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Student Testimonials

  • "I knew nothing about Statistics and now I know that I don't want to know more. I enjoyed the class and thought the instructor was very good." -- Donna N.
  • "I found that the course resources helpful. I needed it especially for the lesson on normal distriuubtion. I needed to refer to it for the z-scores....Great instructor. Very helpful and responsive." -- Tiffany L.
  • "The instructor is an excellent instructor. He simplified a lot of complicated formulas which involve calculus. He also has good examples that make the concepts easier to understand. In addition, he gives challenging assignments and exams. He fully explains all the questions I have missed during exams and assignments." -- Cristeta K.
  • "Exellent instructor." -- Angel E.
  • "Regression Analysis was most helpful to me....Thanks instructor!" -- Mike A.
  • "I found the course very interesting and the instructor was very helpful. Well organized chapters and the practice problems." -- Gayatri M.
  • "I found all the parts to be helpful." -- Nancy G.
  • "I like that the course was organized well....My course instructor was very prompt in providing feedback and responding to emails and tried to clarify concepts that I had questions on." -- Kimberlly S.
  • "The lessons are laid out very nicely. They tell you what you need to now for the most part. My instructor answered questions promptly and with detail....Very knowledgeable and helpful instructor. This course set-up is much more user friendly than other statistics refreshers I have tried." -- Julie R.
  • "The instructor is wonderful. I would have him as an instructor again." -- Cynthia M.
  • "The Instructor was very pleasant, offering words of encouragement when I did poorly on the second exam. He was fairly prompt with grading assignments and answering emails. I would recommend him for this class in the future." -- Jessica S.
  • "It was all very helpful, refresher." -- Kimberly C.
  • "I like the videos. Watched them several times." -- Alison W.
  • "The lesson on calculating variance, standard deviation , plotting graphs based on tabulated values were the ones which i found intriguing and helpful since i had never learnt about them before....The instructor was helpful, impartial, knowledgeable and graded the assignments in a timely manner." -- Sonja D.
  • "The instructor was very supportive and available." -- Elaine C.