brush up on the basics, work with your own children on writing skills, start creating poetry or begin your first novel or receive extra tutoring for tests or college essays, we have over 40 courses to help you. As you browse through our course selections, be sure and click on a title for more detailed course information.

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